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How to Play Mobile Blackjack for Real Money?

Though, there are many online gambling card games, there is something special about blackjack which attracts the attention of millions of punters and gamblers across the world.

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It is, perhaps, one of the most closely followed and played card games in the world. It could be as popular as Poker though there is no doubt that Poker has its own place and aura surrounding it.

If you look up some almost all reputed online websites or brick and mortar gambling outlets, you will hardly come across any outlet that does not offer blackjack as one of the many games.


How to Play Mobile Blackjack for Real Money?


There is something unique about this game. Unlike most card games where the competition is between the players, as far as Blackjack is concerned, the competition is with the dealer and all players find out ways and means to outsmart the dealer.



This makes the game very exciting in more ways than one and this is something which one must keep in mind. Further, the development of new technology including mobile blackjack also has helped in making the game reach newer heights of acceptance and popularity.

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We will, in this have a look at a few sites that offer the facility of playing blackjack using the mobile phone and other portable devices. This certainly will help in making the right choice based on information rather than being taken in by opinions and hearsays.


Some Basic Ideal about Blackjack


As mentioned above, Blackjack is a card game which is played against the dealer by a group of players. The objective of the game is to try and reach a point level of 21 as early as possible without exceeding it.



Each of the numbered cards has a point which is equal to the number which they represent. The pictured cards of Jack, Queen and King have a point of 10 each while Ace is an open card and the point level can be decided based on the players’ choice.

Though the basic rules of the game are quite simple there are quite a few tricks and other such things which must be kept in mind. Most importantly one must know how the hands are being dealt and there is something known as card count which also must be kept in mind.

Mobile Blackjack Real Money

We will try and have a look at a few of the website that are known to offer some of the best sites which offer customers the opportunity to play mobile blackjack in the best way possible.


Grosvenor Casino Mobile Blackjack


Those who are keen followers of Blackjack have reasons to believe that Grosvenor Casino Mobile would be a good choice as far as playing blackjack is concerned. They have been around for many years and what makes them different from others is the fact that they have a customer friendly mobile version which is worth a close look.

Mobile Blackjack

It offers the players the facility to play the game sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices. It also allows players to play the game while they are on the move travelling from one place to another.

The game can be played by downloading an app which can be installed in the mobile phones within a few minutes. It certainly offers the best of promotional offers and signup bonuses which also goes a long way in making them the place to be in for playing the best of blackjack games.


Playojo Mobile Blackjack


Playojo is another wonderful site to be in for all those die-hard fans of roulette. It has several useful offerings to customers ranging from one of the best signup bonuses and various other promotional offers.

Playojo 50 Free Spins TC's

The players can download the Playojo mobile application almost instantaneously and take part in mobile blackjack for real money activity with right zeal and enthusiasm.

Over the years, their mobile platform for playing blackjack has become hugely popular and today there are millions who play this game on their mobile phones. The application is compatible both with Android phones and iPhones of Apple.

It has the best of audio and video facilities and the movement from one page to another happens seamlessly and without too much of effort. Added to this is the high payout percentage which makes them quite popular when it comes to enjoying and playing the best of blackjack games.


mFortune Mobile Blackjack


Online gambling, online betting and brick and mortar betting is synonymous with mFortune Casino. They have been trend setters as far as various online betting in sports activities are concerned.

mFortune Mobile Blackjack

Over the years they have become also a major player also in gaming activities. They offer betting facilities to almost all types of games including Blackjack. They have a decent promotional offer and the signup offers are also quite in line with what the market offers.

Their mobile based application is also highly efficient and worth trying out because of a few obvious advantages. It can be easily downloaded onto the mobile phones or the players can use a browser to gain access to the page where blackjack is available.

According to various reviews it is the one of the best ways to play the game at your own place, time and convenience.


Grosvenor Casino Mobile Blackjack


Grosvenor Casino is one of the most reputed online gambling sites and it has grown in strength quite brilliantly over the past many years. It allows players to enjoy all games including Blackjack using the computer, laptop or even mobile phone.

Grosvenor Casino Welcome Bonus

In fact, it would be pertinent to mention here that they have something known as Grosvenor Casino mobile based blackjack facility. Playing blackjack here will be as good as playing the game in a virtual and real environment because of the graphics, audio and video.

Apart from the above, they also have some of the best promotional and signup offers and according to a few players, the players could aspire to earn as much as 50 pounds or more through offers.




In fine, if you are keen on experiencing the best of blackjack playing experience, it would be better to try and play it using the mobile phone, whether it is based on Android platform or iPhone platform.


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