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Stan James: Golf Betting

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Golf is one of the most popular games and it has a pan world presence. Of course, in USA it is one of the most popular sporting events and each year there could be hundreds of small and big tournaments which could be taking place in the country.

Hence, when it comes to sports gambling golf is very important in more ways than one. There are hundreds of sites which offer the best of golf gambling opportunities.

They also offer very useful and pertinent information and tips that could be useful for all those who wish to play the wager intelligently and as accurately as possible.


Stan James: Golf Betting


As far as the USA and Europe is concerned, there are four major tournaments that are becoming quite popular. They are British Open, The US Open, The US Masters and the USPGA.

Apart from this, there are scores of other professional golfing tournaments which could be held in other part of the world including countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many cities of Australia and perhaps even in China and Japan.

So, you can be sure, that the plate will be always be full and you will have many games to enjoy and even bet on perhaps all through the year.

Apart from the above, there also is the Ryder Cup which pits some of the best nations against one another as they test their golfing skills and push themselves to the hilt.


Choosing the Right Source of Information Is a Must


If you are keen on betting on golf you cannot expect to just trust on your gut feelings or put everything on good luck and fortune. Yes, there is a bit of fortune and good luck involved, but at the end of the day it is the talent of individual players and teams which is the most important.

Hence, when you are choosing the odds and or deciding on which player or team to back, the onus lies on you to be very careful when it comes to choosing odds and sticking by it.

There are many online service providers who could help in this and Stanjames golf is one such site which one must always keep in mind. They are ready to offer the best possible tools and the best possible tips which could eventually translate into odds that are reasonably accurate and dependable.


The Big Four


There is no doubt that the British Open is one of the best opens today and this was where golf in its competitive flavor was born. The game itself was invented in Scotland and St Andrews is the home.

The first open was held in 1860 and now each year the British Open event takes places in July and has some of the best golfers of the world taking part in it.

Hence, when you are planning to wager on this open event, you must know more about the top players who will be taking part. You also should have some decent and accurate information about their history in general and in the British Open golfing tournament.

This will help you to wager based on several factors such as the way bookies feel about main players, the track record of these player and how many punters and gamblers also feel about them.

Therefore, you can be sure, that you will be able to take a decision based on facts and figures rather than basing it on hearsays and opinions alone.

The US Masters is held at the Augusta course and the first tournament was held in 1934. The action takes place each year in April and obviously this tournament also attracts some of the best players from around the world.

Therefore, if you wish to be successful in this golf tournament of USA you cannot have different yardsticks and rules and regulations. You must stick to the basics.


The US Open


The US Open is the second oldest as far as the four main events are concerned. It was held in the year 1895 at Newport Golf Club situated on Rhode Island.

Naturally this tournament also brings together several reputed and top players and if you are a serious punter you will certainly take inputs from StanJames Golf when it comes to odds and other such things.


How to Go About Betting?


There are many ways and means by which you can bet as far as the above tournaments are concerned. If you follow the tips given by this website, you can decide and bet on the outright winner.

You also can stake on leaders in the first round and wager on different other positions. You can bet on the top five who will complete the finishing lineup, the top ten and so on.

The nationality of winning is also another possibility of betting and much more. This becomes quite pertinent because with each passing year, many players from many countries across the world are taking part in these four tournaments.


The Matchplay


While the above four pertain to individual events, we also should pay attention to Ryder Cup which has the concentration of the best golfers from Europe and America. They fight it out for three days.

The first of this tournament was held way back in 1927 when USA took on Great Britain and Ireland. However, those days the competitions were not very competitive, and America dominated for years at length.

In 1979 apart from US and Great Britain other countries in Europe were also roped in and this made the whole event completely different to say the least. Hence, as far as golf odds are concerned, there is a big demand for this tournament. It is held once every two years and the scales have tilted in favor of Europe.

In 2014 Europe completed their third successive win and USA now has some catching up to do. You must keep the above facts in mind while betting on golf.


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