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Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches

Those who regularly play slot machines would be able to understand something more about Rainbow Riches. It is considered to be one of the most popular versions of slot games and is played and enjoyed by millions across the world.

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There are many online sites which offer different versions of Rainbow Riches, and, therefore, customers can be certain that they get to enjoy the game in the widest choices and types.

Amongst the many such options, we will try and learn more about Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches and the various features and options which it offers.


Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches


One of the main reasons as to why this version of slot games are so very popular is because it is found almost everywhere in a brick and mortar environment.

If you are from the UK, you will certainly find it in bingo halls and pubs across the entire country. It is liked by young and old because it is exciting, colorful and seemingly offers the best possible enjoyment of players.



Further, there are many online variants available, and most importantly it also offers a mobile version which makes it even more attractive to play the game.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The mobile variants allow customers to play the game either on iPhone or Android systems making it extremely comfortable and convenient from the customers’ point of view.

Hence, when all these options are taken together, there are reasons to believe that it is one of the best possible gambling games that one could think of


A Look at the Rainbow Riches Slot Machine


When one chooses the mobile version of Rainbow Riches, you have to bear in mind certain things. It may not be as great as the computer version because of a number of reasons. It may not please those who are looking for the best of graphics and other such features.

Though the audio sounds are pretty, when it comes to graphics there are quite a few things which need to be addressed. The Leprechauns look quite odd and instead of being friendly it is likely that they might be there coming to harm you.

But if you are looking for convenience and comfort of playing then going in for the mobile version may be a great way forward.


Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches


Further, it may not be out of place to mention here that the entire concept of Rainbow Riches is a bit confusing for many. For example, there are many who ask the question as to why there are stacked symbols instead of wide symbols.

Further, not many online, as well as mobile options of Rainbow Riches, offer free spins. The mobile version could take some time for customers to master because of a host of reasons.

Those, who belong to the old school of thought could find the mobile versions and even some online versions quite confusing and difficult to master. However, with practice and regular play it will not be long before they start enjoying the game.


A Look at Some of the Bonus Features


What sets Sky Bet apart from others as far as Rainbow Riches is perhaps the kind of bonus features it offers. It has a unique 95% return rate to the player. In other words, players can be sure that, in most cases, they will be able to get back the money or some part of it almost 95% of the cases.



Additionally, if you can choose the right bonus option, you could be in for some pleasant surprise and you could end up winning some of the best leprechauns Larry wins. Hence, understand the bonus features is extremely important if you wish to make big money in this game.


Things You Must Keep In Mind


However, the onus lies on you to learn a few tricks of the trade when choosing Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches. You must learn to be patient to make use of the bonus features well. You must particularly pay attention to the pot of gold symbols, where you have a chance of posting big wins.


Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches Games


However, it remains at the end of the brightly colored arch which resembles a rainbow. But you may have to master the waiting game, and there are many who have to wait at least for 150 plus spins to hit one of the bonus features.


Enjoy the Game


Another big feature which makes Sky Bet version of Rainbow Riches so popular is the simplicity of the base game. Further, it also helps to set budgets so that you do not go overboard in your quest to make big money.

As a player, you must understand the need to have a strict control over the bankroll without which it would not be possible to keep within limits as far as the game is concerned.


Understanding Some Symbols


There is a need to understand some bit about the various symbols. For example, the wild symbol is the one which gives you a chance to win the jackpot price.

If you can crack this symbol, you can be sure that you will end up winning 500 times of the amount you have betted which could be huge if the betted amount is considerably high.



Then, there is something known as the road to riches bonus. When you can crack this bonus symbol, you will be eligible for a bonus which could be equivalent to 200 times of the betted amount.

Further, you will be able to get access to the pot of gold option which is situated at the end of the yellow brick road. It is full of stepping stones which also has a number of multipliers.

As you spin the wheel of fortune and move forward with the multiplier, you will be eligible for the bonus based on the place on which the wheel stops. You could also hit the much sought after pot of gold and end up winning big jackpots worth thousands of pounds.

There are quite a few positives to take home as far as Sky Bet: Rainbow Riches is concerned, and one should know how to go about it.


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