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Roxy Palace Casino Review

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The United Kingdom is the house of most of the popular casinos in the world. Roxy Palace casino is one of them. This is certainly one of the based casinos in the entire Europe.

This Gibraltar based company is famous for the amazing gaming options for its renowned clients. This gaming website has 7 currency options and 7 language options available for the players.

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Roxy Palace casino offers a whopping 500 games for the clients. The players can choose from a huge list of offerings. Not every casino is available in UK and this is certainly one of the best casinos in the entire Europe!


Roxy Palace Casino


While you are playing casino games on your mobile, you must miss that feel of going into the casino and playing your favorite games there. But with Roxy Palace, you will never face this problem.

Roxypalace Casino Review

The high-quality mobile version of this website offers you the same feeling of going into the casino. All the features are same, and you will have the time of your life while playing with it.

So, on the go when you feel like life is sucking out your energy, have a bit of casino in your phone, spare a little amount and feel rejuvenated within some minutes.


High quality graphics


The graphics that they provide with their game is wonderful and thus you will get the feel of playing the same game you would play in the casino.

You will get to see every pins and balls in the game clearly and that will give you a sense of security. RoxyPalace uses the latest model of graphics for the esteemed clients as they feel it is important to promote high quality services for their clients.

There are lots of clients they have from different corners of the world and most of them are highly satisfied with the product they come up with.


Paradise for a slot lover!


The biggest offering of RoxyPalace is certainly the Slot games. If you are a beginner and you just started playing casino games, you know how wonderful it is to start playing slot games.

Roxypalace Casino Play Slots

Slots are the place where you lose small amount of money and win a huge amount of prize money. This website offers you more than 50 types of slot games with different stories and different graphics that will hook you to the screen.

The high-quality slot games will not let you forget this website and play with some other websites! So, once you come to this website you will stick to it.


RoxyPalace table games


This website offers you more than 25 types of Blackjacks and more than 10 types of Roulettes. Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino games.

Roxypalace Casino Games

In this game you need to play opposite the dealer from the casino and your target is to reach 21 before the dealer reaches there and during that you cannot go beyond 21!

Roulette is a pinwheel where numbers are written under boxes and you must predict where the ball will stay once the wheel stops rotating! These are the most interesting and popular casino games and you must get lots of varieties of these games here in RoxyPalace.


Responsible gaming


This website promoted responsible gaming. This website never encourages under aged gambling and thus if you are gambling from your house, you need to make sure that the toddler or the child in your house never made it to your phone.

If such things happen, the consequences are very bad. You may face lawsuits and that is the reason that the RoxyPalace is clear with the security functions.

No one except you can play the game as the game is protected with passwords and a special child lock system is also available there for you. So, you can easily play the game without any fuss.


SSL encryption


While playing online game, you need to pay them money to play the games, right? While transferring the money, without your permission or your knowledge, the details of your bank account will be there with them.

Roxypalace Casino Free Spins

As the details are out, your account will get hacked at any point of time! But RoxyPalace offers SSL encryption and no one except the machine knows the details of the transaction.

So, your data and your money are always in safe hands. The employees are also not going to know the details of the bank payment. So, you are safe when it comes to monetary transaction with this website.


Online help


Sometimes while playing a game, you need to make sure that you get to understand the meaning of the game and how it can be played! But while playing you may face problems.

Roxypalace Casino Support

So, there is an online chat available for the players. You can place your query there and it will be answered on ASAP basis.

If you are facing transactional problems, you can find out the email id of the RoxyPalace and place your question there along with the image of the transactional details. This will help them to solve the problem quickly and you can also resume playing the game.


Software interface


The software interface they use for their website is, Microgaming. This is one of the most popular versions of software and thus you can predict a high quality, crystal clear and crisp picture while playing the game.

The two versions of the website are flash and the downloadable. The Flash one doesn’t contain all the features of the regular website. You just need to click on the link and you can automatically start playing the games. The downloaded version looks more likely to the real website and the player can easily start choosing from a huge set of 300 games!


RoxyPalace Casino Welcome Bonus


RoxyPalace Casino offer a huge 100-pound welcome bonus to the player coming to their website for the first time. As they promote responsible and clear gaming, you cannot stay there with multiple accounts as they may ban you soon!

Roxypalace Casino Welcome Bonus

The biggest pro of this website is the huge collection and varieties of games. But the con of the website is that no US players can play here!


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