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Cake Poker Review

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Cake Poker is increasingly becoming a popular option among online gamers. If you're looking for a way to pass the time and have some fun, then this game is for you.

Although it has had some negative reviews in the past, it is still a fun game that will keep you occupied when you're bored. The game is tougher than most similar games, and it doesn't seem to work on most platforms.

For instance, you won't be able to play the game on a mac computer. On the plus side, cake poker comes with 33% for rakebacks, and it gets more traffic that can give you high competition and keep you engaged in the game.


Cake Poker Games


Cake poker has a variety of games that you can choose from. The most popular one is Texas Hold 'em, but you can also choose between Pot, Fixed, and Omaha games. If you're looking for a game that doesn't have much competition as Texas Hold 'em, you can play Pot Limit Omaha. 

The gaming platform also caters to the wishes of single and multiple players through table setups. You can choose to play alone or have a tournament of 10 people or 6 people. The tournaments have rewards that you should consider. For instance, the 10 seated Double Up tournament gives winners double the amount used to buy into the game.




The cake poker software may not be compatible with Mac or Holdem Manager, but it still a reliable software that is also easy to understand. There are limited graphics on the platform, and it isn't compatible with Poker Tracker as well.

Despite this, the software is very reliable and easy to use. You can easily navigate the platform as you try our new features, which is essential for many first-time players.

Cake Poker

Other software features include customizability that includes resizing, changing tale skins and choosing different seats. You can have up to 24 tables through resizing, but you have to ensure your computer can handle the pressure. You can also use the software to take notes and retrieve some of your moves.

Where the software lacks incompatibility, it makes up for in usability. There is no mobile compatibility, but you can use a windows phone. Mac users also have the option of playing the game through a PC emulator.


Cake Poker Bonuses and Rewards


Cake poker has some of the best rewards and bonus programs in the online gaming sector. Their most attractive bonus is 110% to all new players. It is automatically given to all new players. The sign-up bonus doesn't have any code, but you can get more when you use the code "RAKEBACK" during the sign-up process. 

The Rakeback bonus is another great promotional feature of this game. You can get up to 33%, mainly when you use a Rakeback resource to get the maximum amount. You should also check the rake backs being offered in the rooms you visit for more profits. 

These two bonuses can give you enough time to profit from the game without using your resources. Additionally, cake poker also offers players a chance to earn Frequent Player Points that can be exchanged at the poker shop. It is part of their loyalty program, and you can use the FPP to buy books, cake, games, and entries into the tournaments.


Cake Poker Promotions


Apart from the above bonuses and rewards, cake poker also has several promotions you can take advantage of. The game has many live options and provides satellite tournaments that you can win a ticket to from any location.

Cake Poker Bonus

You also get a single frequent player point for every dollar you rake whenever you're dealt a hand. You will receive 7 points for every $1 you spend during a tournament. Additionally, this game also has reloaded bonuses that you can access as you continue to use the platform.


Cake Poker Tournaments


The stiff competition in cake poker is one of its disadvantages. However, you can always find weaker competition in some of the gaming rooms on the platform. Games with the highest competition and traffic are the ones that have the potential to pay well. They have a lot of risks, but they can also pay well if you win.

Cake Poker Tournaments

Choose games with lower stakes if you want to find a table easily. The higher the stakes, the more the competition and the traffic. The Rakeback offers the site offers one of the reasons why the game attracts most people. To make money from cake poker, choose your tables carefully, and bring your best gaming skills. Be prepared to encounter more tight players than loose fish. 

The traffic on the site usually determines the buy-in amount. During peak hours, it's easy to find higher stakes than during off-peak hours. You can still find some tables during off-peak.


Deposit and Withdrawal Options


The site has multiple transaction options for players. Deposits through Western Union, Credit cards, and Money Gram are accepted. Initially, they also allowed players to deposit through e-checks, but that option has been nullified.

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To withdraw, you have to request a check. This means you have to have a substantial amount to withdraw, and you'll get your check within a week.




Cake poker offers support, but they only have one way of contacting them. You have to send an email and wait for a response if you need help. Not having a phone number can inconvenience you greatly, especially when you need urgent assistance. The email method is still effective, but you have to wait longer.

Cake poker may not be trendy, but it still generates enough traffic to keep you alert. It is a great place to hone your poker skills as you take advantage of the bonuses they offer.

Expect to meet many USA Internet Poker players on the site, and don't be afraid of cashing in on the loyalty rewards. Look out for more bonuses and promotions as you continue to get used to the site.

You may experience a few unpleasant aspects like limited compatibility, but you can still enjoy the games when you have the right devices and software. The game has many benefits, but there are also many needs improvement, so don't have very high expectations.


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