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How to Play and Win Jackpot on Rainbow Riches?

One of the most contemporary slot machines in modern times is Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches. Eighteen winning combos, ten play lines, and five reels are the main constitutes of the Rainbow Riches.

Due to its overwhelming popularity and as more and more people are taking an interest in this game. It is now available at many land casinos as well as online ones.

MrQ Casino Rainbow Riches 30 Free Spins

The waves made by the Rainbow Riches have created a deep impact on the landline aspect of the game which is regularly played in several well-known online casinos of the world.

Although most of the earlier dimensions of the game were comparatively simple in terms of graphics, the slot machine has in recent times undergone large scale advancement in the department of graphics which has become attractive and colorful.

The logo of the Rainbow Riches, signs from Ace to ten, reel pictures of Leprechaun and his hat are all included in the game. The game is so exciting as well as attractive and sophisticated, that the players get to cherish a classic feel while they engage in this game.

This is one of the reasons, why this game is becoming so popular. More and more people are being drawn to play this game. But the one thing, that everyone wants to know is how to win on Rainbow Riches?


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  2. Winning Features of Rainbow Riches

  3. Rainbow Riches Jackpot

  4. Rainbow Riches Premium Play


How to Win on Rainbow Riches?


Rainbow Riches, which is the gameplay in the game is actually very easy as well as simple. Twenty-five thousand coins for every single line bet is the ultimate jackpot, that you get a chance to win big while playing this game.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

The Pots of Luck which are the feature and the bonus round make the Rainbow Riches one of the most amusing and fascinating slot games. There are many symbols and bonus rounds which make up are some of the other excellent features of the Rainbow Riches.

The Leprechaun gold coin logo, the wild in producing winning combos by interspersing with alternating symbols, the logo, that is scattered which is the Leprechaun hat which precipitates the bonus round – pick me, and the symbol pointing to Leprechaun Bonus, which sets off the bonus round luck are some of the most important symbols to keep a focus on the slot machine.


Winning Features of Rainbow Riches


One of the most favored slot machine brands for all times is the Rainbow Riches. Created in the year 2003 by the world famous Barcrest the Rainbow Riches brand can be created on over eighteen different slot machines.

Rainbow Riches Jackpot

The well-known slot machines include: Pure Pots, Classic Rainbow Riches, Fields of Gold, Pots of Gold, Community Rainbow Riches, and Pick n Mix.

These are slot machines, which can be found in the land casinos all over the United Kingdom. The jackpots, which range from five pounds up to four thousand pounds for the casino versions can be found in places as varied as seaside merriment gallery, to ultra high jackpot casinos which play online.


The Way You Can Win Jackpot at the Rainbow Riches


The one thing, that everyone tries to find is how to beat Rainbow Riches? The five-hundred-pound is the most popular Rainbow Riches jackpot.

How to Win at Rainbow Riches

The main feature is it helps in finding gaming strategy, how to win jackpot on the Rainbow Riches? The first progressive pot fruit machine in the United Kingdom is the Pots of Gold.

After the original Pots of Gold, series of progressive random machines for the jackpots started to appear one after the other. The Barcrest was always the company, which developed the best and most popular ones.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

So, how to make money from gambling online? Almost all of the Rainbow Riches games are random, the only exception to date has been the Wild Clover, which has a hundred-pound jackpot and is a three-reeled version of the game. The one thing is how to win Rainbow Riches?

The non-random gaming machines always have more cheats, then the random gaming machines. This is primarily due to the simple fact, that is very difficult, in fact, impossible to exploit or even better manipulate a percentage, that is not fixed.


How To Win Rainbow Riches


As a result, this very frequently leaves cheats, that manipulate errors and bugs in programming, such as making the game very exciting at certain occasions on multi-game terminals or exploiting the power supply of the machine at certain points of the game.

However, one can take many tips, which can be of help to regular players, and they can be used in a very honest and fair way to win on Rainbow Riches slot.


Rainbow Riches: Premium Play


The Rainbow Riches Premium Play, which are, perhaps, the most dangerous cheat of all times and depending upon yours luck this method of getting pots can be very expensive or very cheap.


How to Win on Rainbow Riches


You have to select twenty pounds’ super spins as this will only work on the Pots of Gold version of the game. This is where it becomes expensive. The super spins make the percentage to go high from 94% to 98%. The main advantage is that they make the pots sticky as well as wild.

It is the stickiness, which calls for all the action in the game as the pots will stick in please for the rest of your super spins. If you end up getting one to two pots on your first spin, you will have to get only one more, there are high chances for you to get it with the remainder of your spins.

If you get to three pots you receive either bronze or silver or gold. If you win four pots, you either receive gold or silver. And if you win five pots you get five hundred pounds.

Now, that you have a fair idea about how to win on Rainbow Riches, and you also know, where you need to go to play, what are you waiting for? Try out this spectacular and outstanding game. Once you begin to play Rainbow Riches, you will be drawn towards it. This game is definitely going to give you joy and satisfaction.


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