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12Bet (UK): Welcome Offer Review

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12bet Casino is the organization, that mainly focuses on sports betting. They will provide you betting options on more than thousand types of sports and their variations that are played across the world. This gaming zone is a private and secured place for the gamers and they will find amazing environment here.

The website takes amazing care of its customers. So, when you are playing with this website, you are secured, safe and in the hands of the experts. So, you must not think twice or face any sort of problem while playing with this website.


Check the availability in your country


The company offers gaming platform to a certain number of countries across the world. It offers betting option for some European and Asia Pacific countries.


So, before you pay the money for playing the games or for betting on games and casino, you need to check whether your country is in the desired list or not. Else you need to check and look their refund facilities.

The website has unique return option for its players. So, you need to check the details of the refund and once you are sure that you are not going to lose a lot of money, you can invest your money in the website.


Security measure


The website uses 128-bit encryption for the security of the players. They know that you need to provide your banking details at the website to place your bet and to retrieve the money you won.

12Bet Review

We would suggest you use another different account that is different from your regular bank account. This will make sure that your money is safe and secured. The website doesn’t support spreading or sharing your personal details with any third party.

Your personal baking details are secured with the website only. So, invest money and play with them. This website will never let you face any problem.


How they deal fraud accounts?


The fraud security check is very strict with this website. They do not support multiple account of a single person. In every two to three months, they check the details of the account holders in details and negate the frauds.

If you want to play safe and play legally, this is the best place for you. But if you want to deceive other players and the authority, they will never back you and the account will be closed for ever and the person cannot open another account in future with this website. The money deposited from the account will not be refunded as per the company rules.


Base of the website


The website is based in Philippines. First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation manage the games and the funding and monetary transactions of the website. The website is designed and regulated by Pacific Sea Invests SA Company and the whole thing is fully protected and legalized in the based country.

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T&C, Country Restrictions Apply

So, before you start playing with the company, make sure you know what they offer and what they do not support. It is highly recommended that you do not play games of this website through any third-party fraud website.


Responsible gaming features


Responsible gaming is not supported by all the websites and casinos. But this website encourages Responsible gaming. They know that they are made of the customers and they should maintain the integrity. Such times come when you cannot invest more, and your account may get suspended or blocked permanently! 

But if you reach them and contact them with your problems and types of problems and if you really have genuine reason, they may consider your problem and they may suspend your account, but they will not block you permanently! So, you need to be active on the website end.


High end Customer care


This website treats their customers at the first place. As they are spread across lots of countries, they adjusted their time according to you and they offer 24*7 supports to their customers.

So, if you face any sort of problem regarding the game, or if you face any sort of the problem regarding the banking options or money retrieve facility, you must contact them. They offered their email address, SMS option, contact number and live chat option is also available for you.

So, you can reach them by any means. You just need to reach them with your problem and they will solve your problem ASAP!


Fill in your details


If you are going to play with this website, you need to fill up the Know your customer or KYC form. You need to provide your contact details, mailing address and of course your identity proof. This will ensure that you are not a fraud and you can open an account with them.

12Bet Sign Up

All your information is needed by them as they will check your authenticity after a few months and if you are a defaulter, they will block you permanently. They are very proud of their system and never ever encourage a fraud.


Promotional and welcome bonus


They have lots of promotional benefits lined up for you. 100% cash back bonus available for you once you sign up with them. They will not stop here! They will give you additional 33% welcome bonus on the money you deposit as the initial payment.

12Bet Bonus Code

That means you are offered an amazing amount at the beginning and as the game proceeds, you can also expect lots of promotions and gaming options available for you. In case of their casino counterpart, you can expect different types of bonuses for different games and different segments.

You will get 120% bonus if you are a member of the Diamond club. If you are a member of Ruby club, you can bag 100%, for Crystal club 100% and for Topaz club, you will get 88% promotional bonus available for you.


Deposit & Cash Out Options


So, you can start the game and start playing it with the money you deposited, and you can continue the game with the money you receive from their end. Just remember, you need to know the money retrieve facility properly.

12Bet Deposit

They have cash out features available for you. That means after you deposit the money, if you feel that you need to take out some cash, you can do that too!


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