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Rainbow Riches: Tricks

There are dozens of online gambling games which are popular amongst millions of players across the world. The list is quite big and ranges from poker to roulette, from slot games to different types of wheel games and table games.

For many decades and perhaps even centuries, slot games have been highly popular with many players not only in this country but across the world. There are many reasons for its popularity and one main reason is that they are not very expensive.

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It is possible to play the game by staking a few cents which may not be possible in various other games. The prize money and overall stakes can also be quite attractive. 

It can be played almost anywhere and today the internet makes it possible to play the game sitting in the comfort of your home, workplace or even when you are travelling and on the move. There are many mobile friendly versions of slot games which can be played quite easily.


Rainbow Riches: Tricks


There are different variants of slot game which cater to the tastes, preferences and likes of players across the world. Rainbow Riches are one such variant that has become hugely popular over the past many years.

This is because of some of the most attractive bonus features and the challenges and excitements associated with it. Rainbow Riches have the unique Leprechaun symbols which add a lot of spice and variety to the game.

However, to make the best out of this game there is a need to know something about Rainbow Riches tricks. This is a game that has presence in 18 different types of slot machines.

Each one of them has different jackpot amounts ranging from 5 to 5000 GBPs. Therefore, players should have a clear understanding of the different type of tricks if they wish to win the big bucks.


Three Main Bonus Symbols


Though there are different ways to win prizes by playing Rainbow Riches, the big money lies in trying to reach three main bonus symbols. They are pots of gold, road to riches and wishing well bonuses.

Each one of these symbols, activate different types and amounts of bonuses. It is therefore vital for players to understand and learned some common tricks and cheats which will help them to win big money.

Those, who have experience in Rainbow Riches will be aware of the problem associated with various random machines. Many of them do not have the desired number of cheats when compared to non-random machines where Rainbow Riches are played.

Hence, in many situations players often come across cheats which do not allow them the chance to gain access to these three main symbols about which we have mentioned over the above few paragraphs.

These cheats usually are capable of only exploiting only the mistakes, errors and bugs which could be inbuilt into the programming logics. This could include exiting the game during certain times of the day. This is specifically true for multi-gaming terminals.

Cheats and tricks could come in the form of manipulation of power that is supplied to the gaming machines at different points at time.

On the other side of the spectrum, it is possible to research and come out with certain cheats, tips and tricks which can be used by regular players. They are considered fair and honest and players will not be breaking the rules by using these cheats and tricks.


Wishing Well Bonus Trick


Though wishing well bonus is the least valuable it is also thought to be one of the most unpredictable as far as Rainbow Riches are concerned. Normally wishing well could offer the customers three chances of winning additional bonuses. This could range from 2 to 30 GBPs.

In some slot machines, there could be four wishing well and the bonus money could range from 20 to 150 GBPs. However, to gain access to four-bonus level under wishing well there is a need to identify the right cheat codes. The same is also the case with Pots of Gold and Road to Riches bonus features.

There are also some tricks and tips that could help activate and get hold of the various leprechaun symbols. If you spend some time looking up some reputed websites, you will be able to come across many sites which could help with some useful resources.

These resources will be helpful to unravel the various ways and means by which we can gain access to the various leprechaun features.


Stay Away from Straight Jacket Style of Playing


Many players of Rainbow Riches are unable to make big money because they always believe in following a set pattern. They must understand, that Rainbow Riches, like all slot games, is random in nature. They should learn to play the game keeping this in mind. Following a set pattern will ensure only limited success.

Therefore, they should learn to go beyond the obvious as far as playing style, playing method and playing frequencies are concerned. Players must know how to stick to a budget and never exceed it under any circumstances. They must know how to enjoy playing Rainbow Riches.

They must master the art of absorbing the good with the bad. Some experiences on a day could be very satisfactory. The next few hours could be exactly the opposite. Therefore, one of the main tricks is to stay within a budget even if the session ends in a loss-making proposition.


Stay Away from Rumors


There are many rumors which surround the way in which Rainbow Riches should be played. There are quite a few so-called tricks, that talk about extra-constitutional ways by which big money could be won. These include some ridiculous tips such as stroking the screen, moving the cursor in a certain way and so on.

All these tricks and tips which have no logic or common sense attached to it. Therefore, learning to master the tricks, while being important, should be done in the right way.


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