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Rainbow Riches: Hints

Online casino games come with different playing instructions and sometimes if you closely follow the tip of an expert, you can earn money with the help of it.

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But when it comes to slot machines, people just have some myths to tell you. They will tell you that it is nothing but your luck that takes you to the money and if luck is not with you, you are not going to make it!

That means if you are not winning, you have to blame your luck! Well, this is nothing but a huge myth. You need to know the way these machines work.


Rainbow Riches Hints


Every slot machine works with the help of a computer program. There’s a computer program that chooses the pictures, that will come in the reels and in this way each time you press the handle of the slot machines; this computer program comes out with a set of three pictures randomly.



Like every time, it picks up new pictures, and there’s no pattern in it, it is impossible to comprehend a pattern through which you can win a game!

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

But the silver lining is that this winning stroke comes after a certain number of turns, and you have to calculate that.


Have Money with You and Patience to Unveil the Slot Strategy


So, if you do not have lots of money and lots of time in your hand, it is impossible for you to win something out of the slot machines!

Rainbow Riches Slot Hints

You will have to sit there and play until you win a game and then again you have to play until you win for the second time.

To confirm the pattern, you have to play in batches, and when you get the average winning time, you know when the winning turn comes and when the winning turn comes, you need to invest all of your money on that turn only.


Invest Your Money in Batches and Increase Your Chances of Winning the Game


But what if you do not have enough time and money in your hand and you are there to play the slot games! Now you need to separate your money in some batches, and you have to find the maximum payout of the machine you are going to play.


Rainbow Riches Hints


You can find the details on the internet. Some payout details are given there. You can get the details of the casino you are playing in from there.

So, first, you have to know the payout details of the machine, and then you have to invest a batch of your money on it. In most of the cases, the machine reciprocates with a reward, and if it doesn’t reward you, you must go to another machine and start playing.


Try Loose Slots to Win Big Prize Money


So, if you want to win out of the slot machines, loose slots are the best options to win a big amount. In the case of loose slots, each turn will help you win a big amount, but it is almost impossible for you to locate the loose slot in the casino.



These machines are placed at the center of the place where you cannot concentrate, or you will not play those machines thinking that they are useless and bear no prize money.

Casino owners want people to come and win at least some money, so, that they can return and play again. Your target is to point out these machines to win a big amount out of it.


Progressive Slots Are Amazing


Progressive slots are the most interesting one found in different casinos these days. In other casinos, you can add money to the next bet. Your bet is single and whatever you win, or you will be with you only. That means the game is played by you only.

But here, lots of people are playing the same game. In the casinos, you will find big machines dedicated for this special type of casino game.



But most of these games are played online where people from different parts of the world join you in a single game, and as many people join the game, the price money increases that means the person that is going to win the game will get a huge amount of prize money!

The betting money increases so as the odds, and when the odds increase, your chance of winning the game also increases.


Big Games Are Time Consuming with no Guaranty of Winning It


But to win a big amount, you need to have a good time too. That means you have to spare a lot of time to win that big amount and there’s no chance of winning it for sure. It’s not that you will spend time on it and you will win it!

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So, if you do not want to waste your time and if you want to make sure that you are going to win at least a few amounts out of it, make sure not to bet on progressive machines.

Though you cannot ignore the attraction of these machines and the huge prize money indicated there would attract you to invest your money on this.


Stick to the Conventional Simple Machine


Sticking to the conventional machines is a tough thing. But you need to do that to win money out of it. There are machines available, and these machines have different designs, and you need to make sure that you choose the machine with the conventional designs.



The graphic designs add up to the time slot of the game. The graphic design will slower down the game timing. That means you cannot understand why the game slowed down and you end up playing a slow game and losing money as you cannot judge the game and play with huge money and end up losing the lot.


Odd is Very Less in General


Remember the main hint, when you are going to play Rainbow Riches; you need to make sure, that the odds are low. Most of the casinos do not let you know the present odd to attract customers. But the less complicated the game is, the lower the bet is.

So, make sure, you are not going to win huge prize money out of these single games and the jackpot is way lesser than Baccarat and Roulette games. Still, you have a great chance of winning money out of slot games.


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