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Rainbow Riches: Free Spins

If you wait long to visit casinos to play your favorite themed slot games, Barcrest can solve your problem as they have introduced their fantastic slot game ‘Rainbow Riches: Free Spins’ with the collaboration of SG gaming.

Play Rainbow Riches Free Spins Slot

A slot game with an Irish theme, leprechauns, different types of bonus games and much more are named as ‘Rainbow Riches free.


Overview of Rainbow Riches: Free Spins


Rainbow Riches: Free Spins contain 20 pay-line slots with 5 reels. There is an AUTOPLAY section which generates your desired numbers. You can also stop this autoplay system by pressing the ‘Stop Autoplay’ button.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins Bonus

That fruit machine is famous for its bonus games. If you want to fill your weekend with excitement, go for playing Rainbow Riches: Free Spins slots. Now, let’s have a look at bonus games of Rainbow Riches.


Road to Riches Bonus


The fruit machine style bonus games are famous in Rainbow Riches, and these are famous as Road to Riches Bonus. To achieve this bonus, you have to trigger three leprechauns symbol anywhere on the reels. Then you will get to see away with lots of multipliers which will increase the value.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

To play the game, you need to click ‘spin.' The wheel will start spinning, and it will stop at any number, ranging from one to six or at Collect. You will get a number to move on the places of the number you get and then you will gain unable to spin.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

If you get ‘collect’ that means your turn off, spinning has ended. The multiplier you will end on will be added to your total stake. The prizes you get by playing Road to Riches are equivalent to the number you get along with your total stake.


Wishing Well Bonus


Once you land three or more Wishing Wells on the screen, you can get Wishing Well bonus.

888 Casino Rainbow Riches No Deposit Bonus

You just need to pick any well which triggers the bonus, and you will get a multiplier. This will be added to your total stake.


Pot of Gold Bonus


To get this bonus, you need to play on reels two, three and four. You will see a leprechaun, standing on a rock in a field and twelve pots of different values are dancing around him.


Rainbow Riches Free Spins Slots


Those are pots of gold, silver, and bronze. As a prize, you can get any of those values at the bottom of the screen above the arrow. It is a multiplier, and your total score will be decided by adding this multiplier with your total stake.


Ways to Win Rainbow Riches: Free Spins


So far, you get ideas about Rainbow Riches: Free Spins free play bonuses. But, whenever you attempt to play that slot, you wish to get the ways to win the game.



How about getting easy ways to win Rainbow Riches? You often thought of getting effective tips to calculate the number of spins so that you can get the perfect combination.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

To tell you the truth, if you make a strong strategy, you can win the game. And to make the strategies, you are going to need effective tips.


Playing Online is a Good Option


If you want to secure your win on Rainbow Riches: Free Spins, you should play online. To break the encryption code of the game on a slot machine, playing online is the best remedy.



It is true that each spin is random in online games, but, it is also true that you get 95% payouts is possible in online gaming which ensures your chance in playing and winning live games.


Go for Casinos That Offer More Payouts


Selecting the right casino is very important to win the game. Instead of hitting any casinos, look for ones that offer great payouts and additional points, added to your credit while spending.

Rainbow Riches Mobile App

At the time of redemption, these points can be accumulated as air miles, exciting gift hampers, and obviously, cash prizes. There are lots of casinos which offer 100% cash bonus along with free cash handouts. You just need to make sure about the offers before starting to play.


Check out the Feature


This is another tip you should keep in your mind while playing Rainbow Riches. Choosing the features is very important while playing slots to secure the big win.

Play Rainbow Riches Free Spins

If you are looking for a mid-range slot game with exciting prizes, then Pot of Gold of Rainbow Riches is the game you are looking for.

If you want more adventure and ready to take more risks, you should go for Rainbow Riches Big Win Shindig. You can get a chance to win big money package if you have enough luck.


Symbols of Rainbow Riches: Free Spins


The game is so interesting that you hardly get a break to spin the wheel. Have you ever look at the symbol of Rainbow Riches? Those have interesting stories to tell.

For example, the symbols, running through J, K, Q and 10 are for smaller wins, but the bright and colorful artwork of those symbols are so interesting that winning little prizes excites you a lot and you go for spinning again.

The bright red Aces tell you that they are the boss. Practically, the red Aces are one of the highest conventional reel win than any other majestic symbols of Rainbow Riches: Free Spins.

Play Rainbow Riches Free Spins Online

Do you know what happens, when you get RR symbol in a group of threes? You have hit the JACKPOT! Voila! The way the symbols are designed, those express the real beauty of art and heighten your excitement of winning.

And, finally, you can’t forget the leprechaun. He is there with a welcoming smile and the twinkle in his eyes just tells you to win more and more. He wants you to help in making your path to rich the top of the Rainbow Riches: Free Spins. The symbols of this game are enthusiastic.

So, here you get some idea of the game. No matter you play it online or at live casinos, the most important factor in this game is your luck. You can apply enough mathematics and strategies, but if your luck is not smiling on you on a day, it’s better to stop then. Try again later.


Play Rainbow Riches!