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How to Play Free Fruit Machine Games Online?

Free fruit machine games are available on the MrQ Casino website. Complete a simple registration in 2 minutes and you will have access to many fruit machine games for free and without making a deposit. Unfortunately, there are no other ways.

You are quite aware of the slot machines, right? These are one of those funny games of gambling. And when it comes to slot machine games, the first thing comes to your mind is the fruit machines.

MrQ Casino Rainbow Riches 30 Free Spins TC's

Basically, in the UK, the term is used a lot because all the slot machines are fruit slots there. The classic style fruit machines are really fun and exciting too, and you will love to see the watermelons, lemons, bells, cherries, chocolate bars, etc. on the reels that many of the machines have collected for you.


Fruit Machine Games Rainbow Riches


There are also bonus rounds and free spins you can enjoy with these machines. Now, free fruit machines game Rainbow Riches is one of the popular fruit machine games among all.


Rainbow Riches Slot: Tips and Tricks


At any type of gambling, you need to make strategies. If you are familiar with slot machines, you definitely have planned your steps.

Play Rainbow Riches Slot

But, if you are new to this game, you can follow our Rainbow Riches fruit machine tips. Hopefully, these tips, guide, tricks and cheats will help you to go a long way while playing free fruit machine games Rainbow Riches.


  1. Now, it is quite obvious that tips which are helpful to some may not work for others. But, we have studied and investigated a lot and come to this conclusion that if you go for Pots of Gold and Win Big Shindig, you can save a little money, and even make some for yourself.

  2. While you plan to play Rainbow Riches, you should decide how much you are going to spend for that certain period. Now, keep that amount ready and fix it. If you win and want to carry on, play with the winning amount instead of adding more money from your pocket. But, we always suggest players not to sit and play Rainbow Riches for hours as that can make you a zombie gambler!

  3.  All slot machines work on Random Number Generator. RNG makes the outcome of any machines completely random, so there is a chance of winning the jackpot at any spin. Even, you can win jackpot after a huge payout. So, you can leave the machine for few minutes as the jackpot amount remains the same.

  4. You have to understand the how the betting system and the maximum credit work. If you start playing with single credit, it is obvious that you can only win small amount as the prize amount is the multiplied amount of your stake. Of course, if you increase your initial bet at least fivefold, your chance of winning massive becomes more potential.

  5. Never forget to check out the paying out and paying in rules. Though all the casinos have the same rule, still you should check those out whether you are happy with their standards or not.

  6. When you plan for playing slot games, you must read the pay tables to understand the calculations of maximum payouts. As soon as you make sure this thing, you will get easy accessibility of not only Rainbow Riches, but also other slot games.

  7. Be alert for the bonus rounds on any type of slot machines including Rainbow Riches. The Pot of Gold of Rainbow Riches include some really wonderful bonus features:

    • The Wishing Well Bonus

    • The Pots of Luck

    • Riches Sub games

  8. All these features and sub games have incredible bonus prizes and if you’re lucky you can win some of those pretty prizes.

  9. Always check out the bonus features before playing any slot games so that you can hit those at least consecutively four times to get huge luck.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!


So, these are some potential Rainbow Riches fruit machine tips you should really try while playing.



One of the greatest matters about Rainbow Riches is that players not only gather experience on slot machine games but, here you can actually hit big which is very difficult in other slot machines or any other casino games.


Free Fruit Machine Games


Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular casino games for gamblers, and more money is invested in playing it than the amount invested on other casino games like roulette or blackjack.


Free Fruit Machine Games Rainbow Riches


The Pot of Gold of Rainbow Riches has an interesting mythical story that always attracts players. The classic leprechaun myth, embodied with the machine, tells many things.

It says if you can catch any of those Irish folk, then you can make him give you his pot of gold. That pot is located at the end of the rainbow, and it ensures lifetime wealth and happiness in future.


Rainbow Riches Fruit Machine Tips


Now, you must have wondered that this is just a mere story. Why would it strike players so much? Actually, maximum slot players believe in luck, and they feel the most fortunate to capture the leprechaun and get all his gold.

If the story is one reason of the immense popularity of the game, the other reason must be the variety of sub-games and prizes.

As the Pot of Gold is a very well balanced machine, it always gives you medium sized prizes if you fail to hit the big. That means you can walk out of the casino with sure prizes if you play this game.


Rainbow Riches Tips


So, now you know why this game is so popular among the gamblers. Always play this game for fun and experience only. Set your budget and never cross it. Increasing your wagers doesn’t ensure you winning in huge. That will be draining money.

And the most important thing is that your life is not only about Rainbow Riches. So, take breaks, do your regular chores and better to return to games at your leisure.


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