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Leprechaun Rainbow and a Pot of Gold

Leprechaun is basically an imp found in the Irish mythology. The folk tale revolves round an impish-looking man. He is a short statured man who wears a beard, and he is seen wearing a coat and also carries a hat.

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He is seemingly a bundle of mischief. He mends shoes and keeps a Pot of Gold which is hidden at one end of a rainbow. It is believed, that if he is arrested by any human being, then he fulfills three wishes in order to fizzle out of the hands of them.


The Relation Between Leprechaun and Luck


It is said that way back in the 18th century John and Caitlin Matthews in the book The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures have spoken about the “Luchorpan” which speaks of the myth of a spirit and goes on to say they are basically engaged in making shoes and is believed to be having a big Pot of Gold in a hidden place at the end of a Rainbow.




Now shoe making is a very profitable profession and business according to the mythology and fairy tales. Now according to the Irish folk tales and tradition, it is believed that if someone happens to capture him, then it is bound to be lucky and profitable since he or she generally fulfill three wishes.

In the process of the fulfillment of wishes, it can bring them luck and treasure. In the 18th century, W.B. Yeats also came up with a poem which speaks of the Leprechaun. It is also believed, that they are not only linked to the making of shoes but also related to bringing in luck to people. It is a kind of a lucky charm to people.



The imp is believed to be wearing a green coat, and this is very closely related to the color of St. Patrick's Day which is also green. St Patrick is also a legendary figure in the Irish tradition.

It is believed that St. Patrick talks about the Holy trinity and also speaks about the shamrock which is used to spread the teaching of God. Green is a color of spring and often related to being lucky. 


Rainbow Riches Slot is Related to Leprechaun and Pots of Gold


So, St Patrick Day and Leprechaun is both believed to be bringing in luck for people. That is the basic reason why Leprechaun has been related to gambling and betting since it also brings in luck to people.


Leprechaun Rainbow


Leprechaun Rainbow which is a hidden place of gold and eventually can bring in luck is the reason for making an online game which also can bring in wealth if a person is lucky enough.  


The Process of Playing the Leprechaun Rainbow


The game of Leprechauns Luck is completed if you match three or more than three signs and this way one can win the game.



Leprechauns Luck requires choosing a link which is needed to play and win twenty lines in total to be a winner. One can regulate the size of a stake per line.

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The whole process of the game can be controlled by the one who is playing the game.


Leprechaun Rainbow and Pot of Gold


The Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a game which has a bonus round. Once you reach that level, one needs to turn the wheel, and there is a pointer hand which moves and points from one to six.


Leprechaun Rainbow Pot of Gold


The background color is like that of a Rainbow and has the seven colors which a Rainbow has. It is like a circle, and the pointer moves once a button is pressed.

It is so required that to win the game, all the lights which are attached to the wheel should light up. Once all the colors lit up, you can be declared to be a winner.   


Win All Leprechaun's Pots of Gold


It is one of the most played games and the most coveted game which is played in slots. There are five rounds with three rows, and there is three round of bonus which can be played. The slots have four symbols which include K, Q, J and A along with ten set of cards.

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In the game of Leprechaun Rainbow Pot of Gold, one need to spin the wheel and the spinning of the wheel decides the luck of the player. Once the trigger is pulled the pointer shifts from the pots of Gold, Silver, and Bronze and if you are that lucky then the pointer points towards the Gold and one can win the Pot of Gold.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a very popular and interesting game, and one can win in lots if the luck favors. It is very interesting to note how mythology is put in the form of betting game. That the imp who was believed to have hidden the pots of gold at one of the Rainbow is wonderfully related in the game.

The game has a sign of a Wishing Well which is placed in the middle of the circle and if one is lucky then a tumbler goes down which collect a whole lot of wealth or rewards. This is the jackpot round which can be enchantingly interesting since one can double be lucky.


Rainbow Pot of Gold Leprechaun


So, it is clear that using a concept of mythology the game of Rainbow Pot of Gold Leprechaun brings in a lot of luck to a person playing the game.

There are certain rules and regulations which one has to follow while playing this game of luck. A player can play only once in twenty-four hours and can collect the prize amount only once in that stipulated period.

This game of betting and not be combined with other games which means one have to complete the game and collect the prize amount before moving on to any other betting events. It is an online game, and if by any means the link gets disconnected then the player can again log in and complete the game from where one has left.


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