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Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats

Rainbow Riches is one of the favorite slot machine brands for gamblers worldwide. It was developed by Barcrest back in 2003 and currently boasts of about 18 different slot machines which include Pots of Gold, Community Rainbow Riches, Pure Pots and Fields of Gold among others.

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The jackpots vary ranging from £5 to about £4000. You can meet the slot at diverse locations such as seaside arcades, ultra-high casinos, and pubs.

The search for Rainbow Riches slot machine cheats has been on for a while now with the most popular being the Pots of Gold which was the first random progressive slot machine. Also we are looking for some Sky Vegas slots cheats at the end of article.


Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats


Much of the games are random. The only exception is the Wild Clover which is the three reel version of the game.

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Random machines have fewer cheats, than their no random counterparts due to the fact, that it is difficult to manipulate a varying percentage.

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Hence, slot machine cheats capitalize on errors and bugs in programming to accomplish their mission. There are tips, that can help you win the game free and fair.


Rainbow Riches Pure Pots Cheats


This is one of the most dangerous Sky Vegas slots cheats. It can be highly costly or very low. This tip can only be applied in the bookie's version as you need to select £20 super spins.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

The super spins increase the percentages by about 2%, and they make the pots wild and sticky. The stickiness is the best part of it all. They will stick in place for the rest of the spins. If you get one or two on the first spin, you are likely to get the remainder.

The odds of hitting the pots also increases as there are no other features. Three pots anywhere on the reels earn you the gold, silver or bronze. Four pots either silver or gold and five will pay you 500.

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The advantage of this tip is that you increase your odds by playing on a high stake, you have four terminals to select from which enables you to get the highest value pots. It is very quick, and you will get more pots, than any other version. However, it can be costly since if you are unlucky, you may be losing £20 per minute.


Rainbow Riches Wishing Well Cheats


This feature is usually very boring, since, it can have very low wins. There is no known way of influencing the prize you get from this feature, but players often prefer to let the game time out so that it selects for you. It will not choose the best or worst, but this is harmless fun.


Leprechaun’s Bonus Cheats


This bonus is fantastic, that can pay up to £500 with as few as three leprechauns. It is triggered by getting three, four or five leprechauns.

The win value increases with four and five symbols after which it becomes random. The rare five leprechauns don’t guarantee a big win and the developers realized it is hence landing five immediately pays of £500 in the newer versions of the game.


Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats


It is said that rubbing the screen or letting it time out could lead to big wins, but these myths have not been proven. The value is pre-determined at the start of the game. Therefore, the tips seem misguided. However, there is no harm in trying as it costs nothing.


Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Cheats


If the odds of hitting the pots of gold can be calculated, then we can work out the odds of playing advantage into the favor of the players. If you play the feature in the machine with the highest value of pots, you do not increase your chances of hitting the highest value pots, but you increase your chances of hitting a high-value pot if you hit one.


Rainbow Riches Cheats Slot Machine


The reason we play the gamble is to win big money, and if luck is on your side, you will surely win big. A major misconception is that if a machine has not given silver or gold in a number of hours then its due. This is, however, not true since the game is random and each spin has the same number of probabilities of hitting any of the combinations.


Rainbow Riches: Pick and Mix Cheats


The Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a hybrid of the past games with multiple stakes and mega game options. You are given the option to select features, and you can select up to three of them, however, you do not have to select all the three, you can select one or two. This increases your chances of hitting that feature hence increasing your chances of winning.


Sky Vegas Slots Cheats


There are two types of people, who play the gamble option, those, who love it and those, who hate this feature. It is not found on all machines, but many of them do. It has a limit of a minimum of £5 since anything lower will be hectic to gamble.

Sky Vegas Slots Cheats

The odds are shown on a pie chart which is divided into two halves, the blue, and the red. The red is not good, and the blue can be changed, and the return prize reflects the percentage of the pie covered in blue which is simply 50%, hence, there is no advantage here.

There are no Sky Vegas slots cheats in this feature, but you can always play around with the odds and get a feel for how the gamble works. You can double your winnings or lose them all, so it is very important to make a correct decision when playing this feature.

The game is random apart from the Wild Clover, but they still have a percentage they play to (RTP). It sometimes sounds complex to understand the random nature of the game with a percentage, but this is very easy. You can strive to understand this, and you will just be able to estimate your probabilities of winning.

The Rainbow Riches slot machine cheats are there, but they are not full proof. There are also myths about the winning tips and strategies. Therefore, you should be keen when trying any of them so as to avoid big losses.


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