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How to Play Jacks Twos and Eights (Crazy Eights) Card Game? - Rules

When it comes to online gambling or brick and mortar gambling, the options are quite a few as far as customers are concerned. They can either go in for card games or settle for table games and even wheel games.

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They could choose from poker, roulette, slots and even games like blackjack. There are also many other card games which over the few decades have become quite popular.

In this article we will try and have a look at Jacks, Twos and Eights (also known as Crazy Eights) game which seemingly has caught the imagination of thousands of players across the country and across the world.

However, it is quite likely, that in a gambling world which is dominated by Poker and Blackjack, there could be many thousands, who may not have heard too much about this new game.

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Hence, we will try and learn more about it. It will certainly help readers to understand this game from the right perspective and they will be able to try it out either in the online outlets or even brick and mortar stores.


How to Play Jacks, 2s and 8s? (Rules)


Jacks, Twos and Eights is a card game also known as: Crazy Eights, Switch, Mau Mau, Craits, Swedish Rummy, Last One, Rockaway, Tschausepp, Pesten, English Blackjack.

It is played by dealing seven cards for each hand. Usually two decks of cards are used. You should follow the rules below:


  1. Once the cards have been dealt then the remaining cards must be kept on the table between the players.

  2. The top card is turned upside with the face being visible to the players. The deck is often referred to as the pile.

  3. The objective of the game is to try and play all your cards before your opponent can do it.

  4. The player, who does not have any cards left is supposed to be the winner.


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So, in a gist it is about beating the other players before they can do it. However, it is important to have a clear idea about Jacks 2s and 8s rules without which nothing much can be achieved when it comes to winning the game frequently.

How to Play Jacks Twos and Eights?

It is about matching cards whether they are numbered ones or pictured ones. If you do not have the number you want when you pick up a card from the deck, you must wait for the next turn and try your luck.

This will go on till such time you are able to match all the cards. If somebody else does it earlier than you, it is likely, that you will lose the hand and the person, who does it earlier than you will be declared the winner.


A Few More Things About Crazy Eights


Apart from the above, there are a few more important points, that one should keep in mind. The card game Jacks, 2s and 8s begins with the player, who is situated on the left side of the dealer. It moves clockwise and moves in a circle around the table.

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Let us now look how the turn must be played by the players. The players must lay down a card which either is of the same suite or it has the same value as that of the value of the card that is face up.

There also is the need to recognize some special cards. For example, if a player plays card having the number 3, the player 3 should also pick up three cards and he also will not be allowed to play in that turn.

In case a player is not able to lay a card, you have the option of taking a card from the pile which is stacked up on the table. If you cannot play it, then you must place it immediately back on the stack with the face up and the game moves on to the next player.

How to Play Jacks Twos and Eights (Rules)

After playing the various rounds, if you are left with one card, then the onus lies on you, as a player to announce openly, that you are left with the last card.

In case you fail to do this, you will be forced to pick up an extra card during the next turn. When you put down the last card, you are declared the winner and that is what the Crazy Eights card game all about.

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Hence, your objective should be to take in the right cards and dispose the right cards, so, after a few rounds you are left with no cards of our own.


Where to Play Jacks, Twos and Eights?


While the above would have given some basic information about the right answer to the question, how to play Jacks Twos and Eights, this is just one part of the story.



There are many communities and other such sources of information on the internet which perhaps could help you to get a clearer and more focused information and knowledge about Crazy 8s.

While theory is good enough to gain some basic knowledge about the game, the best option would be to play it as much as possible. There are two ways by which it can be done.

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First and foremost, you could wager some of your hard-earned money and try your luck. However, it is likely, that you will end up losing money rather, than making money by playing Crazy Eights.

Hence, the better way perhaps would be to try and look for some sites which allow you to play Jacks, 2s and 8s for free without having to pay any money. This will help you to learn the games in a much better way, than you can perhaps learn it by going through theories.




Jacks Twos and Eights is certainly a very interesting game and it has quite a few positives attached to it. However, there is a need to learn more about the basic rules and regulations of the game and only then you will be to master the game to some extent.

This is because compared to other card games, Crazy Eights is a new and less known version and, therefore, getting more knowledge about it is extremely important to say the least.


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