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Slot machines are as unpredictable as they get. You can never live off on the wins of playing slot machine games. So, if you are clear about these two points from the very start, it will be easier for you to build up a strategy for participating in slot machine games.

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On the one hand, you have quite enjoyed and not-so-complex slot machine game like free Rainbow Riches with no deposit. On the other hand, a quite challenging slot machine game of ‘Jacks or Better’ will surely test out your patience.

To make things simpler, the following points will provide you with pointers to build a strategy for play slot machines. A strategy doesn’t guarantee you whopping wins all the time. But it certainly lessens your chances to recurring loss.


Free Rainbow Riches: No Deposit Required!


The beauty of slot machine game lies in its unpredictability. If you are not comfortable with uncertainty, then it’s better to stay away from tricky slot machines games and sticking with Rainbow Riches with no deposit required.

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But if you are true to the nature of any hardcore gambler, then understand the mechanics of slot machines first. If you are playing online, then you should check out minutely which slot machine has recently awarded a lump sum amount as prize money. Once identifying it, you should stay away from playing it for quite sometimes.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

Remember, the world of online slots revolves around the mantra that the casino should always have the upper hand. ‘Gambling’ is a notable site in case of online slotting games. It also publishes ratings and recommended casinos where you can play safely.



On the other hand, if you are planning to try out a land-based casino, then the same rule also applies there. If a machine has not released a nice payout yet, then you can very well bet. So invariably, you must eye on the spot to jump on it, when the coast is clear.

Spending your weekends in various casinos and observing how the skilled players play the game, will teach you a truckload of information.


Avoid Unpopular One's Like the Plague


Just Googling the top slot machines online will give you a plethora of results.


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From there, you can easily gauge out the most popular games among the routine gamblers. Don’t be a rebel-without-a-cause and stick around to the fans ‘favorites only like Rainbow Riches no deposited required.

The much-favored slot games tend to reward their patrons much often, even if the amounts are modest. On the other hand, unpopular games also are pretty boringly designed.

Monetary aspect is one side of a slot game, but the player should have some thrill while playing it. If you belong to this category, then do avoid the airport slot machines also. On the other hand, you should assess yourself before going for a slot machine game.

What type of gambler are you? Do you eye to play millions in one evening? Or are you just a casual player happy with small wins periodically? If you are from the second group, then progressive slot machines are not for you.


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You will feel like passing a lifetime before a progressive slot machine pays out a life-changing amount and this is a very rare incident. A slot with that comes with a lower number of jackpots can do tremendously for your ego- with easy wins.


Research About the Winning Games More


There are some high limit slot games that truly test your patience. You have to participate in a helluva number of games till you are incentivized. But boy! Their payouts are so generous in nature that you will forget about all the toils.


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Along with it, you should keep it in mind that some slot games are designed in such ways that give the players false promise of a big payout.

Once you reach the tipping point, you realize there is no balance left in your account, and you are nowhere near to win big. A thorough research will present to you lots of trustworthy games with loyal bases of fans. How about checking the new additions like Desert Treasure, Circus of Cash or Iron Man 2?



Based on your taste of hunting down treasure by killing cobras or your unwavering love for Marvel Comics, you can take your pick.

The much-revered rating sites do a great job to let you know about the hot bunch of slot games on a regular basis. Subscribing to their mailing lists has its own virtues.


Have Fun and Break Myths


Who doesn’t want to win? But the real catch lies with the fact that, casinos will always have a numerical advantage over their players.

As you can’t fight the system, you should make your peace with it. How? . If you are jaded with the slot games then why not try out the video pokers?

They may be complex to understand, but once you get the grip, you will enjoy them a lot. If everything else fails and still you are looking for that ‘fun’ quotient, then you can always play free Rainbow Riches with no deposit!


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Once upon a time, only the land-based casinos were big on presenting its patrons with concert tickets, dine-in experiences, travel benefits to name a few.

Right now even the online casinos are quite generous to shower its dedicated players with gifts. So, while signing up, examine its conditions carefully on rebates and freebies. The slot machine world is full of myths. Once such myth is the spins are inter-dependent.

By deciphering the symbols, they show, an experienced eye of a gambler can predict whether the machine is going to release a nice payout or not.

Any player with common sense shall know that this is all mumbo-jumbo. The spins are rather dependent on nature, and this system doesn’t work in real life.

Apart from the above points, going slow with time and money is a highly viable trait of an erudite gambler. One should start playing the game with very little expectations. Then only you can fully enjoy the sporadic rewards the game offers to you.


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