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Rainbow Riches is one of the most loved slot machines in the betting world. It is a favourite for many, and its graphics and features prove that this is not a biassed preference.

Whenever you think of the Irish, you cannot help but remember the beautiful sceneries that are decorated by shamrock forest, parties with Guinness and the Leprechauns chasing after the pots of gold with utmost determination.

Play Rainbow Riches Slot

Although the forests and Guinness have not featured in the series of games yet, the other Irish flavours have been displayed amazingly in the game.

This gets to welcome the magic of the Emerald Isle into your own comfort zone and leaving a pot of gold behind if you are a lucky chap and of course if the chap is in a generous mood.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Slot?


The game has a five reel format and utilises symbols that have been brought together across the reels to make appealing to the players.

The symbols that are used so far are the Leprechaun gold coins, 10, Jack, King, Ace and the logo of Rainbow Riches.


Sky Rainbow Riches


Some of these symbols are common and gamers worldwide have seen them time without number. The utilisation of the recognisable symbols has made it much easier for players to grasp the game functions without much struggle.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

This is not true for some slot machines which could need hours of practice to understand the symbols used simply.

The beginners will enjoy the simple user interface that has been used in the game, and the professionals will not need two rounds to familiarise with the game and start winning, one will be just enough.

The auto spin is also another super tool that has been incorporated into the game to make it user-friendly.



The newcomers always enjoy spinning the reels on their own so as to have the traditional feeling of a gaming house, but the thrill of doing this wears out as soon as the first few rounds end, and the auto spin becomes a valuable tool.


Play Rainbow Riches on Sky Vegas Casino


The Sky Vegas site offers one of the best Rainbow Riches slot machines in the world. It is among the leading the gaming sites in the world, and this is no surprise.

The Sky Rainbow Riches will give you the ultimate game experience. It has employed the best technology to bring out a high-quality slot, and gamblers totally love it. It also has one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry and getting it is as easy as signing up.


Sky Vegas Rainbow Riches promotion


All you need to do is register an account with Sky Vegas using a valid Email address, prove that you are over 18 years of age and have a valid address in the UK.


Sky Vegas registration


This is just the simplest way to earn a free 15 Pounds. The site also has the most efficient customer support facilities. You can be immediate respond to your questions by Email, telephone or the Live Chat option.

The responses are professionally given by the well-trained support staffs, and your needs will be surely catered for. In addition, there is the Frequently Asked Questions section which contains the responses that were given to various clients in the past.

This section is very helpful since most of the problems we encounter are simple issues that simply need clarifications.




You will find well-stated responses which will not require you to go any further. The site sums all these up with the incredible free demo play that allows players to play Rainbow Riches without taking any risks with real money. This started as a product promotion but has become one of the best features of the game.

The beginners are given a chance to learn the betting strategies, rules and features of the game at an awesome environment while the seasoned players can play the game without worrying about the risk of losing money.

Rainbow Riches is a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed even without the money thrills. This fun is sometimes clouded with the risk aspect hence it is always amazing to play the game without having to worry about this.

The Sky Rainbow Riches gives you this opportunity and the best graphics and features to give you a worthwhile gambling experience,


Rules of Playing Rainbow Riches on Sky Vegas


The game has 20 winning lines for every spin. It has high odds of winning big money. The patterns of the lines are well stated at the beginning of the game, but the players do not even need to worry about this since all the winning lines are clearly highlighted for them to see.


Rainbow Riches on Sky Vegas


It gives players the opportunity to get on with betting without worrying about the bothersome functionalities. The simplicity of this game cannot be compared to any other slot.

The free game feature is there to help you learn the dynamics of the game, but this will not bother you for long. It just takes one round to understanding the basics of the game and another to know the winning strategies.


Bonus Features of the Sky Rainbow Riches


The bonus screens are always welcome as they come with good things. There are three bonus features each with the ability to earn you big prizes.


  • The first bonus feature is the Roads to Riches which are activated by three or more leprechaun symbols. You then get to walk the path to riches until the collect appears or you get to the end of the trail. This one reveals the multiplier which could be as high as 200 times your stake.

  • The second one is the Wishing Well, which is a click me feature. When activated, you get to choose one of the three wells which reveal a multiplier value.

  • The last one is the Pots of Gold, which is the most lucrative. It is activated by the pots of gold symbol anywhere on the middle reels, and then you get to spin the wheel and get either gold, silver or bronze each with its own multiplier value attached.


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