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How to Play Rainbow Riches On the Fiddle?

Are you a fan of slot games? If yes, then you certainly must have heard about the famous Rainbow Riches. This is perhaps one of the most popular and time-tested variants of slot games and at any given point of time, it is possible that there could be millions across the world who could be playing this game.

There are a few reasons as to why it is considered so very special. First and foremost, it is a highly interesting and exciting game and there are quite a few variants to it.

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The most important however is the exciting and impressive bonus options which it comes with. It would be pertinent to mention here that the three main bonus options, roads to riches, wishing well and pots of gold are extremely popular and for many it is irresistible. It has helped many people to make big money out of it.


How to Play Rainbow Riches: On the Fiddle?


However, more than that in this article we will try and know something more about the various cheat codes. It is possible to cheat in Rainbow Riches where the outcomes are generated randomly?

Rainbow Riches on the Fiddle Slot Machine

No, it may not be possible to do so but there are ways by which you could improve your odds and play optimally.



However, you must learn something more about Rainbow Riches on the fiddle and other such tools which could help you to get the best as far as these cheat related tools are concerned.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

It could help you to get a head start when compared to many players and it could perhaps even permanently help you to improve your bankroll quite a bit.


The Importance of Landing Three Leprechaun Symbols


The first and foremost thing you must to is to try and land three of the Leprechaun symbols. This will put you on the path to road to riches bonus entitlements. You could end up winning almost 500 times your total bet and therefore this certainly is an impressive fruit style trail bonus.

Rainbow Riches Three Leprechaun Symbols

You will be given the chance to click the right spinning wheel to find out how you are able to move up the trail. In the process you also will be able to grab as much gold as you possibly can before you get back to the base game.


The Wishing Well Bonus


The wishing well bonus is something which could come your way provided you are able to spin three or more well symbols. This could happen anywhere on the screen. The game then comes to a stop and you will be able to select a well.

Rainbow Riches on the Fiddle Wishing Well

This will help you to select a random multiplier which in many cases could be as high as 500 times your bet. Hence, if you can get hold of the right Rainbow Riches on the fiddle cheats, you will be able to make some big money using wishing well bonus feature.


Pots of Gold


Last but not the least; you also must understand something more about the exciting Pots of Gold Bonus. This is an option which could help you to earn 500 times your betted amount. You will be entitled to this provided you are able to identify three Pots of Gold scatter symbols and again this could happen anywhere on the middle three reels.

Rainbow Riches on the Fiddle Pots of Gold

This will enable you to take a shot at the bonus and this could be in the form of bronze, silver and gold pots spinning around the screen. You will be declared the winner of the pot where the arrow points as and when the spinning spots.

While all the above are certainly great ways and means by which you can make big money, you must know ways and means by which you can take all the above to your advantages. It is here that cheats or in other words, tips could come in handy and that is what we will try and find out over the next few lines.


How to Play Rainbow Riches: On the Fiddle Online?


Though there are brick and mortar outlets which offer Rainbow Riches, it would always be better to choose online games. There are many who believe that the random selection of numbers is the same both in online and brick and mortar environments. This is not exactly true.

Play Rainbow Riches on the Fiddle

The online version has perhaps the capacity to yield better results and it has been proven statistically repeatedly. Hence, playing online is the first and foremost cheats idea which you could try out.


Increase Wagering Amount


You must always bear in mind that Rainbow Riches is a game with low variance. In other words, the features which could help you win big money do it come too often. The secret lies in taking advantage of the option available. This would call for being able to count the number of spins between each of these features.

Rainbow Riches on the Fiddle Cheats

You must gradually increase your bet just before the next one is due. This would call for understanding the gaps between one feature and the other. There are many who have moved from 5P to around 5 GBP, but you must know how to gradually move from one to the next higher one.


You Must Understand Bonus Rounds


There also is the need to understand the bonus rounds because some bonus features pay higher while others pay lesser. You must try and figure this out properly and there are reasons to believe that Pots of Gold bonus round could be perhaps the most paying one.



You must be able to count as to when the last Pots of Gold feature appeared and try and increase the stake amount accordingly.


Being Realistic Is Important


You might come across many cheats and other such tools which could promise you the moon. However, the fact of the matter is that there is no magic code that could unlock online slot games and open the doors for bumper prizes of millions of pounds.

The RTP on Rainbow Riches could be high but you cannot expect 100% return each time you are playing the game.


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