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Rainbow Riches: How to Win?

Are you a fan of Rainbow Riches and do you wish to have some useful tips and suggestions for winning decent money by playing this game? If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to find quite a few things interesting and informative in this article.

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The main objective is to give real and honest advice on ways and means by which you can maximize the profits when you decide to play Rainbow Riches. Our objective is also to stay away from incorrect and illogical advice which has no relevance or substance attached to it.


What is Rainbow Riches?


Rainbow Riches is a slot game which is played both on online machines and brick and mortar variants. These devices are also known as fruit machines in Great Britain in other places. There are many variants of this game and the Irish variant is what we will be discussing in this article.

There are many bonuses and prize-winning opportunities as far as this type of slot game is concerned. It is famous for its Leprechaun symbols which lead to three major bonus winning opportunities.

They are Pots of Gold, Road to Riches and Wishing Well Bonus. Each one of them is unique and different in its own way and therefore players who are keen on making big money should learn something more about these three opportunities.

Additionally, there are many Rainbow Riches win tricks and ideas which could help make big money. We will see how this is possible in a practical and logical scenario.


Rainbow Riches: How to Win?


The internet is the best place where you can get lot of information pertaining to Rainbow Riches and other types of slot games. However, the challenge lies in identifying the right website which can provide the required information at all points of time.

There are quite a few things which must be kept in mind as far as getting accurate information on the subject matter. It is easy to come across a few Rainbow Riches tips and cheat codes. But, the challenge lies in being sure about the authenticity of information that is available from such sources.

For example, there could be information regarding reel spins which determine the direction of the game. The same is case with random number generate which determine the place and time where the reels stop.

We also need to bear in mind that today no slot game is all about paying generously to the players. The secret lies in identifying the right ideas which could help push things forward from a positive perspective as far as the players are concerned.


Importance of RTP


There is also the need to have a close look at RTP particularly in the online casinos which you have chosen for playing Rainbow Riches. Good RTP can make a big difference to the bonus earnings and experienced players make it a point that they are good in this aspect.

It helps them to understand better various promotional offers ranging from no deposit offers to the ones which allow the players to go in for free spins. The players are also supposed to have some decent knowledge about the software platform on which these online versions of Rainbow Riches reside.

Different software configurations offer different attributes as far as the type of features are concerned. It also allows adjustment and variation which again goes a long way in determining the various features which could help in making the game exciting and challenging.


What Should Be a Decent RTP?


The above few lines will give us a decent understanding about the importance and significance of RTP. However, the challenge lies in understanding what is the right percentage of RTP. According to experts and experience players the ideal percentage should be around 95.

Anything which is less than 95% is not recommended. If players come across websites that offer lower RTP it would be better to stay away from such websites because of obvious reasons.


Things You Should Be Careful About


Bonus and RTP are closely linked and this are a point which must always be kept in mind. Bonus is not RTP alone and vice-versa. The challenge lies in identifying the right bonus, which is in line with the generally accepted principles where there is a perfect marriage between bonus and RTP.

Further, we need to keep in mind that going overboard on wagering will not ensure the best of bonus and promotional offers.

Therefore, when you are gambling and trying to win big money in Rainbow Riches, you must be sure about one important cardinal rule. The rule is to always withdraw your excess earnings and you should not plough it back in the hope that you will make it big.


Some Other Attributes to Be Kept in Mind


While we have talked a lot about the relationship between RTP and bonus there are quite few other things which also must be kept in mind.

The reputation of the online outlet, the number of years they have been in this business, the goodwill they enjoy amongst customers and the kind of the safety and security features that they offer are also a few points which cannot be lost sight of.

For example, any good Rainbow Riches outlet will help customers to win more money if their payout percentages are decent and in favor of the players and customers.




Mastering Rainbow Riches winning ways and means will not be a tough job provided one is able to understand the basics properly. They should be able to separate the grain from the chaff. It comes with the experience and of course by gaining access to as much information as possible.

There is big money to be made in Rainbow Riches provided one can know where it is. Getting to know this will not happen overnight and there is lot of learning and unlearning which must gone through.


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