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Rainbow Riches: Slot Review

Today, when we visit an online gambling casino site, we certainly will come across scores of games covering varying interests and needs of customers. These include games which are played on the table, wheel games, and slot games. For decades and perhaps even generations slot games have been extremely popular.

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This is because of various reasons including ease of play, small wagering amount running into a few pence and high payout percentages apart from many other benefits and advantages.

While there are a few benefits and advantages as far as this game is concerned, there are many who believe that Rainbow Riches is perhaps the most popular.

Hence, it would be interesting to have an impartial Rainbow Riches review which will help us to know what this online slot game offers and why it is so popular.


It Could Be Surprisingly Misleading


There are many genres of online slots which might seem narrow, but one should go a bit deep inside it. Once they do so, they will be able to get a lot of surprising new variants and additions to it.



The same is the game in Rainbow Riches too. This game is known for its famous Irish legends Leprechaun themes.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

Those who have reviewed many variants of Rainbow Riches will be able to find out that they all have leprechauns, rainbows, humor and last but not the least the much coveted and much sought after pots of gold.


Rainbow Riches: Slot Review


This is a slot game from a company known as Barcrest. It is a well-known company famous for chips and pub shops throughout the country for its highly popular physical machines.

These machines are also referred to as fruit machine. The slot is a game which perhaps is more popular with people in the UK.


Rainbow Riches Slot Review


It has now become a part of the larger organization known as SG Gaming, but as far as the online slots they continue to retain the moniker of Barcrest.

It has become highly popular over the past many decades, and today whenever one talks about slot games on the internet it cannot be made without reference to Rainbow Riches.


Some Features of the Game


It is a game that features five reels and twenty pay lines, and though it contains to be very much an online slot, there are some features of fruit machine style devices which continue to be part of the bonus games.

It has already been mentioned that it is based essentially on the Irish themes where the role of Leprechaun is extremely important and integral to the whole game.

Rainbow Riches Slots

Then there also is a wishing well and the much sought after pots of gold under a rainbow. Apart from this there also is a cold coin wild.

Further, the standard symbols that are used are 10, J, Q, K and A, and of course the Rainbow Riches Logo.


The Best of Bonus Features


Rainbow Riches is the slot game to play for all those who want to have the best of bonus features. Apart from the various other bonuses, there are three other bonus games which one needs to understand to enjoy this game fully.



If one looks at any Rainbow Riches slot review, you will most certainly come across these three bonus elements.

They are Road to Riches Bonus, Wishing Well Bonus, and Pots of Gold Bonus. Let us look at each one of them briefly.


Road to Riches


This is almost the fruit machine style feature, and it can be trigger by landing three of the Leprechaun scatter symbols.

This can happen anywhere on the wheels. You will then be taken to a screen showing a path where you will have attractive and increasingly valuable multipliers, and it will be located just beside the wheel of fortune.

You have to click spin to start the wheel. It will then land on a number which could be between one and six or another symbol known as collect.


Rainbow Riches Review


Landing on a number will move you ahead for the number of places and let you spin once more. Spinning collect will end the feature, and you will not be allowed to move ahead.

However, you will be given the bonus which will be equal to the multiplier on which you are there when you have pressed the collect button.


Wishing Well Bonus


This bonus is about landing three or more Wishing Wells on the screen. Once this happens, this bonus feature will be triggered.

You have to choose any one of the wells which resulted in the trigger of the bonus. It will lead to a multiplier, and the same will be applied to your total stake which certainly could be big money.


Pots of Gold Bonus


You have the chance of winning three pots of gold on reels two; three and four will result in activation of this bonus game.

It will have the Leprechaun standing on the rock in a field. Around his head, you twelve-spinning pots of various values.

You will be eligible for the prize depending on the pot which stops at the bottom of the screen above the arrow. Again, the multiplier factor is applied, and it is added to your total stake.



In fact, if you have a chance to win big prizes in the pots of gold and additionally you also have pots of silver and pots of bronze which also offers you a chance to win a decent amount of money.

There have been many instances where the bonus for pots of gold could exceed £1000 which certainly is great. The amount could even go up by a few more thousand pounds depending on the multiplier factors.




Hence, there are reasons to believe, that Rainbow Riches certainly is one of the best slot games and it has been around for so many years because of the fascinating variety and excitement which it offers.

However, it is important for players to have some reasonably good understanding about the various bonus features so that they can win decent money once they get into playing the game.


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