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Rainbow Riches Party: Free Play

When we talk about online casino games or the brick and mortar variants of the same, there are quite a few things which we need to keep in mind.

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There are literally dozens of games which are popular in these casino gambling outlets. Under each game, there could be many more variants, and, therefore, when everything is taken in totality, it could run into quite a few hundreds.

However, in terms of popularity, there are only a handful of games. Slot games are one such game, and it has many variants to it and Rainbow Riches are also considered to be one such variant. There are many, who believe, that it is arguably the most popular slot game both in online and brick and mortar outlets.

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In this article, we will try and learn something more about Rainbow Riches: Party and how this gaming outlet stands as a service provider with special reference to this Rainbow Riches.


Rainbow Riches Party: Free Play


This site was developed by Barcrest and has been around for many years now. It offers some of the best options of Rainbow Riches and has been known to offer a wide variety of video slots under this head.

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It closely follows the free Rainbow Riches video slot franchise, and it is quite possible that experienced players would be familiar with the same.



Though the game is unique, it does have some commonalities with many versions which you might have already played.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The uniqueness is perhaps because of the new set of graphics and an improved audio soundtrack, that has won the appreciation of many users.


Rainbow Riches Party (Demo)


The slot in itself belongs to the typical three reel video slot. It comes with 20 pay lines, and you certainly will be able to come across many traditional symbols.

Rainbow Riches Party Demo

These include leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows. Players have the liberty to spend anything ranging from 20p to £500 per each spin.

Therefore, it tries and accommodates each budget and it helps to broad-based the customers and budget will not be a constraint for those, who would like to have a shot at this Rainbow Riches gaming outlet.


Important Game Features


As is the case with the main Rainbow Riches video slot, when one chooses Rainbow Riches offered by this service provider, you can trigger Road to Riches bonus. The triggering is of course done by landing into three or more leprechaun symbols. Additionally, you also have the chance to try and aim for the pot of gold.


Rainbow Riches Party


This can be done by spinning the wheel on the screen. You can continue with this process until you reach the game over the symbol. Though you may not be able to reach the top position, in the process, you can continue to win big money using this bonus option.


Wishing Well Bonus


Apart from the above, there is also something known as Wishing Well bonus. This gets triggered, when you are able to land at least three of the wishing well symbols on the reels. Once you have reached it, you have to click any one of the symbols, and you will become eligible for a cash prize.

The cash prize is not huge but it does make a difference to your total earnings, and it is decent, to say the least. It helps funds to keep flowing to your account on a regular basis.



This could lead you to be eligible for the pots of gold bonus which if you can crack could see you winning money equivalent to 500 times of the betting amount which you have staked. Hence, it is all about being persistent and consistent with this game, so, that you can make big money at some point in time.


Bonuses and Promotional Offers


When you choose Rainbow Riches: Party, you also stand to gain quite a bit as far as bonuses and promotional offers are concerned. There are attractive signup offers, and these include some breathtaking Rainbow Riches: Party free play offers.


Rainbow Riches Party Free Play


These help players to get the opportunity to get some free spins and plays and this would depend on the signup amounts which are deposited by the players.

In many cases, they could get even up to 20 such free plays which could make a big difference on a good day in terms of winning. Hence, this is an important point which one must always keep in mind.


Rainbow Riches: Party (Mobile Version)


There also is good news for those, who would like to play Rainbow Riches Party while on the move. It is now available for all tablet and smartphone users. The game has been designed in such a way, that it will work fine on weaker connections and not-so-modern devices.

Hence, it will work superbly on any mobile devices irrespective of the operating system you are using or the phone which you have in your hand.



The software required for mobile Rainbow Riches has been optimized keeping these groups of players in mind. Even if the internet speed is not of the desired strength, the game can still be played. Therefore, the risk of freezing or facing irritating interruptions will never happen.

The mobile version is quite user-friendly and all that one needs to do is to click the play button. You can start playing almost instantaneously. If the day is your day, who knows, you could end up winning some big money.




When you choose Rainbow Riches: Party, you are entering an arena where you will find a lot of fun. The franchise has taken a lot of trouble to add value to the customers, and the proof of the pudding lies in eating.

Hence, you must try it out, and you also will have the best of promos and other such offers coming your way. Their security features are also quite good, and overall it will be a great experience.

Those, who have played the tradition version of Rainbow Riches, may find it a bit new, and it might take them a few days to get adjusted.


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