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Heart Bingo is one of the most popular ones in the UK with a wonderful and attractive romantic appearance. This Bingo room offers some of the most attractive online games for the players.

There are lots of casinos available in UK that offers games for the players from different countries of the world, but this casino is especially designed for the UK players only.

MrQ Casino Rainbow Riches 30 Free Spins TC's

This website is designed and presented for the UK players and cater a series of games that are loved and thoroughly played by the UK players. The website is wonderfully designed, and theme is wonderful to play on. The theme of this website is different from other casinos.


Heart Bingo Casino


Heart Bingo is the playground for the slot lovers. This website offers more than 50 types of slot games. These high-end slot games are not easily available in the UK and the players that are going to come here on regular basis will get the privilege of playing these games.



These games are amazingly played and wonderfully designed for the players of this territory:

  • NetEnt,

  • Gamesys,

  • Eyecon,

  • IGT, etc.

Slots are the high-end popular ones and people love these slots to the bits. These games are available here in the casino and on the smart phones and laptops of the players.

Heart Bingo Rainbow Riches Slots

This is the place where you can have your favorite high-end casino games easily and you can even win good amount of money out of these slots.


Instant benefit available


Instant cash is something that one expects from a casino, but never gets in return. But Heart Bingo promises you instant cash and stands on its promise. The interactive sessions are something players should look for as in these rounds, they are going to win more money.



The instant win method is followed by only a handful of other casinos and that is the main attraction of this casino as well. Here you are not going to have any table games or the pokers or any other casino games.

Heart Bingo is very much famous for the slots and only the slots. Other casino games are certainly not available here and that’s not a problem for the lovers of this casino.


Heart Bingo: Rainbow Riches


Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games. This game comes with unexpected odds that are going to make you a huge winner and that is the reason that slot lovers from different parts of the world love to play this game.

Heart Bingo Rainbow Riches

Heart Bingo Rainbow Riches is one of the main attractions of this casino. This is one of those reasons that without having proper types of casino games, this website still gets lots of love from the players.

The odds of this casino are also available in the community threads and if you know the links, you are going to get the details and you are going to win the games easily.


Heart Bingo mobile app


This website is available in the on the go version. So, when you are travelling, then also you can play the games on your smart phone. This is a smart feature. Some of the people are always busy and they need to travel a lot.

Heart Bingo Mobile App

So, if they get a chance to play on the go, that will kill their boredom and at the same time will give the casino a handful of players and another source of income.

So, this special design of software is available for the players that love to play on the go. The software looks exactly same when browsed from laptop, smart phone or tablet. This makes the website one of the most effective one on each and every platform.


Gaming fairness


Fairness of this casino is known to all. This website doesn’t cater lots of games and that is the reason that they are very fair with their games. When you pay online, the details of your bank get stored with them for future reference, but they will never misuse these details.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Slot

The SSL protection keeps your secret banking information protected to the casino only and no one even from the website can get the details as it is stored safely within the casino software. So, if you are playing with this website, do not worry a bit; your banking details will be stored to them.


Underage gambling is prohibited


Underage gambling is prohibited in most of the countries and that is the reason that this casino strongly opposes underage gambling. Suppose you are playing at your home and you need to go out for some work, you cannot leave the gaming console behind you in an active mode.

Heart Bingo Casino Bonus

Children from your house may get the chance and play the game on your behalf. You can lose money in this way and of course it is illegal. So, if the casino gets to know about this, your player’s license will be banned forever. Casino offers password facility to the player and you need to go for it.


Service help


While playing, lots of issues may surface and you need someone to help you out. The Live support feature of the casino is available 24X7 and you are going to get helped every minute.

Heart Bingo Casino Support

So, from the trivial problems to the biggest ones, you can always contact the help desk of the casino. The live chat button is seen when someone visits the casino website. If you place your question there, it will be answered as soon as possible.

So, you are certainly going to enjoy this feature. For big problems and one on one talk, you can call them on the number provided there.  There’s an email id available there and you can place your problem there as well.


Responsible gaming


Responsible gaming is something, that Heart Bingo follow strictly. If you face any problem paying the casino and continuing your account, you may contact the casino and they will consider your case if you are truly facing the problem.

You need to contact the casino authority with proper proof and they will surely consider your case. This is the newest feature of the casino and it shows how important these players are to the casino.


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