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Rainbow Riches Big Win!!!

Amongst the many slot machine games which are quite popular amongst gaming enthusiasts, Rainbow Riches is had over the years scaled new heights of popularity and acceptability amongst thousands of online and offline gaming and gambling enthusiasts.

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As many of us would be aware, it is a slot game, that comes with 5 reels, 10 pay line slot, and the game has been conceptualized and designed by IGT or International Game Technology. The game is played quite aggressively and regularly both on the brick and mortar outlets as well as online outlets.


Rainbow Riches - Big Win!!!


As the name indicates, the game comes with a unique and unmistakable Leprechaun theme. That certainly is a major attention.



The full name of the game is longer and it usually comes with a subtitle Rainbow Riches: Win Big Shindig.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The game has a lot of exciting features and includes 25,000 rounds of the maximum jackpot.



There are other interesting features such as “gamble” feature which according to many experienced players is one of the biggest attractions of this game.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

Hence, it would be interesting to find out, how it actually works on the ground.


What Is Gambling All About?


Each time one wins, he or she gets a fair shot to gamble. This is nothing but doubling or getting nothing. It is a bet which gives the players a 50% chance of winning. This certainly is a big dealing for any gambler.

Players, who are accustomed to taking risks and those, who do not mind the volatility associated with this game, would certainly find this feature exciting and juicy. It has helped to fatten the wallets and lady luck seems to favor those who opt for this choice.



If you wish to make the best out of this feature, then it is important that you must have some basic idea and understanding about symbols and reels. These include understanding playing card symbols, the King, Queen, Jack, Ten and The Ace, and The Leprechaun’s Hat.


Rainbow Riches big win


Players should also know something more about The Golden Coin Logo apart from the Rainbow Riches Logo. Further, the gold coin logo symbol should also be known and understood as it is perhaps the most important symbol as far as the game is concerned.

It is a wild symbol and it works on slots in the same as wild card slots work in poker games. They can be substituted for other symbols which would be required to come out with a winning combination.



Further, one should also be aware that the Leprechaun’s Hat is also referred to as a scatter symbol. In other words, it also helps a lot as far as the Pick Me bonus round. This bonus round will also allow the players to get access to and trigger the next round referred to as Pots Of Luck. 


How Does Pick Me Bonus Round Work?


This round has to be triggered by finding ways and means by which you can get 3 Leprechaun’s Hat symbols on the alternating reels.


Rainbow Riches big win bonus leprechauns


The screen changes from reels associated with a slot machine. It helps to display 3 additional Leprechaun Hat. You have to choose a hat, and when you do so, the game gives you an idea as to how much you can win.



While two hats have small cash amount, the third hat is the one to look out for. It has Pots of Luck Bonus which can help you to make big money.


How to Trigger the Pots of Luck Bonus Round?


This round is triggered by trying your luck as you go through the Pick Me Bonus Round as mentioned above. You are given the option of choosing between three pots, viz., A Gold Pot, A Silver Pot, and A Bronze Pot. Once you choose any one of the options, it starts spinning.


Rainbow Riches big win bonus round


The arrow points to the winner, and he or she knows how much win he or she has been able to achieve. The prize money is multiplied by the amount which you have betted in each pay line. This is the place where you get a good shot at earning 25,000 Jackpot.


Gameplay and the Finer Points Associated With It


Rainbow Riches is a great game because it is available in various denominations ranging from $0.01 to $20. If you can bet on all 20 pay lines you must be actually staking around $0.20 per spin on the lower side and $400 on the higher side per spin.


Rainbow Riches big win per spin


This game certainly offers a great choice for both high rollers and low rollers. It is about managing the spins, and there could be situations where you may not win on the first spin.

However, there could be situations where on the 7th or 8th spin you could win around $30 and more. If you are able to plan the spins properly, you could be well and truly reaching the bonus round.



There are players, who have certainly won the jackpot and won around $25,000 on such combination of spins. The bankroll could also increase by more than 150% percent if you believe in the theory of probabilities.


Which Recommendations to Choose


Since, there are many variants of this game, it is important to choose the right variants which offer the right chance of winning. It is important to have a clear strategy which will help to regular wins.



You must learn to start slow and play slow. If you have had a good day and have won a sizeable amount, you must quit for the day and finally it is all about having fun even when the going is not good.




Rainbow Riches is an extremely potent real money game. It is very attractive, exciting and has one of the best themes attached to it.

You will be able to see a number of small wins, and it serves as a motivator which will help you to keep going. Small wins could be a great motivator even if the overall score could be in the negative.


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