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How to Play Rainbow Riches on iPhone?

There are many online games that are extremely popular, and according to thousands of players, slot games are one of the most popular and widely supported. This is because of the fact that there are quite a few attractive features which go in making it a highly popular game.

The best thing is that the game can be played even if you have 20 pennies in hand which perhaps will not possible in any other online or even brick and mortar stores.

Rainbow Riches Mobile

On the other end of the spectrum, it is possible to go in for the high stakes version of online slot games, especially Rainbow Riches on iPhone.

This will help you to win big money running into thousands of pound sterling. However, the staked amount should also be quite high, and it could run into quite a few hundred pounds.

Essentially, the HS or High Stakes version of Rainbow Riches is only for those who have the right bankrolls available and who are ready to take the big risks. It is suitable for professional gamblers who would not like to lose a few hundred of thousand pounds while looking to hit the jackpot.


What Makes Rainbow Riches So Special?


Though there are many variants of slot games, there are reasons to believe that opting for Rainbow Riches for iPhone would always be a much better option.

This is because of it is the most popular variant of slot games. It offers the players the best chances of winning big prize money even at the small level.


Rainbow Riches iPhone app


This is because of the presence of various exciting Leprechaun symbols, and this certainly adds a wonderful Irish flavor to the entire game.

Ofcourse, there are the three important and highly fascinating bonus features that go into making Rainbow Riches as popular as it is now. It would be interesting to have a look briefly as to what they exactly offer to the customers.


Road to Riches Feature


This is perhaps one of the most popular and exciting features of Rainbow Riches for iPhone. This happens when three Leprechaun symbols are visible at three places.



Once this happens, you can press the reel button into action, and it will land in a number. You will be then become eligible to get payout equivalent to the staked amount multiplied by the number shown on the screen. It could be worth quite a few hundred pounds and could also increase to a few thousand pounds in many cases.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

Hence, whether you are playing Rainbow Riches on iPhone or playing in the brick and mortar stores, there is no denying the fact that Road to Riches is very important for most of us.


Wishing Well Bonus


This is yet another important bonus feature which finds favor with many players. Hence, it would be interesting to learn more about it too.

Wishing Well Bonus on iPhone

All that the player has to do is to land on three scatter symbols, and once this happens, the players become eligible for special spins.

When the spin action is activated, the slot will stop in a number. The players as is the case with Road to Riches becomes eligible for the multiplier factor which leads to them winning almost 500 times the money which they have staked.


Pots of Gold Bonus


Finally, we have the Pots of Gold option which when activated could help the players to win big money through the gold, silver and bronze pots and when playing the HS version.

Pots of Gold Bonus on iPhone

It could be equivalent to quite a few thousand dollars.


How to Play Rainbow Riches on iPhone?


You can use the mobile phones to make the best of Rainbow Riches, and this will certainly be a whole new experience for you.

Rainbow Riches Mobile App

You could play Rainbow Riches on iPhone or even Android phone. This is possible because most online gaming service providers offer their customers a chance to play the game sitting in the comfort of their homes.


Rainbow Riches Slot iPhone App


This is possible because today mobile phones whether they are Android or iPhone can be used to play the game. It would be pertinent to mention here that that there are many online service providers who allow the customers the chance to play the game with the help of their iPhone, iPad and other such devices from Apples.

The best thing is that it is quite easy to download the entire application using the resources available in any good online site. Once this is done, you will be able to play the game without having to download the actual features of the game.



You will have the advantage of getting access to the various pages of Rainbow Riches for iPhone because the application has been designed for efficient and speedy use.

The best thing is that you will be able to play it quite easily and the features are almost the same as that of the ones that you find in the laptops of desktops.


You Can Use Flash Too


If you do not want to download the app but would still like to play Rainbow Riches onto your iPhone, you still have a good option left. You can use a flash drive and directly get to play the game without having to download the app. This will be comfortable for those who find it difficult to download applications, install them and then play the game.

This is especially suitable for those who belong to that age group who are not comfortable using the apps for playing the games.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix iPhone

Hence, playing the best of Rainbow Riches sitting in your home, office or even when you are on the move. This is because almost all famous online gaming service providers allow you access to some of the fascinating varieties of Rainbow Riches.

It certainly could help you to earn some big money, and if you are man enough, you also could end up winning thousands of pounds’ sterling. There are many who have done so laying the High-Stakes variety of these games using their smartphones and iPhone devices.


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