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What is Surrender in Blackjack?

Before getting to understand the answer to the question what is Surrender in Blackjack, we need to have some basic understanding of blackjack as a game. It is one of the most popular online gambling games.

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It attracts millions of players around the globe. It is also known as twenty-one game. There is no doubt, it is perhaps the most widely played card gambling games after poker.

The unique feature of this game is that the players must compete against the dealer and not against themselves. The main objective of this game is to try and reach 21 points as early as possible without exceeding it.


The Cards Values


Each card has a unique value and they are as follows. Cards ranging from two to ten have the same value as their face value. Face cards like Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10 points each.

The Ace is a special card and good have values either of 1 or 11 and this depends on a player. The game is usually played with the help of 52-card deck. However, in most online outlets more than one deck is used.


Understanding Surrender in Blackjack


Now that we have some basic idea about the rules pertaining to this game, it would be ideal to have some understanding about Blackjack Surrender.



There are many doubts which are express by players as far as this topic is concerned. We must bear in mind that the surrender facility is not offered at all casinos. In fact, many online casinos do not even advertise or share information about this facility to the players.

Therefore, it is common for many players not to have much knowledge on this subject. Over the next few lines, we will have a closer look at some aspects of Blackjack Surrender rules. We will also try to educate the customers regarding surrender and about the two main variations so that they are able to get some knowledge on the subject matter.


How Does Surrender Work In Blackjack?


When customer chooses to surrender while playing blackjack, he or she is allowed to fold their hand. They are also permitted to get back 50% of their bet back. In other words, it helps the players to stop playing the full hand. Instead, they can surrender the remainder of the game and in the process lose half of the total bet.



However, the players should know how to make use of this option. It could be very useful when a player is confronted with a bad starting hand. The first and foremost thing is to be sure that the facility is offered by the concerned online outlet.


Some Facts to Keep in Mind


If you are keen on learning more about Blackjack Surrender online, you must bear few things in mind. First and foremost, players should be sure that the online outlet is offering this facility. There are many online outlets where this facility is offered only in a few tables.

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Therefore, the onus lies on the players to find out if it available in all the tables where blackjack is being played. It is also important for players to understand the utility and advantage associated with surrender rules. Many players, unfortunately, believe that exercising this option is disadvantageous to them.

There are quite few players who have some understanding about surrender facility. But they are averse to using this facility because of lack of experience and some unexplained fear.


Getting to Understand Basics of Surrendering


If you wish to surrender a hand you must know when to do it. It must be done as the first and primary action before playing a hand. You must keep in mind that you will not be allowed to surrender if you have already exercised the double, hit, and split option.



You should also have a thorough knowledge about the various hand signals, which are regularly used while choosing the surrender option. There are two option which are used for such hand signals first one is to draw a horizontal line behind your bet.

The next method is to hold up both your hand while ensuring that your palms are facing toward the dealer. This signifies that you are giving up or surrendering. These two signals may not be in practice universally. Therefore, it is safer for the player to verbally to tell the player that you wish to surrender and discontinue with the hand.


Difference between Early Surrender and Late Surrender


There are three different choices as far as surrender options are concerned. They are No Surrender, Early Surrender and Late Surrender. As far as common usage is concerned, most players opt for Late Surrender. Early Surrender is very rarely used.

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However, in most cases, Late Surrender is used by players lacking experience and therefore it is a mistake. As mentioned above, a better strategy would be to go in far Early Surrender because of obvious advantages associated with it.


Which Hands Should I Surrender


Now that we have a reasonably good understanding about surrender, we should not overdo it. There are many players who end up surrendering their hands more frequently than they ought to be doing it.



Many players believe, that they should surrender a hand if they assume that it has a 50% chance of losing. This is not entirely correct. Though it would be difficult to have an accurate straitjacket rule, ideally players should give a serious thought of surrendering only when 75% of the hand is likely to be lost.


How Much Is It Worth?


The main objective of surrendering is to help players to build a reasonably accurate blackjack-playing strategy. Ideally, it would be fine if the house edge is reduced to anywhere between 0.07% and 0.09%.

This of course would depend on the various other rules of the game. If you are betting around 10 GBP, you should try and see that you are able to save around 5% in the long run.




The above is just a general idea pertaining to surrender. You must, as a player, do some more research so that you are able to make the best of the knowledge and information available.


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