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Betting Odds on the Masters Golf Tournament

Most of the people think, that golf betting is not profitable. This game is not a popular one according to the players but most of the punters and bookies know how profitable golf tours can be. There is a handful tours take place throughout the year. All these tours attract betting people from different parts of the world.

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Golf odds on the Masters are very high somehow and that is the reason, that it is one of the highest profitable betting options in the world. Though not lots of games are being played, but as the odds are high, these golf tournaments are very much profitable.


Betting Odds on the Masters Golf Tournament


Have you ever noticed the swing of the player? Well, every player has his own predominant ball flight. This is something that helps you to understand in which way the ball is going to go. It can be right to left or Left to Right. The predominant flight is different in each player’s case.



So, you need to follow the game strategy of the player and follow his practice sessions. As these sessions will help you to realize, who will be the winner and who is going to strike the hole for most of the times. This is something the punter needs to know to place the bet successfully.


Know the strategy of the game


In case of golf tours, all the players are divided into two groups. First of all, competition takes place within the group and in this way the number of players come down to the half of it.

Now there are two sessions; one is morning session and the other one is afternoon session. The groups get to play on the alternative days and on the regular sessions. That means one player gets to play at the afternoon session and he will get a chance to play in the morning session after two days.

So, the permutation combination can be applied here. Betting odds on the Master’s golf tournament is something you need to know before placing your bet.


Find the final players


Now as the sessions are known to the bookies, they will get to know which player is comfortable with which session. If a big accident doesn’t take place, then a player that performs great in the morning session will never perform same in the afternoon session.

So, this is how the punters can easily identify which player is going to shine. But this is a trial and error method. It can happen that the player that supposed not to play well, walks away playing the best day of his life! So, the whole thing is calculative and there’s always a chance of different result.

Know which hand players have high hand on the tournament. In some of the tournaments the lefties have advantages and in some of the others the right-hand people have advantages.

So, you need to point out the lefties or the right-hand players in the top seed. You need to get a chart of the previous winners in the same tournament.

This will help you to understand which handed players generally win on this platform and this will help you to locate the winner form the ones available on the list provided by the organizers and the bookies out there.

Two lists will be available; one is prepared by the organizers and the other one is prepared by the bookies. Betting odds on the Master’s, can be confirmed by the bookies.


Don’t go for the numbers


Top 30 names are available on internet. These players are the top seed and it is true that top seeds win the trophy in most of the cases, but not always. These lists are very much deceptive.

You will never believe on these lists and come out as a winner. These lists change a lot and professional golf players that take part in each tournament played is limited in number.

So, the winner will be someone among them. But some bookies want to use this easy thing in a complicated way and fool everyone by saying they are coming up with a new and improved way of winning bet. Odds on the Master’s golf tournament will help a punter winning the biggest amount.


Know the weather forecast


The weather forecast is something that can change the whole game. The weather report will provide whether rain is in the forecast. If rain is in forecast, the chance of flying the ball will be less.

So, you need to know what the exact weather forecast is. The average wind speed is also mentioned in the forecast and this is also something you need to know.

This is one of those major factors that change the games of a player. If these players are experienced enough, they know how to handle such situations and how they need to take their shots in order to reach the proper holes.

An amateur golfer will never understand these tricks and he or she will never be able to play his best match. Only an experienced professional golfer will know how to handle these obstacles and play their best games.


Go for the players that make minimum amount of mistakes


If you read the reviews of most of the sports experts you will find one thing in common. It is not the best shots that make you a winner! It is the number of wrong steps and shots that make you a loser.

So, if you want to win a Master’s trophy, you need to make as minimum mistakes as possible. This is the way of recognizing the winner golfer. He seldom makes mistakes and in this way a punter can easily point out a winner golfer.

So, when you are betting on a player you need to go through his previous perform chart and you need to know, how many mistakes and what types of mistakes he generally makes?


Choose your bet at the very last moment


There’s a significant amount of break between two sessions of a game. Golf betting allows you to bet at the very last moment and then also you are going to get the same facilities. So, you need to use this opportunity. You must bet at the very last moment. Watch the players playing and watch the game’s way.

This will give you an idea what is going to happen, and you can ensure who you are going to bet on. You can easily point out who you want to bet on and ensure the winning amount.


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