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How to Play Rainbow Riches Online?

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slots in the betting world. It was developed by Barcrest in 2003 and the brand is now available on 18 different slot machines: Pure pots, Pots of Gold, Pick n Mix, Community Rainbow Riches, Fields of Gold and many others.

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It is undoubtedly the leading brand in the United Kingdom continues to flourish each passing day. The spectacular Irish themed rainbow and other features make the love of the game stronger. The emergence of Rainbow Riches online was a major milestone and has contributed significantly to the popularity of the game.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Online?


You need to play Rainbow Riches online to experience the actual fun of gambling. These slot machines can compete with other games like Blackjack and Roulette, even when placed on their own and still remain very competitive. The slot theme contributes to the success of the brand.

Rainbow Riches Online

The slot machine is an embodiment of the myth of Leprechaun. The legend says, that if you are able to capture one of the Irish folk, you can take his pot of gold located at the end of a rainbow, therefore, ensuring wealth and happiness for the rest of your life.

The slot depends on the belief in luck. There is a link between a person, who can catch the Leprechaun and steal the gold and a person, who wins big from the reel or bonus feature.

Moreover, Rainbow Riches online slots have fantastic prizes and game plays. There are three bonuses up for grabs; Pots of Gold, Road to Riches and Wishing Well.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The game generally does not offer huge prizes all at once but has balanced this out by paying out lots of medium size prizes which, hence, you will eventually leave the casino a winner. The Win Big Shindig, which is the gamble feature, makes you win greater prizes by multiplying your winnings.

All the aspects of the game are geared towards attaining the maximum potential of the players and helping you win biggest prizes attainable.

Rainbow Riches Online Game

The free play is an additional feature by online casinos, that allows you to play without using any money. Here you play as often as you want and gain experience of the game without parting with your money and getting to understand the rules, the dynamics and the betting options of the game.

This is very beneficial to new gamblers, who haven’t played Rainbow Riches online game. It is among the best free game features in the United Kingdom and beyond, and is offered by nearly all casinos. This feature is fun and entertaining to all and an amazing leisure activity for many. Actually, you should be careful not to get addicted.


About Rainbow Riches Online Game


Rainbow Riches is a 3 rows, 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot with 3 bonus rounds: Pots of Gold, Road to Riches and Wishing Well. The symbols used are 10, A, K, Q, and J which are found on the standard card as well as the wild and other special symbols.

Rainbow Riches Online Slots

Rainbow Riches online is available for all varieties of gamblers; the low stake players, the medium range risk takers and the high rollers and also caters for those, who do not want to part with their money through the free game feature.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Online Slot?


You can play Rainbow Riches online in a variety of online casinos in the UK and all over the world. The accessibility of the slots online has made it even more popular.

Playing the game online is very simple. First step is to choose a suitable online casino for you among the many, that offers the game. Once selected, you download the application and install it in your PC or mobile phone.

Fortunately, they are available for almost all the operating systems, therefore, you will not miss one for yourself. The casinos offer the game download free, where you play directly through the internet browser so it’s nearly universally available.

You then set the amount of money you would like to gamble with. The screen has minus and plus symbols, which enable you to reduce or increase the bet amount if you want to. There is a spin option, where you click in order to whirl the reel s.

Play Rainbow Riches Online

There’s also the auto feature, that enables you to spin the reels on a particular bet for a certain number of spins. You can cancel the feature at any point during the spins, but can it also stop on its own if the machine needs your intervention in a way.

There is the free game option for Rainbow Riches online slot, which enable you to play without using any money. You are provided with demo money of a certain amount for you to play with and win or lose the money although the money is not real.

This is a great opportunity for amateur players to learn some hints about the game without losing. There are some online sites, that have promotions, that give real money to the free gamers, so, you should be watchful, luck may be on your side.

This is given to motivate you to start gambling but registration is necessary, so, as to win such offers and a promo code may also be asked. The Rainbow Riches online game is awesome and the free game makes it even more exciting, because there is no anxiety over winning or losing.

Rainbow Riches slot is an amazing brand, that is very entertaining. Its Irish theme is a major attraction and the excellent bonuses and prizes make gambling even more exciting. If you have not played Rainbow Riches, then you are yet to start gambling. The online game is definitely a blessing to the gamblers.

Playing Rainbow Riches online has never been easier. Players can play at the comfort of their houses without any disturbances from crowds and other unfriendly gamblers. The free game feature is also a marvel for many, you simply play for the fun and this has given gambling a whole new meaning.


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