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Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

Rainbow Riches is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands of the slot machine. It was created by Barcrest in the year 2003 and the brand is available on over 18 different slot machines: Pure pots, Fields of Gold, Pots of Gold, Wild clover, Community Rainbow Riches and several others in the UK.

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It is unsurprising that after all those years; the brand is still a top slot in the betting world. The fantastic Irish themed rainbow and other features make gamblers wild about the game.


About Rainbow Riches Slot Machine


These slot machines compete very well with the other games such Blackjack and Roulette even when placed singly against the rest. The slot theme itself is a contributing factor to the success story of the brand.

The Rainbow Riches slot machine is an embodiment of the Leprechaun myth. The legend says that if you are able to catch one of the little Irish folk, you can force him to give you his pot of gold which is located at the end of a rainbow hence ensuring wealth and happiness in your entire lifetime.

The Rainbow Riches slot depends on the belief in luck. There is a connection between a person who can capture a Leprechaun and rob the gold and a person who grabs a big win from the reel or bonus feature in the pots of gold.

Moreover, the game has fantastic prizes and game plays on offer. There are three bonuses for you to grab. It is true that it does not offer players huge prizes but has balanced this out squarely by paying out lots of medium size prizes which means that are you are likely to leave the casino a winner than in some other games.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

The Win Big Shindig is one of the best gamble features in the casino world. The Rainbow Riches slot machine gives you this feature to greater your prizes. The reels can grab you some big money and you can earn loads of prizes from the bonus rounds, the gamble round allows you to set your own odds.

All the aspects of the game are geared towards capturing the full potential of the players and giving you the biggest of prizes. The free play option is also an amazing feature courtesy of Rainbow Riches and nearly all casinos offer it. Here you can play and gain familiarity of the game without parting with your money.

This is particularly beneficial to the new players who need to learn the hints of winning and understand the betting options and the rules of the game. It is placed among the best free slots in the UK. This awesome feature is fun and entertaining to players and an amazing free time activity for many.

Rainbow Riches is a 5 reel, 3 rows and 20 pay lines slot which has 3 bonus rounds: Pots of Gold, Road to Riches and Wishing Well. The symbols used are 10, J, Q, K, A found on standard card and the wild in addition to other special symbols that trigger the bonus rounds.

The game is available for all kinds of players; the penny players the medium risk takers and the high rollers and also caters for those who do not want to part with their money through the free game feature.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Machine?


Rainbow Riches slots are widely available in a variety of online casinos and the ease in availability has made it quite accessible to many. First step is to choose an online casino that offers the game. Once identified, you download the application or the software and install it into a compatible device.

Most casinos offer the game download free through the direct play option where you play directly through the browser. The wide availability of the game across several casinos has made it quite common and famous among a large population of gamblers.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The game is available for both real money and free game option. The free game does not require any signing up or logging in necessary when playing real money. Hence you simply choose the game, select the free game feature and play.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot

You will get free money of a certain amount for you to gamble with and win although the money is not real. There are some online sites that have promotions that give real money to free game players so as to motivate them to start gambling with real money but these ones require registration.

The free slots resemble the real money games apart from the money aspect. Beginners should try the free games for before taking the actual risks.


Advantages of playing Rainbow Riches Online


There are some advantages of playing Rainbow Riches online. First, it is convenient to play the game online because you can play at the comfort of your house without any distractions. There is no playing in turns hence minimal or no intimidation from other players.

Rainbow Riches Slot Pots

Secondly it is more economical to play Rainbow Riches slot online. There are no additional costs in form of transport and other services required to make you feel comfortable in live casinos like food and drinks. All your money can therefore be committed to the Rainbow Riches slot machine giving you a chance to win more.

The odds are also generally higher in online casinos compared to the latter which gives you the opportunity to win bigger prizes. Also, it is safe and secure to play the Rainbow Riches slot online. You can play until very late in the night without security concerns.

Rainbow Riches Slot

Lastly, the online game has amazing graphics and features that are stunning and intriguing to play in. These appearances in addition to big bonuses make the game quite exciting.

Rainbow Riches slot machine is an awesome brand that is fun and entertaining. Its Irish theme is a major attraction and the fantastic prizes and bonuses will give you an excellent gambling experience. If you have not played Rainbow Riches, then you haven't experienced everything slot games have to offer.


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