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Free Online Slots: Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches has conquered the world of gambling with its captivating graphics and incredible bonuses. It continues to garner a wild following from gamblers worldwide, and the wave is simply unstoppable.

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This is 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot game that has an Irish luck theme with amazing features such as the leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. There is a 500 coin jackpot gotten when you obtain 5 Wild Gold leprechaun coins.


Rainbow Riches: Online Slot Game


The Rainbow Riches have made the game even more thrilling. You can play the game at no cost at all from many reputable online casinos worldwide. These online slot was initially a form of advertisement for online casinos. Players would get the chance of playing one or two free games before playing for real money.

Now, free online game slots Rainbow Riches are available in nearly all online casinos all over the world. The land and online casinos had to satisfy the demand for this version of the game.


Free Online Slots Rainbow Riches Review


The game is actually very beneficial to all types of players, the experienced gamblers and the amateur players who know nothing about the game.

For the amateurs, this is an opportunity to gain familiarity with the game and learn all the payouts, rules and winning strategies of the game in an almost real manner; for the experts, this is a chance to have fun and enhance their knowledge and skills without the anxiety of winning or losing. 

The followers of online slots Rainbow Riches are overwhelming. It has become an amazing leisure activity for many people. If you are having a short break at school or at work or stuck in traffic or in a queue, you can simply play Rainbow Riches online to relax your mind.


Rainbow Riches: Bonus Games


Rainbow Riches is totally accommodative of all kinds of players ranging from the high rollers to the penny players who prefer to keep the risk low.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

You can play with as low as twenty pennies to 500 pounds. The three superb bonus rounds are there to increase your winnings to extreme levels.


Road to Riches


The first is the Road to Riches which is activated by getting three or more leprechaun bonus symbols. This is the most common feature gotten by several players in the big casinos.

You may miss the others, but you will surely come across these symbols in your career. You need to spin the wheel, and this gives you the steps you move up the cash trail.



When you finally land on the collect position or get to the top of the path, you get a multiplier value which is multiplied by the stake.

This bonus feature can earn you 500 times your stake hence it is a marvel to gamblers. The frequency of appearance is also high hence; it is surely a wide road to riches.


Wishing Well


The second bonus feature is the Wishing Well, which is triggered by achieving three or more of the symbols. You then select one wishing well of the three by simply clicking on it.



Each of them has a multiplier value which is applied to your total stake amount. Consequently, you can also garner up to 500 times your stake amount.


Pots of Gold


The final feature is the Pots of Gold, which is initiated by obtaining three or more of the feature symbols on reels two, three and four.



You then see Gold, Silver, and Bronze spots spinning around the screen until they finally come to a halt. When they stop, the arrow decides your fate by pointing to one of the pots either the gold, silver or bronze.

It will reveal your multiplier value which could even be five hundred times. This is the most coveted price of all. The bigger wins often come from the Pots of Gold bonus feature, and this is every gambler’s favorite although it is the toughest to activate.


Where to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Online?


Rainbow Riches is available on nearly all online casinos worldwide. Its popularity is ever growing, and it contributes a large client base to most of the reputable online casinos. It is very easy and convenient to access and plays Rainbow Riches online regardless of the device you are using.


Free Online Games Slots Rainbow Riches


The slot is available on Android, Mac and Windows, hence, it is compatible with a wide variety of devices. It can be accessed by download or direct play through your internet browser.

The direct play is instant and can be accessed easily at any time and place. The applications version requires you to download the slot and play.

This is very similar to the land casinos. The features and graphics are spectacular. All the online casinos have risen to the occasion and are using the best webcast technology to create their apps.



The Irish theme makes you feel like you are in Ireland and the gold definitely feels like real gold. The incredible prizes and bonuses of the Rainbow Riches make you feel like an actual gold miner.

The game is very easy to play once in the casino. The minus and plus signs on the screen allow you to increase or decrease your stake and betting lines conveniently. This will feel exactly like an actual casino just with a few advantages.


Advantages of Playing Rainbow Riches Online


The online version of the game will remain technology’s greatest gift to gamblers. You do need to go to the land casino and struggle with traffic, noise and insecurity, all you need to do is secure a spot in your house where you feel most comfortable and earn some extra money.

The online casino is also cheaper as there are no extra costs such as transport and you don’t need to put up with the temptation of getting a drink or two while playing the gamble.


Free Online Slots Rainbow Riches


The slot Rainbow Riches are much more interesting when comfortable than when in a rowdy, noisy casino. Here they remain totally free!

The free online game Rainbow Riches are a gift to mankind. This is the chance to have fun while playing the gamble and the best part is; no money is at stake!


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