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Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash (Scratchcard Game): How & Where to Play, RTP & Tips, Demo

Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash is an Irish-themed online scratch card game developed by Light and Wonder. The game comprises 5 different in-games,12 chances to win, bonus rounds and various paying symbols.

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With a maximum payout of up to 3665x your bet, this game portends to be financially rewarding. Are you ready to play? Let's tell you everything you need to know to give yourself a chance and scratch your way into luck!


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  1. Where to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash?

  2. How to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash?

  3. Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash RTP

  4. How to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Demo?

  5. Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Tips

  6. The Final Verdict

  7. FAQ


Where to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Scratchcard Game?


You will find Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash scratchcard games in various reputable online casinos. Click on the search box and type "Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Scratchcard" in the game library of your casino of choice.

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Once it pops up, it means the game is available for play. Here are some of the legit casinos offering Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash:


LeoVegas Casino


Leovegas is an online casino where you can play a wide array of your favourite games like slots, roulette, blackjack and sports betting.

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They are popular for featuring innovative games that work seamlessly both on big and small-screen devices.


PlayOJO Casino


PlayOJO is an online casino where players can play their favourite games and place their bets online.

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Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, PlayOJO has an extensive game catalogue that features most of the most popular games from leading software developers in the industry.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Slot?


To play the Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash slot, you must first create an account.



While signing up, you are required to provide some basic personal information about yourself to create your online profile. This should only take a couple of minutes to get through.


  1. After creating your profile, use the search button to find Rainbow Riches and start playing.

  2. You don't need to pay if you intend to play the demo version. Just register and start playing while familiarising yourself with the game and mastering the needed expertise to win.

  3. And if you are ready to put your money where your mouth is and play the real-money version, you can choose "real money" in the menu option to start playing. You can start betting with as low as 5 pence to win 3665x your betting amount, including bonus games.


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Scratchcard Games Rules


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Game

  1. Game 1: is a scratch card game featuring a charming leprechaun donning a hat and puffing a pipe. The card has six glistening symbols, and under each symbol lies a potential cash prize. If you uncover two symbols with the same amounts, you will be rewarded with that sum. The game offers a range of prizes, with some as low as 1x your bet and others as high as 1000x your bet.

  2. Game 2: has three symbols, including lucky four-leaf clovers. Your goal is to uncover the well symbol which is hidden behind any of these symbols. If you're successful, the game will reward you with a prize ranging from 1x to 1000x your wager.

  3. Game 3: is a thrilling scratch card game that promises an instant reward if you're lucky enough to uncover a silver pot. All you need to do is scratch the card to reveal your fate. If you're fortunate enough to reveal the hidden silver pot, you'll win a prize that's five times your initial wager.

  4. Game 4: In Game 4, there's just one rainbow riches symbol, and your goal is to uncover a hidden golden pot. If you're successful in this quest, you'll receive a prize worth ten times your initial wager.

  5. Game 5: It features eight paired symbols. The game's objective is to match the paired symbols to win a cash prize. If you can match a uniform pair, you'll be rewarded the amount the symbol is worth. The potential prizes can range anywhere from 1x to 1000x your initial bet.


The Cash Crop Bonus Game


The Cash Crop Bonus Game is triggered when 3 Cash Crop Bonus symbols are collected. You’ll be taken to a screen with 50 spinning coins.

Cash Crop Bonus Game

The Cash Crop Bonus has a guaranteed prize of 20X and a max prize of 650X the bet amount.


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash RTP


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash has a return-to-player percentage of 87.82%, making it a low-mid volatility rate slot. This simply means that if you wager £100, the casino will pay out £87.82 of wins.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Demo Online for Free?


If you aren't ready to stake real money, you can play the demo version of the Rainbow Riches Piles Cash. To play for free, simply register at Playojo casino site that offers the game and create an account for yourself.

Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Demo

As of the time of writing, Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash does not provide no deposit bonus. However, on the flip side, what the slot doesn't provide in "No Deposit Bonus," it makes up for in "Free Spins."


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash Tips


Before you start playing Rainbow Riches of Cash, here are hints that can help you play better:


  • Get yourself familiarised with the Bonus


Understanding the bonus rounds beforehand in a game helps you utilise them maximally during gameplay. Ensure you take advantage of all the bonus offer rounds. They may boost your winning chances.


  • Get a grasp of how the Betting System and Maximum Bet works


Increase your potential winnings by going for the maximum bet amount. Remember, the more you wager, the more your chances of winning more money. However, you can move at your own capacity. Just ensure you aren't counting your chickens before they are hatched.


  • Have a Strategy


This isn't just about your gameplay strategy or bonus strategy, it's also about having an idea of what your spending is going to be before wagering.


The Final Verdict


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash is an entertaining slot game worth trying for both veteran players, as well as newbies who are just starting out in the world of iGaming.

Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash

If you are looking not just to have fun, but also to amass decent wins for yourself while at it, you should check it out. It is one that has the potential of keeping you thoroughly entertained and busy. Having said that, next are some of the pros and cons we notice while playing Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash.




  • Instant wins

  • Mouthwatering bonuses and promotions

  • Low wagering costs

  • Aesthetically pleasing graphics




  • Low RTP

  • No progressive jackpot


Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash FAQ


What is a Scratchcard?


Scratch card game is an online instant win casino game where players simply scratch and match. Choose your betting stake and scratch to reveal what's beneath the silver foil.


Can I buy more than 1 Scratchcard?


Absolutely! You can buy more than 1 scratchcard. As a matter of fact, you can buy up to 10 scratch cards while playing the Rainbow Riches Piles.


What is the minimum bet in the Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash?


The minimum bet in the Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash slot is 5 pence.


How much can I win in the Rainbow Riches Piles of Cash?


You can win 3665 times the amount of your original stake.


What similar Rainbow Riches scratchcard games are there?


Rainbow Riches Rainbow Reveal is another entertaining game from the same developer which shares similar features and themes with Rainbow Riches Piles Cash.


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