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Rainbow Riches Luck of the Irish Slot Review

As we look up the internet and search for some gambling sites, we will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of sites that we come across. On a rough estimate, there could be several thousands of such sites across the country and the world and each day new sites could be coming in the market.

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Therefore, the market is becoming quite competitive and for every ten new comers, it is possible that fifteen might be forced to shut stop. Therefore, being a successful online gambling company is not an easy job to say the least. Further, the number of games under various platforms has also risen phenomenally.


Rainbow Riches: Luck of the Irish


Any quality online gambling site today must have at least 1000 games and there are many sites which have perhaps around 1500 or more games.

However, most of these games are from the past and are being carried over to the present generation but in the digital form. They can be played sitting in the comfort of homes, offices or even while on the move.

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There are many mobile based gaming applications which help customers to play the games on their mobile games. Of the many such games, there is no denying the fact that Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular.

Those who are attached with online or brick and mortar gambling would know this is a slot game and it has been around for many decades. It is played in special machines which are also referred to as fruit machines. In this article we will try and look the meaning and scope of Rainbow Riches: Luck of the Irish.


What Makes It So Special?


When we talk about Rainbow Riches, we are basically looking at a game with that typical Irish aroma attached to it. The game is famous for its Irish Leprechauns.

Hence, it is unique and something new for those who are not aware of the Irish culture and way of life. That is perhaps one of the main reasons as to why this game is becoming quite famous and popular with each passing day.

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There are many exciting things about it and the Rainbow Riches of Gold is something that excites many players of slot games.

There are basically three elements to it and they are Road to Riches, Wishing Well Bonus and last but not the least is the Pots of Gold. Each one of them is unique and therefore one should understand the same well so that they can try to move towards it.

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You will become eligible for roads to riches, when you are able to activate the right kind of leprechaun symbols on the slot games. If you can do it, you stand a chance to win at least 500 times your wagered amount and this in many cases could be equivalent to thousands of sterling pounds.

Wishing well is another bonus option which also is quite interesting and exciting. The option is triggered when as a player you can identify three or more well symbols as far as the reels are concerned.

Once it has been identified and selected, the multiplier effect comes into play and the players are given a bonus which is equal to N number of times the amount which they have betted or wagered. This again could be quite significant to say the least. 

Pots of Gold are the last and final bonus option which truly is exciting in more ways than one. You become eligible to play this bonus option if you can identify and find three or more leprechaun well symbols on the reels.

Once it has been selected, the players will become eligible for the amount that is mentioned on the respective well and here again the multiplier effect comes into play. This could again be a big amount provided you are ready to wager a big amount because of the impact of multiplier impact.


A Few More Points


You will have to notice the machines and find out how they spin. You will find that that each and every spin will feature only around a dozen symbols and it will land very slowly.

Rainbow Riches Luck of the Irish

Further, in most cases it has four reels and not the usual five which many of us might be used to. It also would be possible for you to get free spins and the pots at the same time. When you go in or the free spins it also could re-trigger and give you a chance to have a shot at the pots during the free spins too.

However, it is possible that some screens and pages which offer a different look and feel and many other conventional screens which offer Rainbow Riches.

But nonetheless the ones with Irish touch and feel to it continue to be highly popular because of some obvious reasons. It is all about understanding the way in which it can be operated and then getting into the serious part of it.


The Final Word


At the end of the day there is no denying the fact that there are several reasons to believe, that if you are a slot fan you have many reasons to try and have a closer look at Rainbow Riches.

This is because of obvious reasons. First and foremost, it is easy to play and even those who do not have the best of knowledge of the game will be able to learn it within a short period of time.

However, it would be ideal to look for sites which offer the best of promotional offers and other such special attractions before choosing the Rainbow Riches game is concerned. You must always look for sites that offer the best of free sign up offers, the best of free spin offers and other such attractions for the customers.

This will help them to stand a better chance of winning big money over a period. It also is important to look at ways and means by which you can learn the game and be sure that you are identifying with sites that offer the three main bonuses as mentioned above.


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