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Rainbow Riches Bingo Review: How to Play, Bingo Sites, Rules

Rainbow Riches Bingo is an online Bingo game and a part of the Rainbow Riches series. The game features a 40-ball bingo game with unique jackpots - Wishing Well and Rainbow Road. The game promises high returns and monetary rewards with maximum payouts of up to £1000.

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In our Rainbow Riches Bingo review and comprehensive guide, we tell you everything you need to know before playing. Are you ready? Let's see what Leprechaun has in store for you.


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  1. Bingo Sites with Rainbow Riches Bingo

  2. How to Play Rainbow Riches Bingo?

  3. Rainbow Riches Bingo Cheats & Tips


Bingo Sites with Rainbow Riches Bingo


There are a number of popular and reputable online casinos in the UK where players can play Rainbow Riches Bingo. Whenever you are ready to play, head online and choose your favourite casino.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Login

Then type in "Rainbow Riches Bingo" in the game catalogue search box. Once the game pops up, it means it's available, and you can start playing. In the meantime, here are some legit Rainbow Riches Bingo sites where you can play Rainbow Riches Bingo.


Mecca Bingo Site


Mecca Bingo, formerly known as Top Rank, is a British operator of Bingo games and a member of the Rank Group. The casino also offers online slots, scratchcards and jackpot games. They are licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission. With this, you are assured of a safe connection and secure bets.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Sites

Apart from offering a wide array of online games, Mecca Bingo has a responsive customer care support team that takes care of customers' complaints 24/7. Their games work seamlessly on both small and big-screen devices.


Register and Login to Rainbow Riches Bingo


To have access to all the games on Mecca Bingo casino, especially Rainbow Riches Bingo, you need to first sign up. But if you already have an account, all you need to do is to input your login details, and you will be instantly logged in to your profile.

Meanwhile, here are things you need to know to be able to register and play Rainbow Riches Bingo on Mecca Bingo seamlessly:


  • If you are new to the site, you need to sign up before you can start playing

  • The legal age to gamble in the UK is 18. Ensure you are 18 years and above before signing up

  • Your personal information, which includes your name, date of birth, mobile number, country of residence and address, is needed for registration

  • Ensure that online gambling is legal in your country and that Rainbow Riches Bingo is available in your country before signing up


Mecca Bingo Bonuses


Bonuses are the perks of online games. With bonuses, players can boost their chances and enjoy immersive gameplay. Mecca Bingo offers different available bonuses to different categories of players.

Mecca Bingo Bonus Offer T&C, Country Restrictions Apply

These offers range from a welcome bonus to promotional offers and deposit bonuses. The casino also runs two other important bonuses, "The Love Bonus" and “Daily Winner Spinner.”


  • The Love Bonus rounds allow players to win up to £120. While the Love Bonus rounds are on, sign up to Mecca Bingo online, and deposit £10! That makes you automatically qualify.

  • Additionally, you can participate in the casino's daily Winner Spinner game for cash prizes of up to £500 cash. If you take a spin on the premium Double the Love Wheel, you can win up to £1000!


For more information about how these bonuses work, you can check their website.


Buzz Bingo Site


Established in 2018 by Buzz Group Limited, Buzz Bingo is a British online casino licensed and regulated by UK Gambling Commission. The casino is one of the most popular and best bingo casinos in the UK. They also offer slot games, online Slingo bingo Rainbow Riches (a combination of slot and bingo), live online casino games, and much more.

Bingo Sites with Rainbow Riches Bingo

The casino is quite generous with bonus offers and promotions to first-timers and players. Buzz Bingo has a mobile app that makes Rainbow Riches Bingo and all their games easily accessible and possible to play on the go.


Register and Login to Rainbow Riches Bingo


Before you can start playing Rainbow Riches at Buzz casino, here are steps to follow:


  1. Once on the site, click on the "Join Now" button to sign up and create a new account if you are a newcomer. Simply click on "Login" if you already have a profile

  2. Fill in the sign-up form by providing the necessary personal information

  3. Ensure that you are not younger than 18 years before attempting to sign up. You will also need to provide a means of ID


Buzz Bingo Bonuses


Newcomers who just registered and are real money players can deposit £10, stake £10 on Bingo, and get (x4) of their initial deposit back. That's additional £30 cash back and £40 in total.

Buzz Bingo Bonus TC's

Promotional offers are scheduled bonuses available to Buzz Bingo customers, including new ones. These kinds of bonuses always come with terms and conditions that players need to meet before qualifying for a win or payout. Ensure you read them on their general website.


Slots Welcome Offer


Slots welcome offer is available to newly-registered slot players. To claim the Slots Welcome Offer, you have to wager £10 on any slot game within the “Slots & Games” tabs on the site, to be eligible for the 200 x 10p online.

Buzz Bingo Casino 200 Free Spins TC's

Slots Welcome Offer bonus also includes £5 in Club slots vouchers.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Bingo?


Rainbow Riches Bingo is a 40-ball game. Its tickets are eight numbers split across two four-leaf clovers. You only need four numbers to win a prize, including the community Rainbow Jackpot.

Rainbow Riches Bingo

To play Bingo, create an account as explained earlier in this article. The player who covers all four numbers on one clover is awarded the first prize. The full house prize will go to the first player(s) to achieve this feat. To get the full house prize, you need eight numbers.


Rainbow Riches Bingo Rules


To play Riches Bingo seamlessly, there are no grand rules to follow. However, knowing the basic gameplay rules will help you get a hang of how the game works. For specific information on the game, you can check the casino's Rainbow Riches Bingo page.


Rainbow Riches Bingo Jackpots


Rainbow Riches Bingo comprises two unique jackpots: Rainbow Road Jackpot and the Wishing Well Jackpot. These are jackpots that players can trigger during gameplay to land bigger wins.


Rainbow Road Jackpot


The Rainbow Road Progressive Jackpot is a collective jackpot with three different prizes inside it: Silver, Bronze and Gold. This jackpot is triggered when Leprechaun himself lands on or passes the rainbow road.

If he lands directly on any of the pots, then the full amount of the jackpot will be paid out. But if he only passes by the pots, only 50% of the jackpot will be paid. The other half will be rolled over to the next prize pot(s).


Wishing Well Jackpot


The Well Wishing Jackpot is totally reliant on luck and good fortune. Before the start of every game, players are given or allowed to choose a lucky number.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Bonus Game

If the number you picked is called during gameplay, then you'll get one gold coin. As soon as you collect 40 gold coins, you get a small cashback of 5p added to your account.


Rainbow Riches Bingo Cheats & Tips


Contrary to what some players have come to believe, gambling isn't rocket science. Does it require some stroke of luck? Yes, sometimes. But oftentimes, to get frequent payouts, you will need more than luck.

You need expertise, strategies, plus hacks and tricks that can give you a house edge. Before you start playing Rainbow Riches Bingo, here are hints that can help you play better.

Setting a strategy isn't just about your gameplay strategy or bonus strategy. It's also about having a financial strategy and an idea of what your spending is going to be before wagering. Have a set budget dedicated to betting.

You don't have to go on a gambling spree just because you think you will win. Remember, gambling can be addictive. And if you are already addicted, kindly get the needed help.


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