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European Championship Betting Odds

As far as football is concerned, there is no denying the fact that European Soccer is one of the most popular in the world. It attracts some of the best talents from across the world and of course from the continent.

Big names like Messi and Ronaldo are always there to fascinate and excite millions of football crazy fans across the length and breadth of the entire continent.

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There are some traditionally strong teams like France, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. But on the other side of the spectrum lesser known countries like Serbia, Sweden, Russia and few others on any given day could be there to spoil the party for the big names. All this and much more makes following soccer certainly a great thing.

While some watch the game just for the fun of it, there are others who watch it as professionals and would like to bet on it and make money out of it. However, when it comes to betting, the same should be done intelligently.

Towards this objective, choosing the right information about odds is extremely important to say the least. This information on odds helps you to make the right choice when it comes to betting on teams, individuals, players and results.

It would be interesting to have a look at a few of the information related to odds over the next few lines. It will be helpful in betting and for other related activities.


European Championship Betting Odds


As far as favorite teams the field is wide open with teams like England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Each of the above teams can win the European Championship because of several reasons.

They have very good teams consisting of some match winners and they also have the right combination of defense and attack. Their bench strength is also quite good.

European Championship Odds

While coming out with odds apart from the current forms and the existing lineup, a lot of other factors are also considered. It includes the general perception of followers about teams, players and other stakeholders. The previous track record of the teams and the important players are also considered.

Other factors like home matches and out of home matches are also factored in while coming with the so important European Championship odds. So, let try and find out what the odds have to say.

France according to most bookies stands out as the top favorite. There are many bookies that are ready to give them +275 soccer odds as far as the winner’s market is concerned.

In fact, many bookies are ready to put them ahead of world champions Germany. In fact, Germany has an odd of +400 as far as the winner markets are concerned.

The reasons as to why France might be considered favorite are because they have a relatively easy group and there aren’t many tough teams. On the other hand, Germany has a tougher draw and they may have to face some tough team and making it to the next round could be a tough proposition.

But nonetheless they are still a very strong and on their given day they can really steamroll over other teams. Hence, if you are a risk-taking gambler then you would do well to bet on teams like England, Germany and perhaps even Spain.

Apart from Germany and France, there are a few other teams which also have a reasonably good odd working in their favor. Spain is one such team and they are third in the list of overall favorites as far as books and odd-makers are concerned.

However, their odds position now is at +500 and who knows, it might dramatically come down over as the days and weeks move forward. They are a naturally talented team and the best of names are associated with them.

Their stock did come down quite a bit after their poor show in the World Cup, but they are now in the process of rebuilding and this might augur well for them. Hence, it may not be always right to go by European Championship odds that are meted out by various bookmakers even if they are reputed and well known.

Apart from these three main teams, there are other teams like Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia. According to some bookies they could be spring some surprises but if one goes by the current form, there are reasons to believe that they are not very much in the line for the best performance.

But if there are some brave punters, they certainly would be willing to put their money in this time. There are many who are brave, and they certainly would like to put their money on these three teams. They would at least be willing to stick their neck out and try and put their money as far as reaching the knockout levels are concerned.

The bottom of the favorites list is completed by teams like Belgium, Italy, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland. They are not exactly in the race because they have odds in the range of +1700 and, therefore, not much is talked about them.

But again, who knows there could be some extremely strong hearted person willing to gamble a few pound sterling and if luck and fortune favors him those few days, he could walk away with some huge money and it could perhaps change his life for real good.


The Final Word


At the end of the day there is no doubt that there are quite a few things which must be kept in mind when it comes to acting and making decisions based on championship odds. The best way forward would be to use as many sources of information as possible.

It would not be right to just base your gambling decision on one bookmaker alone. As a rule of the thumb the best option would be to look out on odds from at least eight to ten bookmakers and then take an informed and correct decision as best as you can.


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