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Paddy Power Games: Rainbow Riches

Paddy Power is the biggest Irish bookmaker founded in Dublin, Ireland by three bookmakers of 40 Irish shops Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran in 1988.

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The company operates business through different licensed betting shops and by operating Ireland's largest telephonic betting service in Ireland and UK emerging massively and widely.


About the Paddy Power


The perfection of Paddy Power’s website makes it easy for any gambler to get into the market and earn maximum satisfaction. Over the internet, Paddy Power offers online poker, sports betting, spread betting, online casino games and online bingo.



It provides players to easily enter a wide range of markets maintaining high odds and is very simple, convenient and easy for even the new gamblers.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The homepage is also neatly designed keeping into consideration the convenience of the players to help them easily access the choice of market. Also, it has got a very easy signing in process.


Customer Satisfaction


Paddy Power has a very efficient customer service to solve queries of different players at any time of the day.

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It has various humorous and informative editorials from several writers in conjunction with the various markets, that are featured on the homepage itself catching the eyes of the surfers.


Paddy Power Games: Rainbow Riches


Rainbow Riches and Paddy Power are most popular brand which developed to satisfy the needs of all players, the high-stake gamblers, as well as the low stake gamblers, are all catered by the casino.


Paddy Power Games Rainbow Riches


The Paddy Power Games: Rainbow Riches is also available with an amazing feature specially made for the beginners. It is very popular in the UK and worldwide and its pervasiveness cannot be under-weighed.


Expanding the Market


In Paddy Power a person does not require any money to play the game, one has to simply access the Rainbow Riches site, choose the game that is suitable and play.



It is designed to help new players to understand the rules, go through the betting options available and know-how of the game before chipping on any money.

The lovers of gambling who would choose to play Rainbow Riches without the anxiety of risking their money also benefit from this feature.


Paddy Power Application


Rainbow Riches consists of 20 lines, three rows and five reels. Although the game is available in varied reputable casinos, one simply needs to visit the Paddy Power to get an amazing gaming experience.

This game is suitable for all kinds of people. One can download the game straight through the browser which is for free.



Paddy Power has got amazing graphics designs and features as it uses the best application technology thus it is advisable to download the application or the software straight away to gain the best services. It can be used in any devices may it be MAC, Windows, Android or IOS; it is compatible with all the devices.


Know-how of Rainbow Riches


After registering on the site, one can deposit money and start gambling. However, players can have a free play as well. Once the game has been set, one can chip in the preferred amount of money as wish and proceed with the Rainbow Riches game. There are plus and minus symbols on down left help decrease or increase stake amount.


Riches Game


The spin option on the bottom center is used to resolve the reels. The downright auto feature allows playing on a specific bet for a specific number of spins.

It then stops at any random point during the spin however once can intervene and stop the spin if required. The demo money is the money being used that is given to you for a realistic exposure of the game.


Promotional Activities


Paddy Power involves some promotional activities now and then. Sometimes, a specific amount is given, and one can win and lose cash as the game proceeds.

Paddy Power Rainbow Riches App

Paddy Power offers to give out real money during its occasional promotions thus people stay watchful of such offers to grab on time.


Rainbow Riches Features


Rainbow Riches has several symbols that one encounters during the game that help gain bonus points. There are a variety of exciting features to play with in Rainbow Riches which no actual gambler should avoid playing with. Some of the features are as follows:


  • Pots of Gold: It is given when the player gets three pots of gold symbols on the three center reels. The wheel spins round and when one gets a multiplier based on the pot player got bronze, silver or gold. The pot value multiplies win and the stake amount.

  • Wishing Well: It gets activated when the player gets three wishing wells and grab the chance to select a well to win the prizes.

  • The Road to Riches: It is given out when one gets three Leprechaun symbols and thus gets a chance to play Road to Riches. These slot machines allow choosing spin and continuing the spinning until the wheel instructs the player to collect.


Other than this the players get left with the last, and the best feature is certainly the Paddy Power Rainbow Riches free play, that gives the player to fake money and enables the player to play and gamble with exactly no money.


Leading the World of Gambling


Rainbow Riches doesn’t need any registration or sign up; a person can simply access the online site, select the game to play and proceed. It is favorite amongst the beginners, and the gambling lovers wish not to take a risk with their money, those who want to play for fun and true entertainment.



Paddy Power Rainbow Riches is surely one of the most popular casino games and is loved and acknowledged by many players all over the globe. A serious gambler must visit Paddy Power and enjoy this excellent game.

The Paddy Power Rainbow Riches free play will always keep a person entertained, and the bonuses will make one rich, and this one aspect helps keep all the lovers of gambling hooked onto it.


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