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Roulette Table Layouts Review

Are you keen on knowing more about the important roulette table layout?  If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to go through this article. We are sure it will help players to have a reasonably good idea about the various points to be kept in mind while looking at the table layout before playing this game.

It certainly will enhance the chances of winning by quite few percentage points. Roulette is one of the most exciting and challenging wheel games. The final results of the game are determined by the final position of the metallic ball on the wheel. The ball will land on specific numbered slots on a random basis.

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Therefore, if you are a serious roulette player then you must take the trouble of having a clear understanding of the roulette table layout diagram. Without this you will not be able to make much progress as far as improving the chances of winning our concerned.

This is applicable in an online environment. As far as land based casino is concerned generally the roulette table which has the maximum crowd and a lively atmosphere is the one which will draw the biggest attention. Therefore, when you are playing in an online environment you must keep this important aspect in mind.  


Roulette Table Layouts Review


Roulette table is one of the most important components of the game. This is because the table is used for placing all the bets. The bets are placed by putting the chips on the numbers on which the players believe the roulette ball will land on.



Once the bets have been placed by all the players, the wheel is spun and the result is then declared once the roulette wheel come to a stop and the ball lands on a specific number, color or combination of both. Only after this the winners are declared and the payouts are made.  

Though the game is more than 200 hundred years old the design of the table has not undergone too much of change. If we are to compare the roulette table layout pdf as it was today with the layout table as it some 200 years back you will not able to find out too much of a difference.

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However, we need to understand some basic differences between European roulette table layout and the American variants of the same. The difference lies in the number of zeros.

The European variants have a single zero while the American roulette wheel has double zeros. Therefore, when talking about table layout this point should always be kept in mind.


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There are many variations of roulette game though today only three major variants are popular and are played across the world. Therefore, we need to have basic understanding about French roulette table layout.



The French version allows the players to place a completely different set of bets when compared to the European and American roulette. Therefore, if you are deciding to play the French variant you must have a clear understanding about the layout as it appears in the French variant. 


Difference between European and American Roulette Table Layouts


The basic table layout for both American and European variants is almost the same. The wheel is located at the end of the table. The other areas of the table are devoted for betting purposes.

The betting area usually has three columns and it is also comes with twelve rows. Therefore, there are 36 numbers on the roulette wheel. When you choose European tables on top of these columns you will have the number zero.

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In care of American roulette tables, the top of the columns will have both single zero and also double zero. The numbering sequence of American roulette table is also different and is unique when compared to the other formats.

On one side of the table columns you also have separate sections for different types of bets. This section basically is for the purpose of placing dozen bets where the numbers could range from 1 to 12 from 13 to 24 and again from 35 to 36.

This section also takes care of the odd even bets and also bets which are placed on different colors, the most common being black and red. In European roulette you do not have double zero.

Therefore, it is not possible to place five-numbered bets which are possible only in American roulette. In view of the extra zero in case of American roulette there is also a change in the house edge.

It is around 5.26% which is significantly higher compared to 2.7% house edge which is the norm for European roulette. Therefore, this important should be kept in mind when deciding on the table layout while playing this game.


Some Interesting Features of European Roulette


Though the numbers on the European roulette wheel are the same, there is quite a bit of difference as far as the table layout is concerned.

Unlike many roulette tables where the wheel is situated in the corner, in case of European roulette the wheel is in the center of the table. The betting sections are also is located on the both sides of the wheel.

However, the column for the numbers is the same both for European roulette and the French roulette. Additionally, there is also a major difference in French roulette table. This is with regard to the announced bets or called bets as they are also known.


Orphans Bet


Also referred to as orphelins bet, this covers all those numbers which are not included in the zero neighbors or in the third of the wheel bet.




We are sure the above will give you some basic idea about the table layout for the different versions of the roulette game.

Having a reasonably good knowledge about these layout designs and structures is as important as knowing the rules and regulations governing the game of roulette. The faster you are able to master it, the higher are the chances of winning big money.


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