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Barcrest: Rainbow Riches for Free

Rainbow Riches is undoubtedly one of the favorite video slots for gamblers all over the world. Very few games the thrill, fun, excitement and payouts of the Barcrest Rainbow Riches slot machine. It has a number of amazing payouts and an exemplary gameplay that elevates the excitement of online gambling to another extraordinary level.

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Free Rainbow Riches has grown through the years beating other existing slots at its current position. It was created by Barcrest years ago, and the first jackpot was a humble 500 Pounds which was so rare to win.

Nowadays, the jackpot is won on a daily basis in some of the big online casinos and busy land casinos. This can be attributed to the large population of gamblers that play this slot.

The online platform also removed some of the queer restrictions that existed in the past. A player can play with up to 1000 Pounds for each spin and increase his chances of winning big.


Playing Real Money Rainbow Riches Slots Game


The jackpot can be as big as 500 times the stake amount in the online play. Hence a player can even 250000 on one spin.



You can increase your probability of winning by playing the no deposit casino bonus on offer. The incredible prizes that are given by this slot are not comparable to any other video slot in existence. There is also the Barcrest Rainbow Riches free game feature which allows you to play without using a single penny.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

You do not even have to register or log in anywhere to play this game; all you need to do is access the site, access the slot, select the free play, and you are ready. The machine will give you demo money to gamble with and win or lose depending on your luck.


Benefits You Get As a Rainbow Riches Player


The Rainbow Riches for free is very beneficial to players. The beginners are given a chance to learn the rules and the betting options through practice. They get to learn the tips, cheats and winning strategies without risking any money and this is also a confidence booster to the players.

The seasoned players also marvel at this feature. The fear of winning and losing can be overwhelming sometimes, and players may opt to play the free fame feature for the fun and excitement.


Rainbow Riches For Free Barcrest


Moreover, there are bad economic times when one needs to save up all his money and not risk it in the gamble. For gambling lovers, the Barcrest Rainbow Riches free is the place to run to under such circumstances and it will surely not disappoint.

The free version of the game is not any different from the real money. All you miss is the thrill of winning and losing money although the losing part of it does not derive any excitement for most players.


Availability of Barcrest Rainbow Riches Online


Absolutely, what you get when you play Rainbow Riches for free in a land based casino is exactly what you get when you play in an online casino or when you download the Rainbow Riches slot machine app for your mobile phone.

Play Rainbow Riches Free Spins

The gameplay is just as smooth, and it comes with the usual three bonus features which include Pots of Gold, The Wishing Well and The Roads to Riches. Grab the Rainbow Riches app now to experience the real money or the free version wherever and whenever.

The convenience that you get when you play the game online is amazing. You do not have to leave your comfort zone and go struggle with other people in the land casinos, all you need is the internet and a couch maybe for maximum comfort.


Barcrest Rainbow Riches Free


Furthermore, the applications are available for Android, Mac and Windows hence you will definitely have a compatible device somewhere in your use.

The apps are created using the best webcast technology giving you amazing graphics which are regularly upgraded to optimize their attractiveness.


Barcrest Rainbow Riches: Free Bonus Features


Barcrest Rainbow Riches free have three bonus rounds that will keep you smiling to the bank. The pricey feature is the Pots of Gold. This round will offer you an awesome payday if you can be patient enough to string enough winnings to get it activated.

All you need to do is get the pot of gold symbols on the middle three reels of the game. You then go to the pots of the gold screen where the minimum multiplier is 50 times your stake amount and a maximum of up to 500 times if you land on the gold pot.



The Wishing Well bonus round is the second bonus feature which is a typical click me feature. Once the feature is triggered, a special screen appears, and a player has to choose one of the wells to reveal his multiplier value.

You can also garner up to 500 times your stake amount through this feature, and the good news is that it is a bit easier to activate compared to the former. The another bonus feature is the Roads to Riches feature. This one is revealed when you get 3, 4 or 5 lucky symbols anywhere on the reels.

You can get up to 200 times your total stake using this feature. You then advance to walk along the trail until you get the collect command which reveals your multiplier value. If you get to the end of the rain arch, you may just garner the highest jackpot from this round.


Rainbow Riches For Free


The last feature is the gamble feature, which gives you the opportunity to gamble with your winnings. You spin a wheel which is divided into two halves, one of them representing a loss of your winnings and the other could double up your winnings.

This feature can elevate your total winnings to extraordinary levels. To understand all these, you need to play Rainbow Riches for free. The may sound complex, but the simplicity of the game is not close to any other game in the betting industry.




Rainbow Riches for free is the best way to play this amazing Barcrest video slot games. The graphics and features are outstanding and the prizes incredible.

The Barcrest Rainbow Riches free is fun and exciting although there is no money thrill but every other aspect is just as good. Sign up at some of the renown online casino websites to start playing the game today!


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