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Political Betting: Northern Ireland

Politics and betting have been intertwined for decades and perhaps for centuries. It has not only remained this way for many years but has only strengthened quite significantly.

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Almost any election whether it is held in England, Ireland or some other parts of the world evinces lot of interest. While many people take keen interest on politics as a matter of hobby and pastime, there are some serious punters who bet because there are millions of pounds to be earned in political betting.

However, over the last few years, the outcomes of elections and even referendums have been shocking and least expected. For example, the recently concluded British general elections and Brexit referendum prior to it have well and truly been shocking to say the least.


Political Betting: Northern Ireland


Therefore, this has resulted in the punters and bookmakers to take a step back and have a relook at the entire betting strategy.

The same is the case with various punters who are aggressively into political betting in Northern Ireland and other such events in the recent past. Let us learn more about political betting in North Ireland and where it is headed.

We are sure this will go a long way in helping thousands of bettors to have a clear understand as to what to look for when they decide to bet on a party or candidate. With elections in Ireland being decided based on “first past the post” the job becomes even more complicated and tough to say the least.


Main Parties in Ireland


Like other countries, in Ireland too there are some main parties, who are movers and shakers as far as the local elections are concerned. The list if quite big and we will try and have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.

As per the election results of 2016, there is no doubt that Fine Gael has emerged as the winner. He won 66 seats and garnered 25.5% of the votes which certainly was a big drop when compared to the last elections.

Hence, when future election odds in Northern Ireland are being worked out this fact should also be kept in mind. There are other few surprises too including the major slump in the popularity of votes and seats as far as Labor Party is concerned.

The same is the case with other parties including Sinn Fein led by Gerry Adams, who was largely expected to put a good showing. Though in terms of seats and percentage of popular vote, Sinn Fein has been able to show a positive trend it is not on the lines expected.

Fianna Fall led by Michael Martin is another party which has done quite well when compared to the last elections. His party has won 23 seats more when compared to the last elections and additionally the popular vote percentage has also gone up by almost 7% which was not on the expected lines even by punters and poll experts.


How to Bet in Ireland Politics?


Given the fluid electoral scene as far as Northern Ireland is concerned, it is quite possible, that determining the outcome could be a tough and difficult task.

Hence, the best way forward would be to be on the lookout for some good bookmakers who have right experience, knowledge and information. If you look around the internet you will be able to come across quite a few of them and you must take important tips and suggestions from them.

We will look a few such sites which offer useful and valuable advice as far as the election scenario in Northern Ireland is concerned. They have the wherewithal and skill to offer a reasonably accurate prediction of the possible election outcome though it may not be accurate at all points of time.


William Hill


William Hill is considered as one of the best online betting sites in the country and across the world. They have been around for decades in an online environment.

As far as Ireland is concerned, it would be not out of place to mention here that they have one of the best bookmaking tips and ideas. They research each political party and their leaders threadbare and analyze them without leaving anything to chance.

They then plot the findings on their odds software and then come out with a possible odd against and for a party. The odds are also updated on a regular basis and inputs are taken from punters, other bookmakers and experts on the ground based on which odds are calculated.

Hence, more of than not their odds turn out to be reasonably accurate subject to some margin of errors associated with such predictions.


Paddy Power


For many decades now, there is no denying the fact that Paddy Power has been a trend setter as far as online betting is concerned. Though at times they have been unorthodox and over aggressive, they have met with huge success. The success is not only limited to online gambling but also political betting too.

They have one of the most versatile and detailed coverage of odds and other such information as far as Ireland politics and election forecast is concerned.

Hence, it would not be a bad idea to try and have a closer look at what they have to offer to the players and punters when it comes to reasonably accurate forecast of elections in Northern Ireland is concerned.




Ladbrokes is a big name to talk about when it comes to sports and political betting. Of course, they are also quite strong in gaming activities. They have a rich history of being able to provide reasonably accurate information as far as political betting in general and Irish politics are concerned.

Therefore, it could be one of the main resources for quality information for those who are keen on getting the right odd information pertaining to Irish elections and political happenings and forecasts.


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