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Rainbow Riches Casino Advert Actress

Rainbow Riches Casino recently released an advert showcasing its Rainbow Riches slots series and encouraging players to give the casino and its games a try. The Rainbow Riches advert actress who plays the accomplice to the hero “Rainbow Hunter” is Olivia Chappell.

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She is an English actress who brings creativity, humour, and energy to her work. She had previously performed in the initial Rainbow Riches AD. Chappell’s performance as the hero’s accomplice, along with skilful production, has contributed to the success of the Rainbow Riches casino campaign.


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  2. Who is the Actress in the Rainbow Riches Casino Advert?

  3. Biography of Olivia Chappell

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The Rainbow Riches casino campaign was produced by Girl & Bear studios and directed by BLOK. With Mcasso’s Sam Worskett bringing the original music and mnemonic, the Rainbow Riches ad has caught the attention of its audiences with its fun and stylised approach.



The campaign’s first scene features the hero and his trusty accomplice, the Rainbow Riches actress (Olivia Chappell), in their Rainbow Hunter mobile. They have begun their quest to search for their pot of gold, otherwise known as a world of Rainbow Riches. To bring this story to life, UNIT Studios was enlisted to handle the post-production, including VFX, 3D animation and sound design.

The VFX team, led by Jonathan Box, created a range of stylish backdrops ranging from coastal roads to rugged mountain tops to guide the VFX process. The team also built a distinctive animated rainbow that will be used across the entire TVC campaign, including online and print.

This project required meticulous planning and development from the start. UNIT worked closely with BLOK to offer creative input to ensure that the VFX was visually impactful and grabbed the viewer’s attention. The VFX team worked across more than 90 shots across the entire campaign.



In addition to the VFX, UNIT’s Jamie Thomas delivered a playfully jolly sound design that adds to the fun and exciting atmosphere of the campaign.

Overall, the Rainbow Riches Casino campaign is a testament to the creative collaboration between production houses and post-production teams. It showcases the importance of attention to detail and how it can make all the difference in producing an eye-catching and memorable advertising campaign.


Who is the Actress in the Rainbow Riches Casino Advert?


The Rainbow Riches girl in all the Rainbow Riches casino advert is Olivia Chappell. Olivia Chappell is an English actress and producer who has worked in various areas of the entertainment industry. She is known for her versatile skills in comedy, drama, and everything in between across film, television, commercials, theatre, and radio.

Rainbow Riches Advert

Throughout her career, Olivia has won several Best Actress awards for her roles in serious films. She has also appeared in several commercials and feature films, some of which are currently screening at international festivals and available on streaming services.

Olivia is particularly skilled in accents and character voices, which she attributes to her musical family background. As a voice-over artist, she has worked on commercials, games, and narrative projects. Olivia also has a good home studio set-up and can record remotely.

Overall, Olivia Chappell is a talented and accomplished Rainbow Riches casino advert actress. She is creative with a passion for exploring different areas of the entertainment industry.


Biography of Olivia Chappell


Olivia Chappell is an actress, producer, and filmmaker known for her versatility across various mediums such as film, television, commercials, theatre, and radio.

Rainbow Riches Advert Actress

She was born and raised in London, UK, and graduated from the University of Birmingham and East 15 Acting School. Upon graduation, she was named “Critic’s Choice” in The Stage, a testament to her impressive talent and dedication to the craft.

Throughout her career, Olivia has showcased her creativity, humour, and energy in various roles, winning several Best Actress awards along the way. Her acting credits include serious films such as:


  • Sorority (2022)

  • The Visitor (2020)

  • Driftwood (2012)


Olivia Chappell acting credits also include the theatre productions;


  1. Orlando by Virginia Woolf (Old Fire Station/Camden and Brighton Fringe)

  2. Macblair (Edinburgh Fringe/Kinds Head)

  3. The Snow Queen Trail (Rose, Kingston)


Olivia is also a gifted voice-over artist with a strong aptitude for accents and character voices, thanks to her musical family background. Her voice-over credits include commercials, games, and narrative work, and she has a good home studio set-up that allows her to record remotely.

Apart from her acting and voice-over work, Olivia has also dabbled behind the camera, producing and crewing films and music videos with The Springhead Film Company. Her debut feature film, “Sorority”, has been long-listed for a BIFA and is available on Prime Video. She is also developing projects as a director, showcasing her passion and drive for all things creative.

Rainbow Riches Girl

As a Volunteer Ambassador for Theatre for a Change, Olivia is committed to using interactive theatre to empower vulnerable women and girls in remote worldwide communities, showing her dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Olivia is a motivating and effective coach, founding Creative Utopia, which provides presentation and vocal skills training to TED speakers and the business sector. With her talent, versatility, and passion, Olivia Chappell is a rising star in the entertainment industry and one to watch in the years to come.


Rainbow Riches Casino Advert FAQ


Who created the Rainbow Riches Casino Advert?


The Rainbow Riches Casino advert was created by the advertising agency Girl & Bear. The agency is known for its creative and innovative approach to advertising and has worked with a range of high-profile clients across various industries.


Who is the actress in the Rainbow Riches Casino Advert?


The actress in the Rainbow Riches Casino advert is Olivia Chappell. Olivia is an English actress and producer known for her dynamic performances across various mediums, including film, television, commercials, theatre, improvisation, and radio.


When was Rainbow Riches Casino advertised on TV?


The Rainbow Riches Casino advert was first advertised on TV in 2021. The advert features Olivia Chappell and promotes the Rainbow Riches Casino website and mobile app, which offers a range of online casino games and slots.


Who is the composer for the Rainbow Riches Casino advert?


The composer for the Rainbow Riches Casino advert is Sam Worskett. Sam is a composer and sound designer who has worked on a range of projects in film, television, and advertising. His work on the Rainbow Riches Casino advert includes creating the music and sound effects that accompany the visuals.


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