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8 Best Mobile Slots in the UK for Real Money

If you are a punter, you probably know, what the importance of mobile slot games in a casino is and how people go gaga over slots.

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Mobile slots are the easiest machines available in a casino, they are quite cheap, you never know the odds of the slots as they are less; but the most important thing is that it’s very easy to win a slot game!


Popular Mobile Slots in the UK


So, everyone, that starts their betting life, starts it with a round or some rounds of slots.

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Lots and lots of varieties of slots are available in market, but here we came up with an authentic list of some of the most popular slots in the UK:


  • Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

  • Iron Man 2

  • Deal or No Deal

  • X-Men

  • Incredible Hulk

  • Beach Life

  • Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash

  • Thunderstruck II


Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Mobile Slot


5-reel slots are always a hot cake among the casino lovers. When a player enters a casino, even before the table games, most of them try their luck on the slot for at least a few rounds and the people, that are incorporated with the laws of casino knows that 5-reel slots are the best ones one can get from a mobile slot machine.

Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Mobile Slot

Here, in this slot game, you will get 25 pay lines and lots of bonus options are also available for the players. The player’s target is to match at least three pictures in three different slots.

If you get five Frankie headshots in five reels, you are going to get a huge amount of 7777 times of your wager which is probably the best in the market.


Iron Man 2 Mobile Slot


So, who is your favorite superhero? Is it Iron Man from the Marvel’s superhero line? If yes, then Iron Man 2 is waiting for you.

Iron Man 2 Popular Mobile Slot

It mobile slot game has realistic touch that can take you to the amazing world of slot games. All the characters from that comic can be seen here. Another ‘25-line 5-reel game’ with some high-class graphic touches.

You can get to play an interactive bonus round where you will get to waste a set of heavy weaponry of your enemies and as the round is filled with missiles, players are going to enjoy it to the core. This is one of the most played mobile slots in the UK.


Deal or No Deal Mobile Slot


Deal or No Deal is the sensational gaming show on Television and this show is made in different countries in different languages and now the game is ready to entertain the casino players online.

Deal or No Deal UK Slot

That mobile slot shows got so much popularity and that is the reason that the makers tried to keep the feel of the show intact and for that they kept the original voices from the show behind this game and made it even more interesting piece of game for the gamers.

Here you will get 20 pay lines with 5-reel slot game. The progressive jackpot option is available here. So, you must start playing only when you have adequate money and timing in your hand. Though the game is risky, the chance of getting jackpot is huge if you wait and keep playing.


X-Men Mobile Slot


Another Marvel comic character is here to entertain you! X-Men is one of the most popular and favorite superstars of many people. The game has high quality graphics with 5-reel slots and 25 pay lines.

X-Men Mobile Slot UK

Lots of special levels are available here for the players who love to play special levels for bonuses and free turns etc. All sorts of entertainment value are present in the game and there’s a special level named X Feature available.

On winning the round, you are going to get a huge 5 times bonus to your wager and that is why people love to play this game for the surprises they get from this game.


Incredible Hulk Mobile Slot


Incredible Hulk is again a character straight coming out of Marvel characters. This mutant giant is present in this game and the bonuses you are going to get will compensate your losses if you lost some rounds.

Incredible Hulk Mobile Slot

3x multiplier bonus features are available with this popular mobile slot. You can get to play a whopping 4 progressive slots one after another and your chance of winning money goes high in the sky!

So, it is obvious, that people would fall for the game! But the game has high quality graphics and wonderful gaming options that attract people to it.


Beach Life Mobile Slot


Beach Life is not only a mobile slot game but a chance to change your fate! If you are broke and you want to win money to stabilize your economical condition, you should play this game.

Beach Life Mobile Slot

The prize money is amazing, and the game looks wonderful to play. People love to play colorful games as they seem interesting and you get to spend your time playing those games.

But then, this game certainly attracts you because of the high number of progressive jackpots. The multimillion-dollar game will attract you with the graphics, reels and of course the huge prize money.


Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash Mobile Slot


Captain Cannon’s Circus of cash is the next one in our list. With huge prize money in the progressive jackpot round and more than 9 bonus rounds this game is certainly one of the best ones available in market.

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Slot

The game consists of characters from a circus as the name implies. The game is colorful with lots of wonderful features that the players are going to love for sure.

The difference of this slot than other slots is that it has attractive and innovate bonus rounds. Players generally love to earn more bonus points and this game helps them to do so.


Thunderstruck II Mobile Slot


If you are a reel game lover and you know about thunderstruck, then you can comprehend how exciting the sequel of the game can be!

Thunderstruck 2 Popular UK Slot

Thunderstruck II is nothing but a step higher in every possible way than its ancestor and that’s what make it a must play game for all the slot lovers out there! This game consists of an epic 243 pay lines!

This UK mobile slot game is certainly not for the beginners! If you are a slot legend, it’s just for you. You should start playing this game soon. The graphics and sound that comes with the game can give you an experience of lifetime for sure!


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