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You can play Rainbow Riches online for free on the MrQ Casino website. Complete a simple registration in 2 minutes and you will have access to many Rainbow Riches slot machines for free and without making a deposit. Unfortunately, there are no other ways.

Slot machines are one of the most popular online games, and the popularity of this game has raised manifolds over the past few years and centuries.

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There are many reasons for this. It comes with five reels, 18 winning combinations, and 10 pay lines as far as almost reputed online slots offering Rainbow Riches are concerned.


Rainbow Riches: Slot Machine Free Online


However, what makes them even more exciting and interesting is the fact that there is something known as Rainbow Riches slot machine free online which one needs to understand in some detail.

MrQ Casino Rainbow Riches 30 Free Spins TC's

It is a method by which the players get a chance to play some free spins thereby getting a feel of the game before actually getting into the live environment.



Further, there is no doubt that almost each land-based outlet offer Rainbow Riches as a part of the game.


Why Are the Online Versions Popular?


The online variants of Rainbow Riches are popular because there are new and sophisticated slot machines which offer different types of game and offer the players the facility to go in for some free spins.

Further, they presence of real pictures of Leprechaun, his classic hat and other trademark symbols representing ace to ten make them quite special.


Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Free Online


Further, the various logos associated with Rainbow Riches slot machine online are also something which needs to be kept in mind. Hence, at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that the players experience a classic feeling when playing the game even though they might be new to it without too much of experience.


Huge Jackpots Available


It would also be pertinent to mention that players can aspire to win 25,000 coins for each bet. Further, the bonus round with its pots of luck is perhaps the most interesting part of this game.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

There are some other features, and these include wild symbols and scatter symbols. There is, however, an element of luck and good fortune involved. There are some myths which going through a trip which takes the players to the heart of the Irish countryside. This is supposed to bring good luck to the customers.


Mobile Based Features


Before discussing more the enchanting and exciting features of Rainbow Riches slot machine for free, we also should bear in mind that today everything is available on the mobile phone.


Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Free Online Mobile


Therefore, one can play the game sitting in the comfort of their living rooms or also while they are on the move. This makes the free spins even more exciting and worthwhile. 


How Does the Free Spin Work?


As far as the Rainbow Riches slot machine play for free features are concerned, there are quite a few options available. There are many sites which offer these free spins for visitors without the need for registrations or sign ups. On the other hand, there are other sites which would require registration only after which the free spins are offered.



They also might have a limit as to the number of days within which the free spins have to be completed. There are a few more who tie the free spins to the initial signup bonus.

In other words, the free spins are offered only when the customers wager an initial amount. While not many would like the last option, it comes with its own share of advantages and benefits. It would be pertinent to mention that it offers the players better signup bonuses which the others may not be able to offer.


Features of Rainbow Riches Slot Machine


To make the best of Rainbow Riches, it is imperative that you try and practice as many free spins as possible. If you look around the internet, you will be able to come across many dozens of sites which offer these spins.

While there could take a few which offer around 200 free spins, the average free spins are usually restricted to around 80 to 90.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Features

There are three stages which would help you to win the best of prizes, and they are Road to Riches, Wishing Well and last but the least Pots of Gold. Your objective should be to try and reach pots of gold where you can get chances to win reasonably big prized running into a few hundred pounds.


How to Choose the Right Outlet?


As mentioned above there are scores of outlets which offer free spins, and therefore you have quite a few options to choose from. However, you must choose the right outlet based on the themes you are comfortable with. The Irish themed machines are always better because they come with a free demo version by default.

Rainbow Riches Slot Machine at the StarSpins

Hence, you get a chance to play for real without having to wager anything which certainly is great news. The winning amount, however, will be given to you only after you do a formal signup and wager an amount after completing the free demo and perhaps even after winning some money for free.


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