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How to Play Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold for Free?

Amongst the many slot games that are popular in the world, there are reasons to believe that Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold could be termed as the most popular. This is because the rich jackpot options which it offers.

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It would be pertinent to mention that it offers a possible jackpot of £500 with an Irish themed slot machine which takes its roots from the themes provided by the previous Rainbow Riches games coming from the house of Barcrest.

Further, the free slots Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold is also something that makes it difference.


How to Play Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold for Free?


Though, there could be some minor differences as far as this slot game is concerned, the one area of difference is the lack of progressive slots. This makes the original Rainbow Riches so very popular. 

Hence, to replace it a super feature that has the capability of offering such big value prizes has also taken roots quite strongly and that is what makes Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold so very popular and so much sought after. 



The paying percentages are also quite high as far as Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold is concerned. It has been researched and found out that the paying percentages could be as high as 92%, but this could be different based on different locations.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

It would, therefore, not be advisable to play in any locations which pay below 92%. The lower the percentage means lesser wins, fewer features and therefore much lesser excitement and enjoyment.

However, it would be pertinent to note that most betting shops have payment percentages between 92 to 94% and this again would depend on the playing stake that one has chosen. There are quite a few casino outlets which also offer only 90% payment percentages.


Why Is It so Popular?


The familiarity of Rainbow Riches is best known to those who have played the highest jackpot of £500. The pay line, however, is not very different in this version.

However, the most surprising omission is the absence of the famed Leprechaun feature. Hence, this point should be kept in mind as far as free Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold.


Free Slots Rainbow Riches Fields Of Gold


While this might look surprising initially, people flock to it, and regular players have a fascination towards it.

The fact, that it could fetch a bumper bonus of £500 with the help of just three of the symbols makes it even more popular.

It would be pertinent to point out here that there is also something known as Toad Stall Feature which can help you win several pounds in wins though the bonus amount as mentioned above may not be available.


Features Which Make It So Very Special


This feature gets awarded to those who have three or four scattered toad stalls, and these could be viewed anywhere.

When a player can view five toad stalls, he or she will immediately become eligible for the coveted £500 jackpot, which is quite good.

Once the feature gets started, the players become eligible for three picks, and he also can pick one toad stall from a grid which could have as the size of around 20.

This will come with a fairy or a cash value. If fairy comes, it will wave its wand, and it also will be able to select several toad stalls for the players.


Cash Value Features


On the other hand, if it is cash, you will have two picks available with you, and it will go on this way till all your picks have been exhausted.

The value of cash prizes are then added up, and the same is paid as a total, and this ends the feature. The fairly may select even other fairies that could be hidden behind other toad stalls.



If the fairy can do it and these fairies, in turn, wave their wands. This could lead to the unearthing of more toad stalls.

The best thing is that it can be done without wasting any of your picks. It would be pertinent to mention here that three toad stalls could pay around 22 to 106 pounds whereas four toad stalls could pay around 40 to 250 pounds.


Something About Pick Me Feature


There is something known as pick me feature which is quite common amongst the majority of £500 jackpot slot machines.


Rainbow Riches Fields Of Gold


When players can view three or four wishing well, they become eligible for one pick. All that you have to do is select one such wishing well, and you could become eligible for that prize. The feature you have to understand ends after the selection.

It is almost the same as the Toad Stalls feature and once you have five symbols appearing you will immediately become eligible for the £500 jackpot. In fine the prize values for the three wishing well could range anything from £2 to 25.


Some More Exciting Features


Further, for all those who wish to know more about Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold free play knowing some more main feature of the game is important.

You have to know something about three-coin Rainbow Riches features where you get to enjoy tree coins when they land on the center of three reels.

This will help open a grid of rotating coins, and it will help you to progress to three levels. The starting level, of course, has the lowest values as far as one side of the coin is concerned.



The reverse side is blank. Once the coins have all stopped rotating, they will by default accumulate the total facing cash value.

Like this, the feature can end or the players can progress to level two. Level two is almost the same as the first, but the coin has higher values.

These are added to the grand total including from level one. This will lead to level three where the coins are mostly of £5 and 10 values. Hence you have a chance to win the best of cash prizes once it has ended.

The above are some basic examples of free slot Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold though there could be something more to it.


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