Rainbow Riches: Free Play for Fun

Gambling is a form of the game where an amount of money is put at stake, and the return of the money is largely dependent on the luck of a person who is engaged in the game.

There are many forms of the gambling. Gambling has a deep rooted relation in the history of mankind. It is said that the gambling has been initiated in the Europe and China.

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Gambling had been widely practiced in China in the form of lottery way back in the year of 2000 BC. Keno slips had been used in those days.

Not only China gambling was even a very popular form of sport in Greece also. Dice had been invented in an age when the battle of Troy was fought.

Forms of dice had been excavated from the tomb in Egypt which is said to be as old as 3000 BC. It is a very interesting fact that all forms of gambling were forbidden in Rome.

There are various kinds of games which are played in casinos are like craps, roulette, baccarat and blackjack other than pokers Asian stud, Asia Poker, Australian Pontoon, Bingo, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino war and Chinese poker. Apart from these, there are various dice games like Chuck a luck or Pai Gow.


various kinds of games


Other than these there other forms of gambling were initiated with the advent of advanced technologies like Pachinko, Slot machines, Videopoker, Video bingo and many others.

By and by the system became more advanced and then came in the various online games and this is very popular in these days.


A Brief History of Online Games


Online game is various kinds of gambling which are played with the use of Internet and by the use of computers or mobile phone lately since the advancement of the different smartphones.



Way back in 1994 when an ordinance was passed by Antigua and Barbuda. It was then licenses were issued for different online casinos.

Different statistics shows the popularity which reflects that nearly 47.9 million people from Asia, 45.6 million from Europe, 47 million in the whole o America (which includes both North and Latin America) and 6.2 million in Africa and the Middle East countries are engaged in playing online games.


The Game of Rainbow Riches


Online games majorly include more than one player and various forms of video games. Rainbow Riches free play for fun is one of the very popular games by many people. Rainbow Riches includes five rounds or slots along where twenty lines can be played online.



One can win prize money as huge as 200000 pounds (British). This is the sum which can be won after the jackpot round. In the game of Rainbow Riches, one can bet on any number which appears on different lines.

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It is generally played which one has to adjust the up and down button in the game.


Stages of Playing Rainbow Riches


  • All one has to do is deciding the amount that is to be put in for the game.

  • Understand that the game involves twenty different stages in the game.

  • After that, one has to go through the game by putting in the money on each level. It varies from one penny to 20 pounds (in Britain) for each level.


Rainbow Riches free play for fun


  • One has to know that the + and – signs will increase the amount one puts in the bet.

  • One has to click on the + and – button to change the different stages of the game.

  • Then finally click on the whirl or spin button to start the game.


The procedure is very simple. There are various games types of online Rainbow Riches game which include Fruit Machine Emulators, Reel King, Captain Jackpots and many other and all these games are mobile friendly.


reel king


All one needs to do is download the application and start playing. Rainbow Riches free play for fun is a very popular for people who love online games and earn prize money. 

One has to go through various rounds finally to reach the Bonus round. One has to go through the different stages which include the leprechaun round to reach the Bonus round finally. 

Here the one who is betting with the sole intention of fun and if one has the aspiration of going for the Jackpot there are various stages like the Super Lucky Frog, Mega Fortune or the Hall of Gods.

Casino Euro is one popular online playing site which allows the game lover to sit back at home and enjoy the games in a much-relaxed way.


Casino Euro



Rainbow Riches: Free Play for Fun


One does not have to deposit any money other than registering in the online betting sites to play the games. Hence the players find it safe and do not have the tension of being cheated while they are betting.

This game of Rainbow Riches, free play for fun, is the game which gives pleasure to the players and they can bet with small amounts which can give the players the pleasure of the game and at the same time earn quite a handful amount.


Rainbow Riches free play for fun at Paddy Power


This is the reason Rainbow Riches is becoming more and more popular and drawing a huge number of online game enthusiasts for the game.

There are many online sites which are allowing the participants to play the free. More so the since the game can be operated from the mobiles also the player are becoming interested in the game.

So, to sum up, the Rainbow Riches free game is the most popular free online game which includes many games like Rainbow Riches Fruit Machine, craps, roulette, bingo, baccarat, blackjack, backgammon and roulette which are all free.

All these games can be played on mobile also and so it is drawing game lovers while one can sit back at home and just relax and play.

The game is popular for one another reason, and that is the betting amount is quite low, and the prize money can be huge provided the one is lucky.