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If you love playing slot machines, then Sky Vegas Slots is the perfect place for you. The selection of slots and live dealer games in this particular online casino will exceed your expectations and greatly impress you.

Sky Vegas was not always as popular or extraordinary as it is today. As a matter of fact, this is one of the games, that came from nowhere to become a strong contender for the title of the best online casino in the United Kingdom for slots and live dealers.

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The combination of slot games, that they have on offer is commendable to say the least and the overall gaming selection has enough variety to keep the taste buds of the avid online gambler tingling.


Sky Vegas Slots - Short Review


Since, there are a huge variety of gaming options available at Sky Vegas Slots as far as slots are concerned, it would be fair to say, that the entire layout of Sky Vegas can be slightly improved to make the site more conducive for playing and choosing slots games.

The current format, that can be seen at Sky Vegas Slots is one, where the variants of the slots are categorized according to their paylines. Some have paylines of 10, others have paylines of 15 and so on. Most players are not very interested in categorizing games in accordance to paylines.

Sky Vegas Slots Review

What the players really want is more in depth information about the bonus features. The bonus features of the slots make them the attraction that they are. This is one are where Sky Vegas Slots could really improve.

However, they have more than made up for this deficiency by offering their visitors the option of playing of some the most popular slots, that you can ever get your hands on.

Among all the amazing games, that are featured in their slots list, the one game, that truly stands out for its immense popularity and exhilarating gameplay is Rainbow Riches HS.


Rainbow Riches Background


Rainbow Riches was developed by Barcrest and ever since its inception, it has skyrocketed to the upper tiers of popularity in the world of online gambling. In simple terms, Rainbow Riches HS is one of the most popular games in the world, let alone being one of the most popular gambling games in the United Kingdom.

Its Irish theme is brilliantly crafted and the features contained within the game are highly impressive to say the least. There is such a great demand for this game, that Barcrest was able to sell it off to a number of different online casinos in the United Kingdom, including Sky Vegas Slots.

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There are plenty of lucrative prizes up for grabs in this unbelievably entertaining, yet simplistic game. The base game jackpot amounts to around 500 coins, which although not the highest, is one that is quite generous in size.

Sky Vegas Slots

However, it is not really the jackpot, which makes the game incredible. Instead, it is the amazing features, that carry the gamers into a blissful world of online gambling fantasy.


Rainbow Riches HS - An Exclusive at Sky Vegas Slots


Locating Rainbow Riches at Sky Vegas will be very easy and convenient for you. At Sky Vegas, there are two versions of Rainbow Riches, that you can find.

The first is the one, that online gamblers have become accustomed to playing i.e. the regular Rainbow Riches HS. The second variant which is available at Sky Vegas Slots is slightly more challenging and a lot more interesting.

Sky Vegas Rainbow Riches HS

This version is called the Rainbow Riches HS. The HS stands for “High Stakes”. The Rainbow Riches High Stakes has been released only recently and was not available when the game was originally released.

Normally, the average betting range for Rainbow Riches at online casinos is 20p per spin to £400 per spin. The cost of each spin depends on the payline chose. The higher the paylines, the costlier the spin is.

Because of the fact, that Rainbow Riches is available in numerous online gambling websites, it becomes quite normal for people to assume, that Rainbow Riches is identical in all of these websites. This is not true. In fact, the Rainbow Riches High Stakes version was only released exclusively for Sky Vegas Slots.

No other online casino in the United Kingdom has the legal right to offer its clients the high stake version of this iconic game.


An Extravagant Game of Slots


The high stakes version, as the name suggests, is not everybody’s cup of tea. Most ordinary online gamblers stay quite far away from the high stakes slot of Rainbow Riches. This is a game, that was specifically tailored to meet the preferences of the most extreme hardcore thrill seeking gamblers.

In other words, this is the perfect game for gamblers, who are known as the Las Vegas whales, mainly because of their affinity to spend big, bet big and earn big. By big, we mean hundreds and thousands of pounds, which is something, that most people, who play the game of Rainbow Riches do not expect to earn.

Sky Vegas Rainbow Riches Payouts

The betting range for Rainbow Riches HS at Sky Vegas Slots is very different from the betting range of the normal game. It starts at £1 per spin and can increase to a staggering £700 per spin depending on the paylines that you choose.

If you choose to play the maximum of £35 per line (20 lines), you stand a chance of winning the jackpot prize which amounts to an astounding £350,000. That is enough money to buy a house or a brand new Ferrari.

The reality of the situation is that the Rainbow Riches HS at Sky Vegas Slots is a game, that should only be played by multi millionaires. The game was very aptly named. When they say high stakes, they really do mean high stakes. It is not possible for the average online gambler to play at such high stakes.

However, that is not reason for you to be flustered or disappointed. The game can still be played for free as long as you like with virtual money. The mock version does not promise you gigantic rewards, but it does provide loads of entertainment.


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