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Professional Horse Racing Gambler

Do you aspire to become a professional horse gambler with the objective of making some big money? If the answer is yes, then you can expect to get some useful and worthy information over the next few lines.

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However, it does not happen overnight and there is quite a bit of learning and unlearning which you must go through. You must ensure that you understand the basic lessons which you must follow before moving forward.

You also must be sure that your punting and betting skills improve, and you feel that you are graduating from one level to the next higher level. However, you must keep in that there is downside to this too as your skills improve.


Professional Horse Gambler


You certainly will find you will find your bets getting rejected because bookmakers will know, that they are against somebody who is experienced and has the required knowledge, information, skill set and wherewithal to take matters from one level to the next higher level.

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Bookmakers are not keen on losing money and they are within their rights to limit account without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Therefore, you as a professional and successful horse gambler must be able to weave your way through and find a middle road which is acceptable to the bookmakers and ensure that you make some decent money in the bargain.

We will try and have a look at the same over the next few lines, so that you are able to get some useful and meaningful information which you can used.


How to Get on With Bets?


The first and foremost task is to come out with a reasonably foolproof way by which you can get on with your bets without running the risk of winning bet accounts being closed by bookmakers.

The secret to this lies in diversifying your risks and not depending on a few bookmakers alone. You could perhaps investigate the possibility of having accounts across various countries and this could be a way by which you could thwart the intentions of bookmakers.

This is what online horse gambling is all about from a professional point of view. Creativity is something which will help you to continue your winning spree as a professional gambler as far as horse racing is concerned.


The Fascinating World of Agents


One of the most effective ways perhaps is to appoint agents who could be acting on your behalf. You could be working behind the scenes without running the risk of being identified by bookmakers. These agents are mere fronts who would be placing bets on your behalf.

The agents could get paid in cash or kind and many successful horse gambling bettors do not mind passing on some bit of their knowledge to these agents and help them to win big money over a period.

In fact, many of the online gambling horse racing also get a part of the prize money of these agents as a written or unwritten deal. However, there could questions regarding trust and dependability on this type of arrangement.

But in most cases, it does work fine because it is a win-win situation for both the professional gamblers and agents. Agents would not like to snap the umbilical cord from these experts because by doing so they would be killing a goose which lays golden eggs.


Some More Useful Tips


It is quite obvious that most professionals into horse race betting would take time to graduate from part time punters to full time or professional bettors so that they are successful from the long-term perspective.

Hence, you must try and be a pro as early as possible so that you can start looking at the big money without too much of struggle.

It would also be wrong to try and become horse owners based on their gambling success because gambling and owning a racing horse are two different cups of teas and not many would be able to make too much headway in the latter.


How Being a Pro Helps?


There are obviously several advantages when you decide to become a pro. You will be at an advantage over a large percentage of owners because of your experience, expertise and your ability to predict accurately compared to the less experienced or the inexperienced ones.

This could also help you to become a horse owner over a period and this certainly could work to your advantage.


The World of False Gambles


It also is possible that you could have betting accounts which are marked up. At the same time, they may not be restricted very heavily, and bookies might permit you to place bets on their own cards. In such a situation it will be possible for you to create false gambles.

It is about placing bet on a different horse rather than placing it on the horse which you would like to back. This is referred to a false gamble and result in a drift on the horse which you think ought to be the favorite. This could lead to more winnings and better placing.


Know When to Place Bets


Deciding on the exact time of betting is extremely important and crucial. You could perhaps bet aggressively when the markets are at a weak position. This could help you to secure odds which are better when compared to markets which are in a strong position.

However, this strategy may not work if the betting amount is large resulting in the odds becoming unsustainable or not backable for various reasons. You must therefore know how to strike a balance between weak markets and strong markets so that you are able to get the best of both the markets.




Becoming professional gambler in horse races comes with its own sets of problems and challenges. However, if you spend some time and gather the required knowledge and information, it will not be long before you are able to weather the storm and come out successful.


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