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Though there are scores of online gambling options available in the United Kingdom, there are reasons to believe that choosing Betfair could be a great choice. They have certainly contributed to the British internet gambling boom.



They have quite a few firsts to their credit. It would be pertinent to mention that they were one of the first service providers who allowed the bettors to represent both the house as well as the players. 

Play Rainbow Riches Slot

This certainly led to the allowing of a few spread options. They have specialized in slots, and it would be fair to say the Betfair: Rainbow Riches certainly got a completely new look and the popularity of Betfair as a reputed online slots service provider spread like wildfire.


Betfair: Rainbow Riches


There are many reasons as to why Betfair have become extremely popular. They are known to offer the best of promos, and other such attracts to the slot player.

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Further, they have been to offer the winning mentality to the market sector too. They have come up with the Betfair Arcade which is a special section of their site. It is fully dedicated to the high traffic slots. It was launched in 2008, and since then it has been posting impressive growth each year.


Betfair Rainbow Riches


They have certainly set now trends for others to emulate as far as this industry is concerned. For example, they offer some of the most awesome IGT slots. They are known to offer very popular and newer titles which receive a lot of attention than the older versions of the game.


Types of Slots Which You Can Expect at Betfair


When you choose Betfair as an outlet for playing slots, you will be able to get the latest versions of Microgaming’s top slots. This would include some of the most amazing Cryptologic superheroes. They come with some of the best bonuses and other promotional facilities for players.



At the end of the day, you can be sure that you get a superb mix of slots which perhaps may be available only for very few slots. It would be pertinent to mention that there are slots which offer multi-platform approaches. This goes a long way in offering players as much as 100 odd games to choose from.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

They are available to suit various styles, budgets, occasions and other such attributes. The special games also find mention on a special page, and this certainly helps players to try out all the popular slots. It also would be pertinent to mention that the players will be in a position to choose the most popular slots.


It Has Update Facilities Too


It would also be pertinent to mention that the site also keeps a tab on the number of spins which have been played using the top five slots over the past twenty-four hours.

This can help players to choose a game which has never perhaps been played before. This is a unique feature and certainly sets this service provider apart from many others in the market.




It also would be pertinent to mention that they have a separate banking payment system just to cater to slot players.

This has perhaps been done because there is a big demand for slot games and therefore mixing it with other games could create congestion and lead to delay in processing payments, withdrawals, deposits and withdrawals.

The service provider offers the customers a number of payment options such as Mastercard, Amex, Visa and various other types of debit cards.


Betfair Rainbow Riches


Online payment processing is also allowed in the form of Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and you could also use PayPal if you are a fan of eBay.

Apart from the above, standard banking transfer facilities are also available, if you belong to the older generation. However, such transfers will take some time for the deposit to get reflected in your online slot gaming account.


The Best of Support and Services


It also would be pertinent to mention that as is the case with any professional and top class operator, all slot players who are registered with this service provider need not worry about the security aspect.

They use the latest technology whether it is about Betfair: Rainbow Riches or some other form of slot games. The best of SSL encryption technology are used to make sure that the money and personal information of valued slot playing customers are always safe at all points of time.


Best of Support


UK players will be able to reach Betfair through a toll-free phone number. However, this facility is not extended to players belonging to other countries. They will have to depend on email, fax, and the live chat facility is perhaps not available for slot playing customers.


Betfair Rainbow Riches App


This is a big drawback and has to be corrected so that they are in line with other major online slot game service providers. Since they offer different types slot game variants it is quite likely there ought to be doubted from customers almost on a continuous basis.

To take care of this, they have a unique FAQ section to answer such doubts. If the doubts cannot be answered through such FAQs, then the staff also offers their personal help and ensures that the doubts are settled within the shortest period of time.


Betfair: The Best of Promotions


Betfair has always been known to offer the best signup bonuses, free deposits and other such promotional offers in general. Apart from the above, they also have special offers for those, who are into the playing of various types and variants of slots.


Betfair Rainbow Riches Bonus


Just by joining the site the players will be able to get £5 as joining bonus, and this extends to all casino games and is not restricted to slots alone.

They also have something known as bonus bar which helps a lot in tracking the amount spent and played. They also offer special hunting bonuses, loyalty bonus specifically for slots.




Hence, when all the above factors are considered, there are reasons to believe that they are one of the most reliable and renowned slot game sites in the country.


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