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Horse Racing: Best Odds Guaranteed!

Horse racing and betting has a huge history together. Betting on horses is certainly in the history and it started from a very early age when people require entertainment and they found all sorts of entertainment in the horse racing.

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Since, then the mankind is pouring heaps of money week after week on horses; sometimes the lucky ones go home with bag full of money and sometimes after betting again and again they do not earn a single penny and return home with nothing.

So, people say if you cannot win a bet after betting for 20 times a row, you are not going to win it any time soon! Well, that’s a myth!


Horse Racing: Best Odds Guaranteed!


A small calculation will be beneficial in your case. You need to know how the current condition of the horse. The horse is running in races and you need to sum up the previous performances of the horse.

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You must collect previous records of the races and set aside the horses that are consistent on that track. This is beneficial for you. You can easily get the winning horse out of the ones you found.

This subtraction method trick always works. In this way, you are going to point out the horse that is beneficial for you and can win you money out of the betting.


Read the horse’s attitude


If the horse is swishing its tail towards nothing that means the horse is bored and showing disrespect. The horse cannot perform well in the race. If the horse is stomping without any reason that happens in two conditions; if the horse the eager to run and win the race or if the horse is hateful towards its master.

If the horse is not reciprocating even if the jockey mounts on it, then the horse doesn’t want to run in the race and in this condition, the horse is not going to win the race. It doesn’t want to run, so if the jockey forcefully sends it to track, it is not going to run properly.


What is straight wager?


If you are looking for a win, you need to know horse racing best odds. Two types of wagers are available when you are betting on the horses; the straight wager and exotic wager. The beginners should start with the straight wager. This is easy to play with. straight wager is cheap as well.

Remember, the beginner should start with something that is not complicated in nature. It will be much easier for them to win the bet if they use the easy tactics and stick to the basics. Consistent winners are way better than the jackpot winner who won once in a year.


What is exotic wager?


Exotic wager allows the player to bet on multiple horses in a single wager and as it sounds complicated, it is complicated in nature and thus a beginner is not at all suggested to go for it.

The process is very complicated and thus only a champion and star player can go for it. The winning amount is certainly higher in this case and that attracts most of the people.

So, the people that are starting their life on the race tracks must not try this out. The payoffs are tough to get here, but they are higher in quantity and certainly way better than the straight ones.


Straight wager terms


There are stages and types of straight wager; let’s discuss. So, you can straight bet a ‘WIN’. WIN means you are predicting that the horse you are betting on will come first. If it comes first you are going to win money.

Similarly, for ‘PLACE’, you are predicting that the horse will come first or second and in ‘SHOW’ you are predicting that the horse will come first, second or third.

This is the simplest form of straight wager and most of the people win money in this way. If you want to make sure that you win at least some money out of the betting, you need to bet on more than a single position.


Be familiar with the terms


‘ACROSS THE BOARD’ is the term on which you can bet, and you are predicting your horse will come WIN, PLACE or SHOW. So, here, you are betting on three places with the single bet and that is why the price of this bet is higher than the other ones.

Here, if your horse stands winner, you are going to get the money for the three positions. If the horse stands second, you are going to get money for PLACE and SHOW.

This type of bet requires more money than the usual ones and the profit margin is not good at all in this case and that is the reason that people generally do not go for this type of betting.


Go for the better odds


If you are looking for good amount of winning money, then you need to go for horse racing best odds guaranteed. You need to go through the boards of different bookies and check the odds offered by them.

Even if the difference is not that much, you should go for the better odds as when the winning amount will come, the money will be multiplied and this difference in odd will appear as a huge turning point for the winner. The amount will be huge.

So, you should always go for the better odds. There are lots of bookies offering different types of odds. Look for the same horse you are going to bet on and choose the best odd offered at that place on that horse and bet on it.


Additional point


History of the jockey on the track also matters. It can be taken as an additional point. When you are betting on the horse you need to understand that it is the jockey who runs the horse. So, you need to know the previous record of the jockey and according to that you need to pay your amount.

Check the previous record of the jockey on the track and once you are sure that the jockey has good records on this track, you can go with it as well.


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