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25 Rainbow Riches Slots RTP (High to Low)

Rainbow Riches slots, developed by Barcrest, have varying Return to Player (RTP) percentages depending on the specific version of the game. The original Rainbow Riches slot has an RTP of around 95%, meaning that, on average, players can expect a return of 95% of their total wagers over an extended period of play.

MrQ Casino Rainbow Riches 30 Free Spins TC's

However, it's important to note that this is an average theoretical value and individual sessions can deviate significantly from this figure.

Other versions and variations of Rainbow Riches may have slightly different RTP percentages, so it's always advisable to check the specific game's details before playing to ensure accurate information.

We have reviewed the RTP of all the slots in the Rainbow Riches series and put them in a table from high to low to make it easier for you to choose a favorite slot. In this table, you can find out not only the RTP of a specific Rainbow Riches slot, but also in which casinos you can play it right now. Let's take a look at her.


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  1. 25 Rainbow Riches Slots RTP (High to Low)

  2. Best Rainbow Riches Slot with the Highest RTP

  3. The Most Popular Rainbow Riches Slots

  4. Importance of Bonus Features for the Rainbow Riches RTP

  5. How Will Playing a Big Bet Game Increase Your RTP?

  6. Lucky Deals for the Lucky People


25 Rainbow Riches Slots RTP (High to Low)


25 Rainbow Riches Slots RTP (High to Low)

Slot Name RTP Where to Play
Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix RTP 94-98%* MrQ, Leovegas, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold RTP 94-98%** Grosvenor, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold RTP 94-97.75%*** Playojo
Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold RTP 94-97.75%**** Leovegas
Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours RTP 94-97.75%*** Playojo
Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home RTP 94-97.75%*** MrQ
Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold RTP 96.4% MrQ, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Mega Drop RTP 96.4% MrQ, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic RTP 96.34% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Race Day RTP 96.25% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Leapin Leprechauns RTP 96.1% MrQ
Rainbow Riches Power Mix RTP 96.09% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Midnight Magic RTP 96% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Megaways RTP 95.9% MrQ, Grosvenor, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Rising Wins RTP 95.9% MrQ
Slingo Rainbow Riches RTP 95.6% MrQ, Leovegas, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Cash Cluster RTP 95.2% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Free Spins RTP 95.17% MrQ, Playojo
Rainbow Riches RTP 95% MrQ, Leovegas, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Rainbow Frenzy RTP 94.96% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Power Pitch RTP 94.05% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Crops of Cash RTP 94% Playojo
Rainbow Riches Jackpot o Luck RTP 93.99% MrQ
Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash RTP 87.82% Leovegas, Playojo
Rainbow Riches Rainbow Reveal RTP 87% BuzzBingo


In some Rainbow Riches slots, the RTP depends on the size of the stake you are playing with. In the spreadsheet above, RTP of these slots are marked with asterisks:


  • * Stake size <£1 = 94% RTP,  >=£1 = 96% RTP,  Premium Play = 98% RTP

  • ** Stake size <£2 = 94% RTP,  >=£2 = 96% RTP,  Premium Play = 98% RTP

  • *** Stake size <£2 = 94% RTP,  >=£2 = 96% RTP,  BigBet = 97.75% RTP

  • **** Stake size <£2 = 94% RTP,  >=£2 = 96% RTP,  Premium Play = 97.75% RTP


What is the Best Rainbow Riches Slot Game with the Highest RTP?


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  • So, according to the spreadsheet above, the best Rainbow Riches slot with the highest RTP is Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. If you play at big stakes in Premium Play mode, then this slot will give 98% RTP in the distance.

  • If you are going to play at stakes below £1 (or £2), then the best Rainbow Riches slot with the highest RTP is Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. Even at the minimum stakes, this Rainbow Riches slot returns 96.4% RTP, which is not so bad.


The Most Popular Rainbow Riches Slots Review


Above, we have reviewed the top Rainbow Riches slots by their RTP. Now let's look at their popularity. Rainbow Riches slot with a high RTP is not always popular with players. Many factors influence this, for example:


  1. Visual design

  2. Sound effects

  3. Bonus Games

  4. Game mechanics


We will evaluate the popularity of the Rainbow Riches slot by the number of searches for its name in Google in the UK. It is logical that the more people search for a slot by name, the more popular it is. Our rating will be based on the most popular Rainbow Rich slots to the less popular ones. 

Rainbow Riches Slot Game

Only slots will participate in this review. For this reason, we have not included in the list Rainbow Riches Bingo which is a classic bingo game, Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash which is a scratchcard game, Rainbow Riches Leapin Leprechauns which is an arcade game and some other games from the series that are not inherently slots. So, let's start!


#1: Rainbow Riches Slot


Of course, the classic version of the Rainbow Riches slot will come first. This is due to the fact that most beginners who are not yet familiar with the Rainbow Riches family of slots begin their acquaintance with this particular slot.

Rainbow Riches RTP

Rainbow Riches is a popular slot game with an Irish theme, featuring leprechauns, pots of gold, and exciting bonus features.The classic version of Rainbow Riches slot has an RTP of 95%, which is pretty high! This means that 95% of all money spent by players is returned to them back!


#2: Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot


Slingo Rainbow Riches combines elements of slot games and bingo, offering a unique gaming experience. Players match numbers on a grid to advance along a rainbow trail, collecting bonus symbols and aiming for the coveted full house to win big.

Slingo Rainbow Riches RTP

Rainbow Riches Slingo slot appeared not so long ago, but very quickly gained popularity among the players. A significant role in this was played by the high RTP of the game, which is equal to 95.6%.


#3: Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic Slot


Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic is an online video slot game with an Irish theme. It features a unique cluster pays mechanic where you form winning combinations by grouping together symbols. Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic offers various bonus features like free spins, wild symbols, and multipliers, adding excitement to the gameplay.

Play Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic

The extremely unusual game mechanics of the slot is complemented by a rather high RTP, which is equal to 96.34%.


What is the Importance of Bonus Features for the Rainbow Riches RTP?


Rainbow Riches slots comes with lots of features, and in most obvious, they also make some arrangements too, in order to make it special and enjoyable too. The Rainbow Riches slot is so simple, but it comes with lots of features, so, that it can be connected with the game and makes you earn some extra profits too.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

People, who are addicted to the game will definitely come out with several reasons to work with the options of Rainbow Riches slot. With the starting of the game, one may definitely end up with the several new options of exclusive bonus deal. 

With the few numbers of your pick, more chance of feature triggering is yet to be achieved. After coming out of the option of playing, the button of reset is always open for you. 

The exclusive option of Rainbow Riches RTP is working for the beneficial reasons for the people. Different symbols are shown below, and you have to figure out which is a perfect option for you. With the help or assistance of the landing five, the former will always put you in better conditions and also make you help with the bonus offers.


Rainbow Riches RTP


Along the available options, the most exclusive one is:

  • Road to Riches: here the option is triggered by the section of the three or four of the close-up and also of the following leprechauns, and the player will get the opportunity to spin a when for the purpose of adding multipliers and, that is so whenever you are not hitting the segment “collect.”

  • Pots of Gold: in the exclusive option, it is triggered by the three or four pots of gold, and more exclusively the pots are seen to fly on the screen. Amongst them, one pot will be chosen by the random method and will reveal a multiplier of all stakes.

  • Free Spins: Option of the free spins is always extensive to the rule. 3, 4 and a maximum of the 5 spins are to be allotted into the case. In the case of 10, 20 and 30 spins continuously, free spins symbol is seen to be stacked at the time of spin. Definitely, it will act as astounding as extra wild and additional spins into the market.


Rainbow Riches free spins


  • Cash Crop: in all the leprechauns, three or four are allowed to trigger this, and you will definitely see the count of 50 spinning coins and they gradually stop their moving to reveal the total amount and also the multipliers. A big coin is coming to the tag go on or collects then, and you have to act according to them.


Rainbow Riches RTP cash crop


  • Magic Toadstool: it is triggered by the 3 or 4 of the toadstools, and you will definitely get 3 picks for the displayed. In the option, a multiplayer is awarded prize money, and you will also be benefitted by the deals too.


How Will Playing a Big Bet Game Increase Your RTP?


In pursuit of playing a big game with the big bonus offers, the best deals are always the clicking the purple button of the page. Though the action will cause you extra, but the side of it will take you to the special sector with the bonus of the section, and one will be awarded the option of the selected amount of bonus.

After spinning the wheel and landing into the section of the rainbow will award you with other bonus features and players will also become very much addicted to the game too.


Rainbow Riches Slots RTP


If your budget permits you to do bigger things, Rainbow Riches RTP will be at the rate of 98%, and in other cases it remains to the point of 96%.


Lucky Deals for the Lucky People


Throughout the game is coming out with variable numbers of bonus options. The very first one is Roads to Riches.  It comes with spinning containing into this and it will definitely reveal your progress at the end of the game. 


Rainbow Riches Game RTP


The contributions of the appearances of the different games are always very significant. They will actually help you or win the game, so, that you can actually have the preference at all. So, always hope, that in the time of playing Rainbow Riches, bonus levels are always seen to up and can help you to increase your progress as well.

If your luck favors you and you can actually grip the essential things, you will understand, what actually Rainbow Riches RTP is. If you not tried it before or hesitate of playing it, you will never understand the proper issues.


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