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(Barcrest) Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold

Rainbow Riches happen to be the most popular video slot of all time. It is also quite possible to be one of the most successful slot games played online globally.

Released originally in land based cabinets with a jackpot of 500 pounds, the game became an instant hit, and today the game remains as popular with players always seeking the next jackpot.

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If you are a newcomer to this game, let us make you aware of the features of Barcrest Rainbow Riches - Fields of Gold. There are three different features to activate along with all the various standard reel wins.

First is the wishing well pick me a bonus, three or more wishing wells will award a stake multiplier. Next come road to the riches bonus, a fun interactive feature that gets triggered when three or more leprechauns land on the reels.

Lastly, the most exciting part is the Bonus on Rainbow Riches which happens to be the main factor for the players to keep on spinning in the game. The pot of gold bonus is triggered by landing the plots on reels’ number two, three and four.


(Barcrest) Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold


Let us check the road to riches bonus features first it gets triggered by getting three or more leprechaun symbols on the reels. Next, comes the bonus features of Wishing Well bonus round can be triggered by getting three Wishing Well symbols on the reel. This is classic “Pick Me” feature as one needs to choose any one of the three wishing wells.

Barcrest Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold

Hence, one can again win 500 times of the total stake. It can be triggered by getting three pots of Gold symbols on the reels two, three and four. Each pot has a multiplier value which is then multiplied by the total stake which can be up to 500 times.

Barcrest Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold is an Irish themed slot machine having a jackpot of 500 pounds following on the themes of previous Rainbow Riches games from Barcrest.

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The major difference in the Fields of Gold is the lack of progressive pots, which made the original game so popular. In its place, a super feature capable of paying similar high prizes has taken over.

The paying percentage in this slot happens to be 92% although this can vary depending on location. The difference in percentage results in less wins, fewer features and ultimately less enjoyment.


Barcrest Rainbow Riches


Betting shops are mostly 92%-94% depending on the chosen playing stake. The familiarity of this game is known to those who have played a 500 pounds’ jackpot slot machine and the pay lines, and most of the wins are no different in this version but surprisingly there is no Leprechaun feature.

Initially, this is surprising considering the popularity of the feature amongst regular players and the fact that it could pay 500 pounds with just three of the symbols.

It has instead been replaced by a Toad Stall feature which although it can’t pay the jackpot for three or four scattered symbols, it can pay several hundreds of pounds if your luck is in.


Fields of Gold: Toad Stall Feature


This feature of the game Barcrest Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold is awarded for three or four scattered toad stalls anywhere in view. 


Barcrest Rainbow Riches - Fields of Gold


Five toad stalls will instantly pay the 500-pound jackpot which is good. Once the feature starts, the player is awarded three picks to select one toad stall from a grid of around 20.

This will either have a cash value or fairy. If it is a fairy, she will wave her wand and select several toad stalls for you. If it is cash, then you will have two picks remaining and son on until all your picks are gone.

The cash values are then added up and paid as a total, ending the feature. The fairy may select other fairies hidden behind other toad stalls. If she does then again, other fairies will waive their wands and select more toad stalls without using up any of your picks.


Fields of Gold: Wishing Wells Feature


This is a standard “Pick Me” feature which is common to much of 500-pound jackpot slot machines. Three or four Wishing Wells anywhere in view awards one pick. Simply select one of the Wishing Wells to be paid that prize. The feature then ends after the selection.


Barcrest Rainbow Riches multiple


Again, the same as the Toad Stall feature, five symbols will instantly pay the 500 pounds’ jackpot. The prize values of three Wishing Wells vary from 2 pounds to 25 pounds.


Rainbow Riches: Fields of Gold Super Feature


The main feature of the game of Barcrest Rainbow Riches Fields of Gold often paying the highest amounts is the three-coin Rainbow Riches feature that is awarded when three coins’ land on the center three reels.


Barcrest Rainbow Riches bonus


This will open up a grid of rotating coins progressing in three levels. The starting level has the lowest values on one side of the coin while the reverse side is blank. Once all the coins have stopped rotating they will accumulate all the facing cash value. The feature can then end or continue to the next level.

The level two is the same as the first but with higher coin values. Again, these are added up to a total. The feature can then end or continue to the final level.

Overall, it can be said that because of its special features and graphics, not to mention about the monetary part, the game happens to be very much of interest to the common players and a lucrative way of earning.


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