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Free Play Rainbow Riches (Barcrest)

Rainbow Riches is a wonder of the slots game owing to its fun and exciting nature and its rewarding bonus rounds.

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It is a favorite for slot players worldwide and gamblers totally love it. It has amazing three bonus rounds on offer which are amazing and will keep you coming back for more.

The Irish have proven to be quite generous in this slot game; a player can win up to €200,000, and this is more than you can win in many other slots.


Free Play Rainbow Riches


Before you start playing Rainbow Riches for fun, it’s important, that you learn, how to play Rainbow Riches Barcrest game by understanding all the basics regarding the symbols, bonus rounds, and basic gameplay.

888 Casino Rainbow Riches No Deposit Bonus

Rainbow Riches is a 20-pay line 5-reel video slot game. It is an Irish slot featuring leprechauns. The ultimate prize is activated by obtaining five Wild Gold coins. The jackpot is lucrative but certainly not the best. The game has amazing bonus features to cover up for this, however.

You can play with money as little as twenty pennies to as high as 500. This avails the game to both the high roller players and the penny players who prefer to risk less.



You can play Rainbow Riches for fun owing to the free game feature that is available in most reputable online casinos. This feature provides fake money for you to play and win or lose depending on your knowledge of the game.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The Rainbow Riches for fun are a major attraction for many players. It has garnered a lot of following since sometimes it is more interesting to play without the thought of the risk of winning or losing your hard earned money. The feature has made Rainbow Riches an ideal leisure activity for many people worldwide.

The game is easily accessible in many casinos, and the question how to play Rainbow Riches Barcrest for fun has cropped up severally, but this is the simplest thing ever. Initially, the free version of the game had not been embraced by online casinos.


Free Play Rainbow Riches Barcrest


Very few sites offered it as a form of promotion for their products. However, the demand for Rainbow Riches for fun kept rising and now nearly all casinos land and online offer this service.

All you need to do is identify one casino that offers the slot, get to the game and select the free play feature and you are ready to play. No, sign up, or login is required for this feature in most casinos.


Devices Compatible with the Rainbow Riches Barcrest


The ever-growing technology has enabled you to play Rainbow Riches for fun on all your devices. The game is available for Mac, Windows, and Android. It is actually more difficult to find an incompatible device than a compatible device.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

The game is available both for download or the direct play. You can play the game directly through the browser or download the casino application.

The app has been created perfectly to resemble the land casinos in every aspect. The online casinos have used the best webcast technology to develop the applications that make online gambling equivalent to land casinos. The classic graphics and occasional upgrades make them even better than the land casinos.

It is a common dilemma on whether to play directly through the browser or download the application. The difference is not big, but the applications are certainly much better.


FreePlay Rainbow Riches Barcrest


They are occasionally updated. Hence, they have superior graphics. In addition, they are smoother and faster compared to the direct play which can be unpredictable especially if there is no strong Internet access.

You can also learn, how to play Rainbow Riches online using the application, since, they have pre-existing instructions on how to play as well as the frequently asked questions options, where you will easily find answers to various questions that may arise during play.


Understanding the Rainbow Riches Bonus Features


The first bonus feature is the Road to Riches Bonus, which is activated by hitting three or more Leprechauns. You press start to whirl the wheel, and this determines the multiplier.

You keep spinning until it lands on the collect position or gets to the epitome of the trail hence you get the final amount which is multiplied by the stake amount. Well, when playing Rainbow Riches for fun it will be fake money, but the thrill is the same.



There is the Wishing Well Bonus feature which is triggered by hitting three or more of the symbols. It is a typical Click Me feature, since, it requires you to choose one of the three which will show the multiplier value for your stake.

The wins could be five hundred times your stake hence if you play Rainbow Riches for fun, you might start considering the real money play.

The last bonus feature is the Pots of Gold. This is triggered by hitting three or more Pots of Gold symbols on the middle reels. The medal pots will whirl around, and the arrow points at one once they stop.


Play Rainbow Riches Barcrest Free


When learning, how to play Rainbow Riches Barcrest, you will realize that much of the winnings come from the lower games.

The last bonus round is definitely the most difficult to trigger followed by the Wishing Well bonus. In the past, winning any of the jackpots was quite rare, but recently it is possible to win one of the great cash prizes. If you put your head to the game, you may smile all the way to the bank with your pot of gold.




Rainbow Riches is certainly one of the most popular video slot games in the world. It's Irish theme and amazing graphics and rewarding bonus features make this game a favorite for gamblers.

You can play Rainbow Riches for fun or for real money, but before that, it’s vital, that you understand, how to play Rainbow Riches for fun. Click here for a direct link to the play money option of the game.


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