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Retro Slots: Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a slot game which is extremely popular, and it has gone far beyond casino joints. It is now played regularly in pubs, restaurants, supermalls, and other such commercial places. It is perhaps one of the most popular forms of casino gaming, and there are obviously quite a few reasons for its growing popularity.

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Though there are other forms of slot games, it is evident that when it comes to acceptance and popularity, it has been found that Rainbow Riches is perhaps far ahead of others.

Further, there is something known as Rainbow Riches: Retro which also is gathering popularity amongst a large section of people. Therefore, it would do an interesting reading to find out more about the same over the next few lines.


Retro Slots: Rainbow Riches


It would be pertinent to mention that when we talk about the Retro version of Rainbow Riches, it comes with five reels and twenty pay lines. Though it is well and truly an online slot, the Retro versions continue to retain a few of the fruit machine type of elements, and some attractive bonus games and promotional offers are built into it.



Those, who are in touch with this game would most probably be aware that this is based on a typical Irish theme. Amongst the bonus symbols, we have a leprechaun, apart from a Wishing Well symbol, and last, but not the least, the Pots of Gold symbols.

All these are built into the Retro version. The best thing about Retro version is that it allows the players to opt for free spins and this certainly gives the players a chance to make a killing without having to spend a single pound from the pocket.


What Else Makes This Variant So Popular?


There are also other attractive features which make it very special. There is something known as gold coin wild.

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There are also standard symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and A plus the various logos attached with Rainbow Riches.


Where to Look for the Retro Features?


Though the Retro variant of Rainbow Riches is popular, it would be pertinent to mention that not many players are there to offer the same to the customers.

Hence, there is a need to spend some time and then come out with the right website and bookmaker which offers the Retro features. It would be pertinent to mention here that when we talk about Retro features, we must have special wheels which can incorporate to the same.


Rainbow Riches Retro


It will certainly take us back on time and therefore some bit of education, learning and unlearning might be required as far as the modern day players of this game is concerned.

There are specific sites like MrQ, Playojo, Leovegas, Grosvenor and a few others who have authentic versions of the Retro variants of the game. It has some of the most antique pieces of symbols, and young players would do well to take the help of parents and others to learn the finer points of activating the slot.

There are quite a few resources available on the internet which also could help customers and players to know more about this version of the game which has its own unique features and options.


A Look at the Bonus Features


Whether it is the modern version of Rainbow Riches or the Retro version, there is no doubt that it continues to be exciting because of the various bonus features that it offers.

It is the same across the board, and most expert Rainbow Riches players would certainly be aware of the same. However, it would be not a bad idea to have a look at the most important bonus features which go in making it very different from others.


Roads to Riches Bonus


There are some slight changes as far as getting the Roads to Riches bonus is concerned. Though the trigger point for getting access to Roads to Riches bonus symbols continues to be the same, i.e. landing three of the leprechaun scatter symbols on the reels, with the Retro version the symbols are hard to come by and it could take some bit of trial and error before one can get it.



However, other things like clicking the start button and ensuring that it stops between one and six continue to be the same. The multiplier effect which decides on the amount of money which a player takes home also continues to remain the same.


Wishing Well Bonus


The Retro facility also has the Wishing Well bonus option which again offers its players the chance of winning big money.


Rainbow Riches Retro Play


This will, however, happen when the players can trigger three or more Wishing Well on the screen. But the Wishing Well images in the Retro screen will be completely different from those which are available in the modern version.

Hence this point has to be kept in mind failing which it is likely that they will continue to look for the elusive combination of symbols that will trigger the Wishing Well bonuses. 


Pots of Gold Bonus


Finally, we need to have some understanding about Pots of Gold which is available on reels, two, three and four. Knowing this is highly important because it will certainly activate this bonus game.

In the Retro version, you will have the leprechaun standing on the rock, and it most probably will be in the field. There will be twelve different pots of various values.



For getting access to the gold, silver and bronze Pots of Gold, the players have to ensure, that it should stop at the bottom of the screen just above the place, where the arrow is located. The multiplier formula will be used for calculating the prize money, and it could even run into a few thousand pounds in some cases.




While the basic objective and philosophy of Rainbow Riches: Retro is the same as that of the modern versions, there are quite a few things that must be taken care of. The music is different, the graphics are different, and there are changes to the rules too which must be understood by the players.


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