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Rainbow Riches Golden Charms Review

If you are a big fan of slot games, then you will certainly have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative. If you do a quick poll regarding the most popular online games, there could be millions who would most probably cast their vote in favor of Rainbow Riches: Golden Charms.

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Slot games have always been highly popular amongst millions of people across the world. Amongst the many variants of this game, there are many people who are staunch followers of Rainbow Riches, which is simply fabulous.

This is because of various reasons. First and foremost, it would be pertinent to mention that it is well known for the best of bonuses including Wishing Well Bonus, Road to Riches Bonus and Pots of Gold Bonus. Each one has its own unique features and advantages, and that is perhaps the main reason why it is considered so very special.


Win Big with Rainbow Riches Golden Charms


Apart from the above, there are a few more reasons why so many people have a special liking for this game. This is because it offers them the chance to bet even with a few pennies.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are also others who could stake big amounts and hope to win big money. Hence, this versatility and variety that it offers are what makes the game so very different.


Rainbow Riches Golden Charms


Then, of course, you have the typical Irish symbols including Leprechauns which make it very exciting for many. Therefore, those who are looking to go beyond the initial levels and aim for big prizes coming out from Wishing Well Bonus, Road to Riches Bonus and Pots of Gold could find Rainbow Riches to be one of the best options.

Further, there are slot games which allow the players to continue playing the game for days, weeks and perhaps even months. Hence, there is a possibility of winning the mega bonus too.


The World of Golden Charms


Another reason why it makes sense to go in for Rainbow Riches is because it has another feature known as Golden Charms feature. These come with the best of prize values, game plays which are versatile, unique and extremely innovative. This is one of the main reasons why it makes perfect sense for many to fall in love with this game.



When you decide to choose Rainbow Riches: Golden Charms, you also can be sure that you will have access to the best of bonus rounds, symbols, multiplier and various other things.

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This will go a long way in helping players to win big cash prizes and increase their bankrolls significantly. When you choose a slot game featuring the best of Golden Charms, you are well and truly getting involved with a unique Irish theme.


How to Get Out of the Golden Charms?


It would be pertinent to mention here that coupled with Rainbow Riches: Golden Charms you also will be able to win big money which could run into a few thousands of pounds.

Rainbow Riches Golden Charms Play

This will go a long way in helping many thousands of people to get out of ordinary lives and lead a life of richness, class, and sophistication. While there may be many who may not exactly agree with this, there are reasons to believe that it could help people to move out from ordinary life to a life of opulence and plenty.


A Few More Bonuses


There is something known as pick me bonus which gets triggered when you decide to go in for Rainbow Riches: Golden Charms. Once this gets triggered, you can be sure that you will be able to access three or more hats and each one of them will have different prize values attached to it.


Rainbow Riches Slot Game Golden Charms


Those players who have further luck with Golden Charms will also gain access to Leprechaun bonus. This could open the floodgates, and the players could get an honest chance of having a shot at the much sought after Pots of Luck game.

During this special bonus round, a traditional jig is performed by the Irish with the Leprechaun. The players can access the rotating pots of gold, silver, and bronze.

They can aspire to win attractive cash prizes if the arrow wheel points to one of the three pots as and when the rotation comes to an end. This could run into quite a few thousand pounds’ sterling and could make a big difference in a person’s life.



Apart from the above it also would be pertinent to mention here that those bet maximum amount per line, stand a very good chance of winning almost up to 20000 coins in one of the above gold, silver and bronze pots. Hence, whether it is playing for fun or for other reasons, there is no doubt that there is big money to be won.

It would, therefore, be better always to stake some big money because that will increase the chances of winning big money by that much more percentages.


Where to Play Rainbow Riches Golden Charms?


Now that we have so many online outlets offering Rainbow Riches: Golden Charms it is quite likely that we might get confused and undecided. In such situations, it would always be better to choose the outlets which are reputed and have been around for many years or decades.


Rainbow Riches Slot Golden Charms


They should have the reputation of being fair and transparent in their dealings. Further, it is expected that they should have the best of payout systems and all possible methods of payments and fund transfers should be allowed.

They also should be able to ensure the safety and security of the player’s personal information at all points of time. Their money and confidential information should be away from the risk of phishing and other risks associated with the internet.




So, choosing the right online outlets certainly plays a big role when it comes to playing this game. Choosing the right outlet could make a player win quite a big amount of money on his or her day.


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